here is my newest video! on drawing people using shapes and gestures!

Guys!! if you are interest in online art classes (of any kind! lettering, graphic design, illustration, crafts, softwares, challenges, so on and so on) I did this video in collaboration with Skillshare, and I give you a promo code for you to use skillshare FOR FREE for 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 

I really like Skillshare and I know a lot of you guys will love to take this opportunity to learn more! :D


I’ve been trying to practice character design more, I want to get better at drawing all different body shapes. This was the process I went through whilst doing an exercise on Skillshare, the project was to design a snobby, rich lady who loves her little dog XD I had a lot of fun working on this!

Easy Skills: Hoshido

I have bolded skills that units can’t get as part of their vanilla class set.

My Unit: Death Blow, Swordfaire, Lifetaker, Nohrian Trust, Quixotic

Ryoma: Swordfaire, Astra, Life and Death, Death Blow, Lancebreaker

Silas: Armored Blow, Astra, Aegis, Luna, Ameratsu

Sakura: Lifetaker, Bowfaire, Astra, Renewal, Counter

Takumi: Bowfaire, Certain Blow, Counter, Ameratsu, Duelist’s Blow

Azura: Luck +4, Lancefaire, Aether, Voice of Peace, Inspiring Song

Mozu: Pavise, Seal Defense, Luna, Rend Heaven, Quick Draw

Felicia: Renewal, Sol, Luna, Inspiration, Axebreaker

Kagero: Locktouch, Poison Strike, Lethality, Luna, Pavise

Shiro: Rend Heaven, Quixotic, Lancefaire, Death Blow, Luna

No weapons equipped, all units holding position, no automated defenses. You can literally walk right up to the throne (or take potshots at units for support grinding/the lulz).

Castle Name: The Bone Zone

Address: 05512-74275 35227-28906


anonymous asked:

Will you be making a more thorough marketing video (something beyond the basics) in the future or will you leave that up to a site like Skillshare?

Probably the latter. There are a million different ways to market a novel, and I can’t cover them all; it’s a writing channel after all, not a marketing channel. Additionally, I pay attention to views. People request marketing vlogs but then don’t watch them. It’s very strange. 


😁 More from my brush lettering class! Coming soon! 🙆🏻✨ #typestuff #typography #type #typographyinspired #goodtype #handlettering #calligraphy #brushcalligraphy #brushlettering #tombow #skillshare #goodnight

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As a nod to the creatives of the @vsco community, all users get to enroll in my photography class on @skillshare for free. This is available for anyone who signs up within the first week. More info on the VSCO profile.

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