Looks like seccom masada gots the moves

Reasons to Like Ardyn Izunia

1. Fabulous hair.

2. Fucking patience of a fallen saint.

3. Skills to pay the bills.

4. Resting trollface.

5. He fucking WINS. He wins so hard the devs had to give the game a cheesy ‘heaven’ ending just to keep it from being cripplingly depressing.

Slams and Gems

The reunited Ruby Squad returns to Earth intent on locating Jasper. Steven, in an effort to buy time until the Gems return from a mission, challenges them to a game of basketball and forms a team consisting of Kiki, Buck Dewey, Sadie, and Peedee to help, neglecting to tell them of the stakes at hand. Does the Human Team have the skills to pay the bills, will the Ruby Squad dominate the court with their comedic spacetrotting tricks, or will this whole thing be taken into overtime?

ok so heres like a sort of reference to my new OC Taifuu Arashi…….

a quick overview of him:

-Taifuu Arashi is his full name, Rakurai is the name of his assassin persona
-Dual class bard/Kitsune trickster
-He is 20
-Genderqueer (he/him)
-Weapons are an Odachi and two Kusarigama
-His instrument is a Biwa
-He is from Minkai in Tian Xia (Pathfinder locations)
-His family were craftspeople
-He’s a Leo

Taifuu just really wanted to be in a band, but when he left his home and traveled, he found being a musician doesn’t exactly pay well, if at all. He turned to assassinations (due to his skills in stealth and disguise) to pay his bills, but desperately wants out of that business.

Taifuu takes assassination requests from anyone, but he refuses to kill children. When he assassinates his targets, he actually shapeshifts hinself to be full human, changes his outfit and wears a mask to avoid being caught.
His normal look (pictured above) is also technically a shapeshifting disguise, as his true form is an anthropormorphic fox.

Despite everything, Taifuu still has a joking nature, although his confidence and upbeat personality is just a cover up for his guilt…. tbh this picture makes him look like a sad fox boy but I promise he’s usually decently friendly and upbeat

…i love him lots