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Taron: … He kind of sort of got me through it, really. He’s just always there to lend support, some advice. Colin just has been a really good friend, yeah. He’s a.. he’s a cracking fella. :) God, he’s going to watch this, isn’t he? :D

Recognizing uniqueness is not a substitute for thinking about disability

Teachers who are really good at teaching typically developing kids sometimes have trouble understanding the significance of disability. I’ve heard a lot of things like “all kids are unique” and “I always individualize my approach for every kid” and “I don’t see the need to label any kids as disabled, it’s just a matter of finding what works for them”.

This sounds positive, but it can be a disaster for kids with disabilities.

We talk a lot about uniqueness, but a lot of effective teaching depends on understanding ways in which kids are similar to each other. Developmentally appropriate practice means understanding how kids the same age are similar to each other — then being flexible in ways that recognize kids’ unique humanity. We develop a sense of what the range of difference is for kids of a particular age.

Kids with disabilities are more different than that, and we need to take those differences seriously. Disability matters, and practices based on typical developmental milestones don’t account for it.

For instance:

Developmental milestones tell us:

  • Two year olds don’t have the motor skills to support handwriting.
  • Early education helps two year olds develop the motor skills that will eventually support handwriting.
  • Ten year olds do have the motor skills to support handwriting.
  • If they’ve had appropriate education, ten year olds should be able to write.

Developmental milestones don’t tell us:

  • How to teach ten year olds who don’t have the fine motor skills to support handwriting.
  • What early literacy and pre-writing instruction looks like for young children who are unlikely to develop the motor skills needed to support handwriting

It’s also important to understand the difference between unusual and unique. Disability means having unusual differences. But not every difference is unique. Some differences are shared by other people with disabilities. Those shared differences are important.

We need to understand the disability-related similarities. Part of that is having the right words to describe them. Calling disabilities by their right names isn’t about labeling, it’s about breaking isolation and making important things speakable.

For instance:


  • Braille exists because blind people need it to exist
  • The differences between sighted people and blind people are a reason that braille needs to exist.
  • (And a reason that Braille is better than raised print).
  • The similarities between many blind people are a reason that braille *can* exist as a standard way of accessing literacy. 
  • If each blind person was completely unique, there would be no way to create a reading and writing system that would work for large numbers of blind people.

Some other examples:

  • Wheelchairs.
  • Ramps.
  • Large print.
  • Cars with hand controls and/or wheelchair lifts.
  • Text-to-speech communication devices.
  • VoiceOver and other screen reading software.
  • Signed languages.
  • Medications that manage symptoms.
  • Supportive seating.
  • The ADA, Section 504, IDEA and other disability rights laws.

People with disabilities are unique, and not interchangeable with each other. Similarly, kids the same age are unique, and not interchangeable with each other. Both the similarities and differences are important.

Tl;dr Sometimes progressive educators are uncomfortable with the concept of disability, and want to instead just see every kid’s uniqueness. That doesn’t work, because disability means having unusual differences — and because the differences aren’t unique; they’re shared with many other disabled people. Recognizing uniqueness isn’t enough — we also need to understand and accommodate disability.

What You Learn in Life from Your Saturn Sign

Aries Saturn

Learning to walk alone at a very young age. Learning to take responsibility and being confident. Facing their fear. Always keeping up with their health.

Taurus Saturn

Learning to work hard for everything. Being reliable and making their surroundings secure. Understanding money can’t buy anyone love. Being satisfied with only a couple bucks in their pocket and to stop thinking wealth is all they need. They learn to manage finance. Disciplining themselves until they earn gratification.

Gemini Saturn

Being able to adapt to different situations. Learning to communicate well. Keeping a positive attitude and having faith. Learning that challenge means opportunity. Trying to make connections with others- especially with family.

Cancer Saturn

Expressing more emotions. Learning to have more empathy of others and taking more responsibility. Learning from their difficulties and not being so hard on themselves. Learning to have self-acceptance. Learning to heal and to get over their fears.

Leo Saturn

Being able to connect more with others. Learning to love their flaws. Being strong and wise. Learning to be a strong leader and overcome any obstacles in life. Saturn in Leo are constantly growing.

Virgo Saturn

Accepting that they are not perfect. Fighting their fears. Learning to let go of their material needs. Learning to work on their humor. Learning that their health is very important and learning to cope with their stress.

Libra Saturn

Learning to be more decisive. Working on creating good relationships. Learning to relate more with other people. Becoming more reliable and organized. Learning to find balance between love and control. Learning to be more patient.

Scorpio Saturn

Learning to have self control and to work with their emotional needs. Becoming more responsible, patient, and calm. Trying to be more forgiving. Learning control over negative people and negative energies.

Sagittarius Saturn

Learning to let go of their fears. Becoming more open with how they feel and owning up to what they struggle with. Learning to trust more people and focus on what’s important. Learning to not be so hard on themselves and take a break when needed.

Capricorn Saturn

Learning to take control of their power. Realizing they’re obscure with financial security and that they’re good at serving others. Spending more leisure time for themselves and knowing how hard they work. Learning to not fear over receiving no recognition for their hard work.

Aquarius Saturn

Learning to show more of a equilibrium attitude. Recognizing their great intuition skills. Learning to share their bright ideas with others and become more optismitic with their views of the future. Realizing they can be cold and standoffish at times and to understand their true feelings.

Pisces Saturn

Learning how strong their compassion for others is and learning to fight the negativity their mind plays. Understanding that sometimes they can be detached and that they should be more conscious. Learning to become more confident and to let go of their past.


“Cards on the table?”

in need of (mostly) trans wlwoc voice actresses/writers/coders/artists

hey! its pretty official now that im making a dating sim, and i could use a lot of help! as the title implies, i need a large amount of trans wlw to help. i need people from other demographics, but about half of the romnceable women will be trans women, and all of them will be wlw (half of the trans women being specifically lesbians, so around 4-5) and i want to give trans women a platform to share their skills in a field dominated by cis men.

 im not going to lie, i plan on there being a whole lot of romanceable characters, a lot of endings, and  a lot of work so i need help with the coding, writing, and art in addition to the voice acting. and i need poc to help because, well, i plan on having ¾ of the cast be non-white.

keep in mind that im just one college student so i cannot provide much in the way of money, but when we get to the later stages of development, i plan on starting a kickstarter (like once we have character refs and an actual demo and everything), and at least ¾ of that money will go to funding my team, if not more of it

if everyone could signal boost this, that would be great! as it stands, i need:

  • 4-5 trans lesbian voice actresses
  • 4-5 trans wlw voice actresses
  • 4-5 cis lesbian voice actresses
  • 4-5 cis wlw voice actresses
  • 4-5 trans gay men voice actors
  • 4-5 trans mlm voice actors
  • 4-5 cis gay men voice actors
  • 4-5 cis mlm voice actors
  • at least 2 more coders
  • at least 2 more artists
  • at least 2 more writers

the link to the application is here, and thank you all so much for your support!

little important things each sign holds:

(I just realized lately that I don’t actually hate any sign, and that I actually have people in each sign who I appreciate and adore 💜)

Aries: the ability to brighten your day, in any random and spontaneous way possible, even if they are feeling opposite :’)

Taurus: the ability to listen to you and your problems, almost like a therapist, with that soothing atmosphere.

Gemini: the ability to reach new levels, teaching everyone else to be brave and take risks.

Cancer: the ability to be kind and selfless even when in pressuring situations, and keeping strong to yourself.

Leo: the ability to bring out the best in others, helping them become more confident in themselves.

Virgo: the ability to communicate and share skills/hobbies, to encourage others to not give up on things

Libra: the ability to involve people, helping those who are outsiders in groups to not feel left out. 💕

Scorpio: the ability to love, in a deep and complex form, that that always feels authentic and sincere.

Sagittarius: the ability to commit, if not to love, then to their passions and knowledge, expressing what true dedication means. 

Capricorn: the ability to care, even if it is not shown, they always keep an eye on those close and valid to them, protecting them if they are hurt.

Aquarius: the ability to empathize , by not looking at what reputation you hold, instead just treating you as a general human being.

Pisces: the ability to speak out, to express your emotions freely and openly. Standing up to people’s judgement of your feelings and actions.


Another absolutely incredibly collection of stunning art that you all created this past week for #SupremeArtSunday! It just blows my mind how creative you all are! Thank you for sharing your skills and talent so much with me!! Be sure to check out this post on my Insta (thomassanders) to see all the art and artist!!


so I’ve been editing this picture of Thrawn from Rebels for quite a while now. It’s going nicely and today I decided I was going to fix his ear, make it look more realistic.








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I don’t want to be angry anymore. I want to be calm. I want to stop hurting people and blowing up all the time. I hate myself for it. It’s straining my relationship. It’s made my mom cry. I just lose it and blow up on anyone that’s near me when I’m mad and I know it isn’t fair but I feel like I can’t control it, and every time I go off I just get more angry at myself and it makes it worse. My anger is out of control and I don’t know how to fix it. I feel like the worst piece of shit.
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Aside from the pretty pastel backgrounds, I really enjoyed this scene because it shows how relaxed Lars is when he’s baking. Yes, he’s focused and really intent on the result, but this is the same Lars who isn’t snapping and complaining when his friends make a mistake. Lars is usually the first to call people on on their mistakes, as a coping mechanism. Here, he’s taking everything in stride. Baking is really something he enjoys, and he’s confident with his skill enough to share it with other people. This is Lars at his best.


WATCH: Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too (1993)

Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too offers a rare insiders’ look at the New York group’s first year, from their initial groundbreaking demo in front of an elementary school in ‘92 to the incredible Dyke March in DC, where the Avengers ate fire in front of the White House, cheered on by an enormous crowd.

The video supplements footage of actions with compelling portraits of real life Avengers still giddy with their first experiences of taking to the streets as out dykes as well as hilarious interviews with puzzled tourists trying to answer the question, “Who are the Lesbian Avengers?” This film goes a long way towards providing an explanation.

More than a historical document, the video also offers important insights about how to organize successful actions and motivate participants. Released shortly after the Avengers exploded nationally in 1993, it was an essential tool for sharing activist skills and recruiting members. Even today, it inspires as much as it does instruct. If they can do it, I can, too.

Edited by two Avengers, videomaker Janet Baus, and experimental filmmaker, Su Friedrich, the video was a group effort, with a number of Avengers contributing.

55 minutes. Closed captions available.


So one time I did the old “Gold Cat-Lightning Dog” trick to get some easy levels and it worked super well except   I    didn’t have Karol’s EXP Share skill on … … … … .

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i must know...

mod gotham says: imagine if Ian had arrived just a few minutes later in 03x07…

Claire: Jamie – maybe we could find a place of our own.

Jamie: And leave the brothel?

Claire: Surely you don’t expect us to make a home here?

Jamie: No, not forever, perhaps. But for now, we have everything we need. And there’s no rent to pay – nearly every shilling I earn I send to Lallybroch.

Claire: Well I was thinking…maybe I could make some money as a healer. It felt good today to have a patient. Perhaps I could work from the back of the printshop – or open an establishment of my own. We could build a happy life here in Edinburgh.

Claire sat up a bit straighter in the suddenly uncomfortable chair – watching her husband cross his arms tightly across his chest, lips pursed, brow furrowed into lines she had never seen before.

He was listening to her – letting her speak. Respecting her.

But would he want to talk about it?

God, they were back to square one, weren’t they? Her mind flashed to that terrible time at Leoch, when so much ice had come so quickly between them. They had both had to compromise, then – and it had been hard work, but all was truly well, afterward.

Now she closed her eyes – centered herself. Breathed deeply. And lay her right hand on the table – palm up, her (his) wedding ring dark in the candlelight. Waiting.

Six breaths – and then the fingers of his left hand twined with hers. Gripping so tight.

The pads of her fingers brushed against the tendons in his wrist – pulse racing, coiled, tense.

She opened her eyes – saw him watching their hands.

*It’s me. It’s just me. I know you – you know me. We will make this work.*

“Does it bother you that I’d like to…to earn money?”

He sighed – clearly struggling to find the words.

“It doesn’t mean that I don’t think you can support us, Jamie – only, I have talents, so I might as well – ”

“It does,” he blurted. “It bothers me, if ye really want to know.”

She turned over their joined hands. The candlelight washed the color from the four scars she knew so well – three vertical lines along the backs of his fingers, circular nailmark on the middle of the hand.

And noticed, for the first time, new scars. A horizontal line at the base of his thumb. Grooves on his wrists – dear God, was that from when he had been shackled in prison?

“I have much more experience than…than I did before. I’m much more confident.”

“Ye have *always* been confident, Claire. Perhaps ye feel more so now. But – ” Now his knuckles went white. “But Edinburgh – it minds me of Paris. All manner of people, looking to take advantage of anyone. Of a woman like you, especially.”

“I’ll ask Fergus to come with me. Or Yi Tien Cho – or Young Ian, even. I have skills and knowledge to share, and to help make people’s lives better – ”

“What about *our* life together, then?” he hissed. “I canna have ye in my life if ye dinna take care of yerself. I – I…” He swallowed now, throat thick – desperately caressing her ring with his thumb. “I leave ye for two hours, Claire – and I come back to our room, and ye’re in yer shift wi’ a wee knife, standing over a man who just tried to rape and kill ye – and yet ye insist on tending him?”

Now she looked up – to meet his eyes, so wide, so full of tears. Brimming with barely suppressed rage.

“It’s no’ about the money. Ye’ve supported us on that before, and I’m grateful for it. I *want* ye to follow yer calling. It – it makes ye whole. Give ye a purpose. God knows I understand that. But Claire – ”

Here his voice broke, and he slammed his free hand on the table.

“Can ye see it’s no’ safe for ye here? It’s never *been* safe for ye. And now ye’re back, and wi’ in a day someone has already tried to kill ye. I – I can’t…”

Not letting go of his hand, Claire pulled her chair across the creaky floor. Sitting side by side – the long, graceful lines of his thighs pressed up against hers – she reached her left hand around his back. Holding him. Feeling him breathe – short, shallow.

“Do you remember what I told you, in Paris? How bad things happen when we’re apart?”

“They do,” he whispered. “They have.”

She lay her head on his shoulder.

“It bothers me that what – that *who* – ye are means that I’ll constantly be worrying for ye.” His voice was strong – but his arms trembled with so much feeling. “Afraid that every time someone comes to ye, they could give ye a…a filthy disease that could kill ye. Afraid that if ye go to someone’s house, they’ll do something to ye and ye’ll never come home to me.”

He sighed, leaning against her, cheek atop her hair.

“It would be different if we had a croft, away from the filth of this city. Folk are kinder there – they all ken each other. Here – here it minds me so much of Paris. And seeing you in it – I can’t help but…weel. But remember all of that.”

For a long moment they just listened – to the crackle of the fire, to the giggles across the landing, to the clip-clop of carriages in the street below. To the precious gift of each other breathing.

“We don’t have to have an answer right now, Jamie – we need to think about it. To work it out, together.”

“Aye,” he breathed, “We will. I suppose we have nothing but time, now.”

He squeezed her hand once more before letting go and retrieving first her glass of wine, then his.

“Should I commission yer own sign to hang wi’ mine, then? ‘C. Malcolm, curer of poxes, remover of splinters, mender of broken hearts’?”

He clinked his glass against hers, smiling.

“I suppose something like that. Or just a smaller sign to hang beneath yours – C. Malcolm, Surgeon.”

Jamie took a long draught of wine. Watching her.

Sadness crept into his eyes.

“What I wouldna give for you to be known as Fraser again,” he whispered.

She set down her glass and reached up, running the back of her hand against the thick stubble on his cheek.

“What I wouldn’t give for *you* to have that, Jamie.”

Claire kissed away the tears so he wouldn’t taste them on his lips.