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7 Ways to Shake Up your Life

1. Try saying “yes” instead on “no”.

2. Don’t allow your feelings to dictate your behaviour.

3. Travel to somewhere you haven’t been before.

4. Spend time with people who are different from you.

5. Try a new food, or learn or new skills.

6. Live in the present, not the future or the past.

7. Do something different - that scares you - every day.

Dogs of Future Past - Part 15

As mentioned before, some updates to DOFP will be fiction with just a sketch or two…and this is one of those times!

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

Frisk, Flowey and Greatest Dog’s shortcut takes them to the garbage dump in Waterfall, where they run into some familiar faces!

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Guess who I finally sort of finished working on!! This is one version of this piece I’ve finished, and if all works out well, I’ll be uploading the other version at some point! Also, this may end up on my RedBubble! If it does, I’ll be sure to link the product on this post!! I hope you guys like it!! ; v ;

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anonymous asked:

hey, i was wondering, should i watch samurai jack? i haven't seen any episodes ever and i sort of want to get into it but i know there a good few seasons. would it be worth catching up?

yeah! I made a post about this earlier, actually. 

i mean, it’s always better to go in while having watched the whole show before, of course, but since samurai jack always had a more episodic nature and few recurring characters apart from jack and aku, it’s not hard at all to understand what’s going on in this new episode, as long as you know the basic premise of the original show. 

although i do recommend a few essential episodes, for better understanding of the show’s world:

  • the 3-parter pilot, of course (The Beginning, The Samurai Called Jack, The First Fight). explains jack’s origins, how he became so skilled, how he came to the future, sets up the tone of the show pretty well, all that good stuff.
  • Jack and the Scotsman, 1 and 2, as well as The Scotsman Saves Jack, 1 and 2. the scotsman is one of the few recurring characters, and the closest thing jack has to a friend, in the future. it was confirmed that he will return for this last season, so it’s better to know who he is.
  • The Birth of Evil, part 1 and 2. just like it sounds, it shows how aku came to be, and how jack’s father came to originally contain him. a good episode to understand the lore a bit better.
  • Jack Remembers the Past and Jack in Egypt. both episodes that focus on jack’s past, and serve to understand his character a bit better.

well, i think that’s it, for the plot relevant ones! but like i said, i think that even without watching those, you can still get what’s going on perfectly fine. i think they are taking a new audience into account, while making this new series.

Why Zoro is important to Sanji

Listen here guys. Sanji spent all his childhood being hit by his sibillings. They kept telling him he was weak and useless. They didn’t show him even a bit of respect (except maybe his sister).
Now this: Zoro is the first one to aknowledge Sanji’s worth as a fighter. Luffy said Sanji seemed to be strong, but his first interest in him was his skills as a cook. But Zoro, the future strongest swordsman in the world, is the very first one to considere Sanji as an opponent worth fighting against. Zoro is the only one to see in Sanji what his own family didn’t: strenght.

9 Habits Of Profoundly Influential People

Their focused pursuit of excellence is driven by nine habits that you can emulate and absorb until your influence expands:

1. They think for themselves

2. They are graciously disruptive

3. They inspire conversation

4. They leverage their networks

5. They focus only on what really matters

6. They welcome disagreement

7. They are proactive

8. They respond rather than react

To increase your influence, you need to freely share your skills and insights, and you must be passionate in your pursuit of a greater future. Read more >

Frye Twins x Reader ~ Family

Originally posted by assassinscreed

People say in your final moment, your life flashes before your eyes.

It does.

The first two decades of your life, you would say, weren’t really exciting. Being the only child in your family you continued the legacy of your parents. Born and raised in Crawley you trained with the reckless Ethan Frye to become a Master Assassin. Matching to his longing to court danger you were a free spirit yourself. The two of you were almost like siblings. Inseparable and the perfect team to take out the Templars. Well, until Ethan met Cecily – his future wife.

You were on your own again during missions, but you didn’t really mind the loneliness. It changed rather fast, when you saved George Westhouse’s life. You took him to the Brotherhood so he can join and become your new partner.  

In the meantime, the Brotherhood in Crawley got a fifth member. Duncan Hardy – your future husband. So a handful of highly skilled Assassins should be more enough to take back London from the Templars. 100 years they had the upper hand. It had been the time to change that. Or so.

1847 changed everything for you and the Brotherhood in general. Ethan and Cecily were expecting a child, while Duncan and you weren’t blessed in that way. Yes, you were happy for them and jealous at the same time.  

A day before the twins were born, Ethan fails on his mission miserably, which resulted in Duncan, his current partner, getting killed. Unfortunately, you didn’t have the chance to mourn over your loss. On the 9th November 1847 Cecily died after giving birth to Evie and Jacob Frye. Healthy twins.

“Cecily, please, you can’t do this to me! They need their mother”, you cradle the little bundle in your arms hoping to stop Evie from screaming, while Jacob takes a nap on the bed. Born and already a lazy ass. Cecily flashes you a slight smile, which doesn’t reach her tired eyes. Her time is slowly running out, but at least she knows her two angels are in good hands. In yours and Ethan’s.

“You are going to be such a great mother. I would be honored if you take care of them. Please”, how could you say no to her begging eyes? And after all, to be a mother is still a wish of yours. “Sure, I will do my best”, you mumble under your breath trying not to choke on your tears.

Like Cecily has been waiting for your answer, the sparkle in her eyes dies. The door gets pushed open as Ethan rushes in the room panting heavily. True happiness appears on his face, but it doesn’t last long. “Cecily? Cecily!”, you step into his way before he can reach his deceased wife. You got a last look at Duncan’s dull eyes, which are hunting you in your dreams. He shouldn’t endure the same.

“Take care of Evie. I’ll coordinate everything else. We got this, Ethan”, you have no idea how you will keep everything under control, but it will work out somehow. The Master Assassin flashes his hidden blade just an inch under your chin, “Don’t tell me what to do!” Nothing is going to work out well.

Without a word you swipe away the blade from your skin. Then you wrap Evie and Jacob up in a blanket to carry them out of the room. “Ethan-”, you try your luck to talk some sense into his head, but he cuts you off rudely, “Out!” The Grief takes the best of him. Hopefully he will get himself back on track. The twins need their father. 

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Offspring Meme

Send me a ship and I will tell you….

The parents -

  • Who first brought up having/adopting kids?
  • Which parent is most overprotective?
  • Which parent is most supportive?
  • Which parent expects the most from their child?
  • Which parent is more likely to spoil their child?
  • Which parent does the child go to to get their way?
  • Which parent is the best at singing lullabies?
  • Which parent finds it harder to let go?

The kid - 

  • What the kids name is and the meaning behind it.
  • What traits the kid has that doesn’t reflect their parents.
  • What the kids favorite clothing style is.
  • What their favorite cartoon is.
  • What skills their parents try to pass down to them.
  • What their future might be.

The family - 

  • Who the child’s godparents are.
  • Do their parents plan on giving them any siblings?
  • What is the child’s first pet?
  • How do they get along with any extended family members?
basic life skills that are a plus for future vets
  • really good at doing laundry
  • no sense of smell
  • good hearing
  • can survive on 4 hours of sleep
  • can survive on 1,5 meals a day
  • can survive on all those meals being cornflakes
  • black humour
  • adrenaline junkie
  • knee driving
  • fast reflexes
  • can stand up for 8+ hours straight
  • really good at holding your pee
  • naturally good looking in scrubs/crocs/overalls/boots
Art upgrade!

You may have noticed that the backgrounds of the last page have taken on a lovely, painterly style. We assure you that this has no plot significance– rather it’s because Nacho revealed that she is a BAD ASS BOSS at painting backgrounds, so she’ll be doing them from now on instead of me.

We may retroactively upgrade the first five pages later, but for now we’ll be moving on with this look. Hope you love it as much as we do! You can probably expect further art upgrades in the future as our skills improve with time.

So Far From Grace - Epilogue

So Far From Grace - Epilogue

All previous chapters of the fic are here.

The cabin had only two bedrooms, and so it was decided that the girls would take one while the boys would split up between the second and the living room. It had been almost four months since they had taken Sandstorm down, and a lot had changed. Pellington pardoned Kurt for the lies he had to come up with jus before the operation, agreeing that the FBI had to have had more Sandstorm moles and it had to be done like that. After a long assessment, a number of tedious tests, and considering his role in bringing Shepherd down, Roman was offered an analyst job with the FBI. He had very limited access, at least for now, but with his high IQ, and his unparalleled analytic and language skills, he was seen as an asset for the future. But for the time being, he analyzed reports and kept his head own.

Jane had gone through a similar reassessment process, but given her longer presence and how much more she’d offered the FBI over the past year, she kept her full access role of consultant. It was agreed that the tattoos still held so much more they could work with, and the tattoo task force was made permanent; at least until they’ve decoded and brought down as many corrupt people as they could.

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