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Victuuri Week // Day 1 // AU: A Different Career - The Photographer & The Model

Viktor was much more beautiful in person than Yuuri was ever expecting 
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Voltron prompt

Lance knows that he’s not the best member on the team, he sees all the looks from Shiro and Allura. Yeah he tries his hardest but fighting has never been his thing. Back at home he would wrestle with his siblings but that was the extent of his fighting skills.

On days he would let his mind wander too far he would go to the training deck and try to fight out his anger like Keith does but that never really helped him.

One night he went into the training deck to get some extra practice when an idea came to him. He plugged in his music player into the control system and activated the training bot.

Never before had he fought with such ease. With the music playing he was able to turn it into a dance, a fast paced, dangerous, and absolutely stunning dance.

He trained like that for weeks, his skills steadily improving. But he never told the others. He’s not sure why he felt the need to keep it a secret from the rest of the team, but he did. Maybe he thought they would laugh at him for training that way, maybe he was afraid that wouldn’t let him train that way anymore cuz that’s not how soldiers fight.

Maybe it was both.

It was a day after a particularly hard mission that they found him. The missing went off, things didn’t go as planned and while no one got hurt, the mission was still a failure.

Lance had waited for everyone to go to sleep before he went to the training deck and started from level one. When the others woke up, on the way to the dining room they heard music. Not loud but definitely there. Together they followed the sound to the training deck doors, only for them to be locked. Allura then led the group to the training decks observation room.

They were all in shock to see Lance fighting. Beautiful and deadly. There were training bots scattered all across the deck, and the castle was having a hard time clearing the broken bodies with the rate Lance was dropping them. They watched for a while, totally captivated by the Lance was moving his body. Allura was the first to regain herself and ended the training session. Just before the the console shut off, it displayed the level it had ended on. Level 23.

Cute personality traits of the signs

Aries: amazing friendship skills

Taurus: creative mindset

Gemini: passion for day-dreaming

Cancer: empowers others

Leo: sooo loyal

Virgo: amazing compliment-giver

Libra: positive vibes

Scorpio: wise, truth-seeker

Sagittarius: wants to take care of you

Capricorn: comforting

Aquarius: honest and has got your back

Pisces: wonderful sense of humor


happy borthday @daniwry!! i decided to shit out a dumb klance comic inspired by b99 for you because those are also my two favourite things lmao. 

 it’s been really meme-ingful sending dumb stuff to each other these past few weeks! hope we can still keep it going, and have fun being 19 and closer to death <333

INTJs are the type of people to offhandedly mention wanting to learn some skill, then not talk about it for years then suddenly “Oh yeah I learnt how to knit 3 months ago.”, “I practiced the ‘arm wave’ in year 10 once”, “Oh I picked up a little sign language 4 years ago.”


cho bomnareul giokhae jinado itji marayo~                                           (remember that spring day, don’t forget it)

oh baby~

neo naeun kkumdureul giokhae pugi marayo~                                      (remember your dreams, don’t give up)     

oh baby, baby

I’m fallin’ you~~~

cause maybe for that love       

cause baby for your love

cause baby for love~         

been listening to this for a whole week on repeat


sobbing bcuz its sooo beautifulllllllllll