Kagami Taiga talents and skills :

  • Alley-Oop
  • Jumping Power
  • Lane Up
  • Air Walking
  • Meteor Jam
  • Tactical Battle
  • Zone
  • Direct Drive Zone

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Super skills are panels on your touch screen (hope you can also assign them to the extra shoulder buttons for the new 3DS) and as you wail on monsters it fills up.

Once the gauge is filed it turns red and all you need to do it tap it to activate it. Hit or miss the energy is consumed so aim well!

There are multiple skills for each weapon and some are specific to a certain weapon while others are universal. Like the ‘absolute evade’ skill…wonder what it does!

Super skills are going to be all the hype in MHX! Cross match these with weapons and hunting styles and see you what they mean by 'Cross’ and how you’ll be able to find your own style.

See more news here: https://youtu.be/f15-vgxEYtE