Kubera chapter 142 

Wow this chapter we get to see lot of characters and the most exciting one is Samphati - the only 5th stage Rakshasa of Garuda clan and maybe of all suras. If this the case then we may have a chance to see her in sura form longing for that! Maruna and Samphati discussed the way to break the cities barriers (multiple layers)…and that where Samphati gonna take her sura form to do the job.

Yuta discussed with Kairak on how to join forces against Samphati when her strength and skilll are way better than them even if they fight together, there’re no guarantee of winning over. Then come the cutest shot when Yuta suddenly jumps to catch up with Leez then he hide at a corner..LoL (i don’t know but i’m kinda drawn into the way he jump there..look hot..what a pose he got there ^^) ..anyway Yuta now becomes professional stalker even kneeling on mud doesn’t bother him ( facepalm ). Wait..Did Yuta put the stepping stone on the mud to make a path for Leez though? (Oh boy..!! how sweet of you Yuta!) Leez is being drawn a lot thinner in this chapter, the art look kinda different too. She told Ran don’t pay her too much attention in front of Rana just in case of Ran gets any misunderstanding (she been very considerable to people she cares about right)

We also get to know that Laila is using alias that’s not her real name and how she always wearing a mask too, like to hide her identity. But why? could she is also named Kubera?? what the meaning of that flashback of her? and who is the men in black..God Chandra? If that so, was there any romance between them? And last but not least, Asha..was marking paper in the prison and then she on parole..? she know that her ability is still needed..there come her smirk..she knew this day gonna happen..