Missing skillet-the-creeper so much already and he only left yesterday. This was by far the best photo we have together from our tiny vacation meet up. Thank you for the amazing birthday week and all the amazing presents. I love you.


This is some nubnub appreciation so this is gon get real gush gush soooooo bare with me kids. These have to be my favorite pictures of my goob skillet-the-creeper. This kid is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. He has the biggest and warmest heart I have ever come across. I love the way he makes me feel and the way he never fails to make me smile. I love the way that he looks at me and how he says my name. I love all his little quirks and that one dimple that only shows up when he chuckles or when he gets really passionate about things. I absolutely love the way that he geeks out over Star Wars and how he goes off on tangents. Our little jokes keep me smiling through out the day and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. His eyes are breathtaking. He’s just so breathtaking. He’s just so beautiful. I mean look at that face, fucking adorable as hell. How could someone not fall in love with him? I love him so much. I love you pumpkin.


HEY GUYS. GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS. ITS skillet-the-creeper’S DAY OF BIRTH AND I THINK YOU GUYS SHOULD GO SAY SOMETHIN NICE TO HIM. Bc he’s a really sweet guy and I know he’d really appreciate it. So go send some love his way, maybe? 😊💜 God he’s so cute


The big moment is finally here. I’ll be picking up skillet-the-creeper from the Harrisburg Airport in a little bit. I’m so nervous, checking that everything is okay and then checking it again. I’m so glad I have my girls the-lesbian-ghost and Maria with me because I could not do this without them. God I can’t wait!!! Be expecting a shit ton of cute photos!!!