Them: So do you think that skeleton jokes are humerus?
Me: Actually I do- wait a minute did you just?…
Them: What? I was just asking.
Me: .. ._.
Them: But in all seriousness, do you?
Me: Yeah, I do
Them: Do they uh..tickle your funny bone?
Them: What? Got a problem? Got a bone to pick with me?
Me: why me
Them: What?? Arteries hurtin you too much?
Me: ……



This is some nubnub appreciation so this is gon get real gush gush soooooo bare with me kids. These have to be my favorite pictures of my goob skillet-the-creeper. This kid is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. He has the biggest and warmest heart I have ever come across. I love the way he makes me feel and the way he never fails to make me smile. I love the way that he looks at me and how he says my name. I love all his little quirks and that one dimple that only shows up when he chuckles or when he gets really passionate about things. I absolutely love the way that he geeks out over Star Wars and how he goes off on tangents. Our little jokes keep me smiling through out the day and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. His eyes are breathtaking. He’s just so breathtaking. He’s just so beautiful. I mean look at that face, fucking adorable as hell. How could someone not fall in love with him? I love him so much. I love you pumpkin.


HEY GUYS. GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS. ITS skillet-the-creeper’S DAY OF BIRTH AND I THINK YOU GUYS SHOULD GO SAY SOMETHIN NICE TO HIM. Bc he’s a really sweet guy and I know he’d really appreciate it. So go send some love his way, maybe? 😊💜 God he’s so cute