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“A playlist to heist to. A playlist to fight to. A playlist to fuck shit up to.”

I Like to Win, for the Fake AH Crew

i. “I Like to Win” – Shonlock ii. “Light That Fire” – Oh the Larceny iii. “Outlaws” – Disciple iv. “Warriors” – Imagine Dragons v. “We Own It (Fast & Furious)” – 2 Chainz vi. “The Resistance” – Skillet vii. “One For the Money” – Escape the Fate viii. “Another Way Out” – Hollywood Undead ix. “Fortune” – Krewella x. “We Go” – Matthew Parker xi. “Got That Fire” – Royal Tailor xii. “It Has Begun” – Starset xiii. “Like A Machine” – Thousand Foot Krutch xiv. “Infected” – 12 Stones xv. “Strike Back” – We As Human

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Prince of War - A Dalinar Kholin Fanmix

From the Blackthorn that conquered a kingdom beneath bloody boots to the Bondsmith that bound his soul to the storms themselves. You are the tower; you are the crown. Thunder shadows your steps.

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Brother Stand Beside Me - Heather Dale || Nothing Stands In Our Way - Lacuna Coil || Unstoppable  - E.S. Posthumous || How Fortunate the Man with None - Dead Can Dance || Art of Conflict - VNV Nation || Never Forget (Midnight Verison) - Kazuma Jinnouchi || East - Sleeping At Last || Live to Rise - Soundgarden || The Humbling River - Puscifer || Saviors of the World - Skillet || Song For Someone - Vertical Horizon || Eye of the Storm - The Crüxshadows || It Has Begun - Starset

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