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Even MORE reasons to smile

Someone could’ve just perfected their skincare routine

Someone could’ve just been asked to prom for the very first time by a genuinely nice person

Someone could’ve just renovated their room

A second grader could’ve just won their first
spelling bee competition

Someone could’ve just sold their first piece of artwork after months of struggling

A dancer could’ve just placed first in their division AND overall

A shy student could’ve just participated in a class discussion for the first time

Someone could’ve just met their soulmate

A dog could’ve just had the best car ride of their lifetime

A patient could’ve just woken up from a successful surgery

Someone could’ve just ran their first mile

A traumatized individual could’ve just let go of repressed/internalized anger and pain

Someone’s eczema could be clearing up

Someone could’ve just made it past the $1000 mark in their savings account for the first time

Someone could’ve just found the confidence to wear THE thing

An alcoholic could be attending their first AA meeting

Someone recovering from a eating disorder could’ve just made it to a healthy weight

Someone could be starting their hormones today

A depressed person could’ve just gotten out of bed to enjoy this beautiful day

Someone could be hearing their first, “I’m proud of you”

positive affirmations

☼ recovery is a bumpy road for everyone.

☼ i can change things if they are not working for me.

☼ i have gotten through hard things.

☼ i have gotten through harder things.

☼ things will continue to get better for me.

☼ i am safe.

☼ i am loved.

☼ self care is not selfish.

☼ i deserve happiness.

☼ i will achieve happiness.


At university I learnt how proper preparation and rehearsal can make doing presentations a lot easier, they don’t need to be a big deal! I just wish my teenage self knew this…I can’t tell you how many projects I did last minute because I was nervous and didn’t want to think about presenting. 


You simply need to drop out of hyperspace between blockade and Boz Pity.

Sure Obi-Wan, what it is for Anakin to just simply drop out of hyperspace between blockade and planet. Who cares the timing must be perfect or otherwise everyone is going to die either thanks to CIS ships or planet’s mass shadow? No pressure at all.


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Positive Coping Strategies ☀️ ((TW))

- Breathe in through your nose for a count of 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, deep exhale for 8 seconds. Repeat 3 more times (4 in total). This is known to help relax your body during panic attacks or just very stressful situations

- ART!!! Even if you think you suck! Painting, drawing, doodling, colouring etc. works wonders for relieving stress/ symptoms of anxiety and other mental illnesses

- Take a walk outside in a forest or a place with a lot of green and pretty colours. Putting your phone down for even half an hour and really just taking in your surroundings can help relieve stress, etc.

- Have a bath, put some music in, and just focus on you 💗

- Sit down and write a list of things you’re thankful for and things you hope to accomplish. This can be very helpful during those times when you’re feeling hopeless

Most importantly PLEASE try not to develop negative coping mechanisms. Binge eating and crying is okay every once in a while but if it becomes a regular occurrence then maybe you should try switching it up. Just remember that it’s okay for you to not be happy all the time, but you have to learn how to love yourself in order to find happiness for yourself 💗 You’re going to be okay and your future is bright ✨ Just don’t give up

What does it mean to be a refugee?

About 60 million people around the globe have been forced to leave their homes to escape war, violence and persecution. Those who have crossed a border and sought shelter outside of  their  own  countries–and  they  are  commonly  referred to as ‘refugees’, but what exactly does that term mean? The world has known refugees for millennia, but the modern definition was drafted in the UN’s 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees in response to the mass persecutions and displacements of the Second World War. It defines a refugee as someone who is outside their country of nationality, and is unable to return to their home country because of well-founded fears of being persecuted. That persecution may be due to their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion and is often related to war and violence.

So what happens once someone flees their country? Most refugee journeys are long and perilous, with limited access to shelter, water or food. Since the departure can be sudden and unexpected, belongings might be left behind. And people who are evading conflict do not often have the required documents, like visas, to board airplanes and legally enter other countries. Financial and political factors can also prevent them from traveling by standard routes. This means they can usually only travel by land or sea and may need to entrust their lives to smugglers to help them cross borders. 

Each refugee’s story is different, and many must undergo dangerous journeys with uncertain outcomes. Today, roughly half of the world’s refugees are children, some of them unaccompanied by an adult; a situation that makes them especially vulnerable to child-labor or sexual exploitation.

Chances are if you go back in your own family history, you will discover that at a certain point your ancestors were forced from their homes, either escaping a war or fleeing discrimination and persecution. It would be good of us to remember their stories, when we are hearing those of the people currently displaced, searching for–or on their ways to– a new home.

Today is World Refugee Day and the UNHCR is launching its #WithRefugees petition to send a message to governments that they must work together and do their fair share for refugees. The #WithRefugees asks governments to ensure every refugee child gets an education, that every refugee family has somewhere safe to live, and that every refugee can work or learn new skills to make a positive contribution to their community. We hope for a world where violence will not force people from their homes, but until then, let the world know you stand #WithRefugees.

From the TED-Ed Lesson What does it mean to be a refugee? - Benedetta Berti and Evelien Borgman

Animation by TED-Ed and @j-vuylsteker

How to Adult: Cover Letter Edition

So I have several followers who are working on applying to jobs right now, and by far the most common concern is “what even is a cover letter??”  Now, while this post is funny and accurate, it’s not super helpful if you’re looking for specifics.  So I figured I should show you mine.  Now, without further ado, allow me to provide to you:

~*~ The Cover Letter of Destiny ~*~

[Address Line 1]
[Address Line 2, etc]

[Right Justified - Date]  (This is just standard business letter stuff)

To Whom it May Concern, [Or Mr/Ms. Hiring Person’s name, if you can find it.] 

I’m delighted to submit an application for the [Job you’re applying to] position at [Company/Institution/etc].  After reading the job description I’m certain I would bring a solid combination of  [Skill 1], analytical thinking [or whatever Skill 2 is], and communication skills [This is always my Skill 3] to this position.  I’m particularly attracted to this position because I believe it will utilize the skills I have gained through my industry [or research or whatever] experience, and allow me to apply those skills in new areas. 

In my role with [Company] as a [Most Relevant Position Here], I managed a project [to do some stuff - flesh out your most important/relevant job responsibilities here].  I specifically focused on [a thing that is the most explicitly relevant to the job posting.  In fact, I creatively copy/pasted some of the job posting into this sentence, that’s how relevant it is.].  I was also responsible for [A couple of things that maybe were mentioned in the job posting, or at least show increased responsibility over time].  This gave me the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of different team members [to achieve a goal]. Through these and other job duties, I have gained excellent listening skills and the ability to carry out self-directed tasks in the context of a larger team. [i’m not joking. use this phrasing it’s so great just copy it idgaf]

 In my current role as a [Current Title] with [Company], I have continued to build strong skills in project management [or whatever] as well as clear oral and written communication. [Maybe this sentence describes the types of communication (or whatever skill) you do.]   [This sentence describes briefly the less-relevant work you do].  [This sentence ties in your less-relevant job to the job you are seeking].  These experiences have prepared me well to succeed in a role as [Name of Position you’re applying to].

Thank you for taking the time to review my materials and consider my application. I am excited at the prospect of applying my skills to a [Name or category of position] with [Company], and I feel that the knowledge and skills I have gained through my experience will be a great benefit to the team. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions as I would welcome a chance to discuss this opportunity more. [After all, they want to hire you after reading this]


 [First Name Last Name]

I hope you find this helpful in your job search!  Just remember to focus on skills you learned rather than specific experiences or titles you’ve had.  Don’t be afraid of inflating it too far, either.  There are real useful skills underlying every job task if you look hard & get creative with your phrasing. 

Feel free to send me an ask if you want any specific advice on how to spin your education/work history into the job you want, or if you want a proofreader or cheerleader or whatever.  Job hunting is a bad game designed by and for a certain type of person.  It’s dehumanizing and horrible even at the best of times, so I’m more than happy to help anyone find a way to beat the system.  <3 <3 

Unfriendly Competition // Min Yoongi


the prompt: I’ve been thinking lately about dragons;; Could I request a Dragon Tamer!AU with Yoongi of BTS? Where you two are both dragon-tamers in training (like you’re both students under the same master, kind of thing?) and you two have a very intense rivalry that’s literally all pent up romantic tension but of course neither of you realize it~ So you’re constantly teasing and trying to one-up each other, but things go too far when one of the baby dragons gets hurt?? And in nursing it back to health you two grow closer, and start to realize that you don’t hate each other as much as you thought… and actually might even like each other??

words: 3682

category: fluff!!

author note: i had fun writing this!! your requests are always fun to write tbh. i hope everyone enjoys this! (also, i made the flame dragon’s name susan because dan and phil okay bye)

- destinee

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It isn't your fault

If you pretended like you wanted to, but really didn’t want to

If you were “talked into it”

If you were you forced

If you “consented” out of guilt

If you were in love

If you felt like that’s what you had to do to feel loved

If you changed your mind “too late”

If you didn’t actually say yes

If you were to afraid to say anything at all

If you felt like you had to

If you were afraid of what would’ve happened if you didn’t

If you felt like you “owed” something

If you needed “forgiveness”

It was never EVER your fault. Please try to remember that. You are not disgusting. You are not “used up”. You are not property. You didn’t deserve any of this. Nothing you did caused this to happen. It. Isn’t. Your. Fault.

anonymous asked:


I opened this very soon after I woke up and anon, I think you did the job of my coffee before I even had it

lol yeah I started playing him when I first got the game not knowing about Fucking Hanzo Mains– but his play style is just super fun and he’s scary dps as long as you.. ya know.. hit the thing.. and getting scatter arrowed is such a smarmy way to die so of course I love it

Thanks for spreading some Hanzo Positivity friend 🐲🌸

Bullying is never okay in any circumstances

Being bullied isn’t an excuse to become the bully

Taking photos of someone without their permission is bullying, and that is not okay

Spreading rumors about someone is bullying, and it is not okay

Making fun of someone is bullying, and it is not okay

Physically hurting someone to seem “tough” is bullying, and it is not okay

Making someone’s life miserable is bullying, and it is not okay.

None of this is ever okay.

Bullying is real. Bullying is traumatic. It changes people for the worst. It makes people insecure. It makes people reclusive and afraid of social interaction. Stop purposely hurting people for the sake of “laughs”. Stop invalidating people’s trauma by telling them “it’s a part of life” and that they should “suck it up”. Instead, make people feel good about themselves. Spread positivity. It isn’t “cringey” to be a light on this earth, and the fact that people believe that wanting to make the world a better place makes you a “cringey SJW” is ridiculous. Be a light, be positive, and stop tearing others down. It will never get you anywhere, and it isn’t funny. It was never funny.

DBT Skills: GIVE - For maintaining positive and healthy relationships

(be) Gentle - Be nice and respectful. Don’t attack or be judgmental. Be aware of your tone of voice and body language.

(act) Interested - Listen and act as if you’re interested in what they’re saying. Don’t interrupt them. Don’t make faces. Maintain eye contact.

Validate - Show that you understand them. Be nonjudgmental out loud.

(use an) Easy manner - Smile. Use humor. Use casual body language.