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In a high fantasy story, if an autistic person felt they needed to join a quest to save the world, er Queen, with a party of 4 other people, are there any personalities or actions that would impact the more than the other members? If they had to spend the EPIC journey learning/refining fighting techniques would it present unique challenges? Could you give some examples of stims that would be easy to do on horse back?

Sorry to dump so many questions on you all. I’m working on three books and got to thinking about autistic characters in them and the ideas just kept coming in. You are so awesome, I love you. Please keep up the great work.            

Hi there!

Some kinds of people an autistic person could have trouble with could be:

  • People who talk very loud or otherwise make a lot of noise *side-eyeing my constantly-beatboxing brother*
  • People who talk very fast or indistinctly and get angry when asked to repeat
  • People who don’t take personal boundaries into account and insist on touching/hugging… the character even though they can’t stand it
  • People with very little patience and a short temper who are not ready to try and learn to accomodate the autistic character’s differences
  • People who struggle with seeing other people’s points of view and take every autistic difference as offences against their person
  • People who tick off sensory problems in other ways (strong perfume, brightly-colored clothing, listening to loud music all the time…)

Here are some epic adventure things your autistic character may struggle with (as always these are just examples, it’s up to you to decide what your character struggles with and what they will encounter on their journey):

  • Anything that might disrupt their routine, such as an attack right as they are setting camp, will probably be difficult to deal with.
  • Going throught the Land Of Technicolor Fire And Vuvuzelas will probably be understandably difficult for your character. Think about what in their environment could trigger their sensory issues. This depends completely on the specific issues they have.
  • They’re probably not the one to put in charge when it’s time to have that diplomatic discussion with the king the whole world depends on.
  • If their special interest is baking, they may miss it very much while on the road, and feel bad because of it. But well, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. I’m sure there’s a way to bake stuff on an open fire with no flour or eggs or sugar available.
  • Horses, since you mentioned horses, can be loud and unpredictable. This can be a problem.
  • Having a shutdown when you’re in mortal danger is not a very good idea, but usually you don’t really have a choice. Having a meltdown in the middle of a forest filled with will-eat-you-if-you-make-the-slightest-noise creatures is not a very good idea either.

As for the fighting training, possible difficulties could be dyspraxia/difficulty with motor skills, if they have it, as well as the noise that metal blades make when they crash into each other.

As a rider I can definitely answer that last question. First of all, many stims would be impossible or dangerous to do on horseback, depending on the horse (if it’s very chill or rather nervous). Rapid movement in the peripheric vision of the horse is best to avoid, because chances are it’ll go “AAAAH A PREDATOR” and start running away very fast. So things such as hand flapping will probably be out of the question. Since rocking changes your balance and the place where your body weight is, your horse will probably think you’re trying to communicate something and become very confused as a result, so it’s best to avoid that as well. Same things for leg movements, your horse wil probably interpret them as you wanting to go faster. So I’d say it would be best to keep to small hand movements such as finger tapping on the saddle. Humming or singing is possible too, and so is playing with hair. There are also some stims that one can specifically do one horseback, such as texture stimming with the hair or mane of the horse, pressure stimming by putting your hands under the saddle, or, well… Riding ? Riding is stimmy in itself. Going fast on a horse is great for people who like speed, and just the movement of the horse itself is kind of like rocking, except you don’t even have to put in any effort.

And don’t worry about the questions, we’ve spaced them out a bit but they’ve been great! You know where to find us if you have more :)

-Mod Cat

somebody should write a snowbaz fanfic where Baz decides (at the start of seventh year or something) that he’s not gonna lie to Simon anymore. he’s just done with it. so he walks up to Simon, first day back, and says, ‘i like you’. and Simon is just like ??? pLoTtInG !!! and Baz just. facepalms. looking into the camera like he’s on the office. and anyway, cut to couple weeks later when Simon and Baz have kinda become friends ?? mostly bc Baz And Penny’s Epic Bromance™ is in full swing (Simon in the background: PLOTtING) and it becomes this morbidly hilarious inside joke for Baz- how many romantic/sexual overtures can I make towards Simon before he notices? No One Knows. There Is No End In Sight. Agatha and Simon break up bc she notices. Penny is Oblivious™ (yes I know that everyone headcanons Penny as some kind of all-knowing god? but lbr here penny has three (3) friends she had the social skills of a tom cat on steroids) Simon is the God-Emperor Of Obliviousness™. Baz is going crazy (Baz: I want to go out with you. Simon: where? Baz: *facepalms*). it’ll be hilarious.

on the flip side, for Baz to decide that he’s not gonna lie probably means that he’s back to his fifth-year fantasies (kisses and blood and snow ridding the world of me). and he’s probably depressed, and a tinge suicidal (Baz would have to be- to go to Simon and try to flirt. there’s no telling, for him, what Simon will do. Baz probably expects to get run through with a sword the first time Simon realises Baz is serious). and it’s gotta be hell on his nerves.

so it’s gotta be like, really dark humour. how could it not? the misunderstandings are hilarious, but they only happen bc Baz wants to die. or knows he will but doesn’t care. of course, the only acceptable ending is that Simon kisses Baz, and everything becomes alright. eventually. bc I’m a slut for recovery fic.

srsly? I will be indebted to anyone who decides to write this. I might but fuck, I’m stressed enough without adding a blank word document on the laptop to my troubles.

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I just came out to my parents O_O So idk if you're taking prompts but I'd love to hear about Cat coming out

Technically I’m not, but for such a special occasion (well done, you!) I’ll make a brief exception.

She’s nine years old the first time she tries to form the thought out loud, lacking both vocabulary and imagination to express what it is she means. It’s an innocent joke after all, some great aunt or other getting a cheap laugh by suggesting that Kitty will grow up to marry the boy whose birthday they’re celebrating, in this drafty Metropolis mansion.

The force behind her no I won’t is unexpected, but Mother tells her off for being contrary, once the other adults have drifted away in search of another dry martini. This isn’t a birthday party, it’s a wake held four decades too soon, and Cat wants to go home.

You don’t have to marry the first man who asks, her mother tells her, like it’s some private joke.

I don’t have to marry any of them at all, Cat retorts, not knowing why her mother laughs.

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Fey is not an unusual cat.

Or rather, Fey is somewhat of an unusual cat, but when people say she’s unusual, that’s not what they’re talking about.  They usually comment on how much she communicates with me, and say they wish they had “a cat like Fey”, and then describe their own cats in terms that make it very clear that the issue isn’t the type of cat, but the type of relationship they have with their cat.

[Image description: Fey in bed with me and a lot of yarn while I hold a crochet project in one hand and she touches her paw to my other hand while we look at each other.]

Which is not necessarily their fault, but which is a completely different situation from Fey just being an unusual cat.

If Fey lived with them, they would rapidly discover that they didn’t have “a cat like Fey” either.  They would probably decide she was mean and standoffish and uncommunicative.  Because it’s not her, it’s them.

I can’t explain to anyone how to have a deep relationship with a cat or any other being.(1)  

But I can say that if you take any cat, and try really hard to listen to them and understand them and engage with them on the same level of emotional complexity that you would engage with a human being on, then you’re likely to get better results, and a better relationship with your cat, than if you treat them as food-devouring mousing machines who only like you because you feed them and are probably just faking affection to manipulate you.  Or even just if you treat them better than that, but not really taking them all that seriously.  

Taking a cat seriously is the first step to having the kind of relationship I have with Fey.  And I can tell you right now that it’s not Fey that’s unusual about our relationship.  It’s our relationship that’s unusual.  Put Fey in a context where she isn’t being respected or understood or seen as emotionally complex and a real actual being with thoughts and feelings about the world, and she’ll look like “just any other cat” to you, and possibly like a particularly mean cat at that.

Which is why it’s sad but almost funny to me when people tell me “I wish I had a cat like Fey, my cat is so mean.”  And then describe a situation where Fey would be twenty times as mean if she had to live in it, than their cat is being (when their cat is being mean at all, which isn’t always).

Mind you, I’m not a cat whisperer.  People try and call me that but I find that pretty offensive (to cats).  I do not understand all of what Fey tells me.  I don’t even understand a quarter of what Fey tells me.  Fey and I fight on a regular basis, we misunderstand each other constantly, and we get frustrated about our inability to get basic information across to each other in both directions, and sometimes that ends up as frustration with each other.

But seriously?

If you start with respecting the intellectual and emotional complexity of your cat, and the fact that your cat is your equal in terms of worth and value (equal doesn’t mean alike, so nobody blast me for using that word, I find that really irritating and I’m especially irritable at the moment because I’m sick).

And if you make a serious long-term good-faith effort to understand and communicate with your cat as who the cat is, not as who you want or imagine the cat to be. (2)  (This may take a lot of time if you’ve been projecting your own fantasies over the top of your cat, because your cat has doubtless noticed and responded to you in kind, and it will possibly take a long while to build trust.)

Then you have a good chance of, if not “having a cat like Fey”, having an amazing, fulfilling, complex, and demanding relationship with your cat, in ways you didn’t dream were possible.  Which is what people seem to mean when they say they “want a cat like Fey”.

[Important but somewhat lengthy footnotes below cut.]

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Scouting Prowlers in MHXX

It is so much better in Monster Hunter XX than it was in MHX.

Every type of cat has a fixed main skill unique to its type, a sub skill, and 2 all-purpose skills. For example with the Heal cat, they all have true heal horn and either cheer horn or armor horn, and then heal Horn/mini barrel Bombay.

Beyond that you’ll see a number of skills, but it’s far from random. There are 39 support skills a prowler can have and they are split into 3 groups.

  • Group A is 7 big skills that can be the focus of your play style.
  • Group B consists of 13 strong skills. You’ll notice the two new awesome skills, the farcaster and acorn muncher are in this group.
  • Group C is a diverse group of 19 skills. 

When you scout a cat, it will have a set number of skills from each group. Here are the 7 groupings.

  1. ABBC 
  2. ABCCC 
  3. ACCCCC 
  4. BBBB 
  5. BBBCC 
  6. BBCCCC 

Group 1-3 get a single group A skill, and a various number of other skills. So you can never scout a cat that has 2 skills from group A, it’s just not possible. Group 4 through 7 don’t even include a group A skill.

There is no right answer into which group is best, but most players agree that Group 6, BBCCCC is the most versitile. In MHX you could teach a skill from one cat to another and in this game you can now teach 2 skills, so BBCCCC allows you to pull 6 skills from a nice pool and still add another 2. Note there are no restrictions on the group of the skill you teach, it can be anything, even the sub skills outside these groups that are unique to the prowler type, like Pierce boomerang from a fight cat.

Re-Rolling Skills

In MHX we had to keep scouting until we got a cat with the right setup but in MHXX you can re-roll skills. Go to the dojo or room service and you can spend wycademy points to re-roll a support skill and get a random different one from the same group. So with time and patience you can craft your perfect cat. If you do the G rank prowler quests that ask you to kill a monster or break a part, you’ll earn a green book item that lets you flat out choose which skill in the group you’ll get in the re-roll; this is faster and easier than re-rolling for a specific skill. If you are rerolling the sub skill, there is only one other choice it can be, so there’s not need to use a book for that one.

The same rules on support skills apply to the 36 passive skills a prowler can be scouted with. They are also split into Group A, B, and C and the grouping is independent of the active support skills (you can have ABBC on support but BBCCCC for passive skills). And like support skills, you can also teach 2 from other cats. As for whch group is best, again, it depends on the cat and your preference. I find it’s never necessary to scout a cat with a native group A passive (I recommend BBCCCC or CCCCCCC depending on your style).

Keep in mind you’ll want a group that can handle most of everything you want on it natively if you plan to have open teach slots for DLC skills.

After you break through the final G rank boss you can scout cats at level 60-62, so I recommend you focus on doing that first if you aren’t planning on maining prowler, otherwise you’ll just re-scout it later.

Do the math; your chances of getting your ideal cat is 1/49, so decide and plan which groups you want for active and passive and check every village for it. The book item/re-rolling let’s you focus on that and not the actual skills it has out of the box.

Happy scouting!

less doodly doodle sponsored by headcanon inspired by @mxchnst <3

Headcanon is that programs have set specs like strength etc which can be just upgraded. Isos being more human like can train good old fashioned way. Enter montage of Quorra  working out to some catchy 80s music with appropriate “from 0 to hero in span of song” lyrics i know like 3 songs lyrics tops so i give up on finding fitting song

Although mxchnst proposed [ this one ] and even if it’s not what I had in mind at all is actually fitting Q  :)

agentalex  asked:

For your greek!mythology au for supergirl do you think Alex would be daughter of Athena or Ares? Who would the other characters parents be? Winn would probably be the son of Hephaestus right? J'onn would be like the son of Hecate. What are some of your headcanons?

Okay so FIRST OF ALL!!!! That is mean. I’ve been racking my brain trying to decide which is a better fit for Alex, and you just forced me to do research (I love it, thank you).

Here we go. (Kara and Lena here)


Whilst in a first look, Ares would be a good fit for Alex, I think that’s mostly an act. I think all that aggressiveness of hers is mostly an act that she puts on so she won’t get hurt, because if you see her with Kara and Maggie, she’s the softest softy. Also, in the books it is said that daughters of Ares are massively built ‘Ares’ daughters, in particular, have the physical bodies, skeletal structure, and muscle distribution of exceptionally large, strong, and well-conditioned human men.’ and Alex is tall but rather tiny in structure (Chyler is very skinny, I’m afraid she’s going to break like half the time I see her)

Most of the cool stuff Ares gets Athena also has. Athena is, after all, the female counterpart of Ares.

Athena’s children’s abilities include:

  • Enhanced strength and swiftness.
  • Able to adapt to using various types of weapons quicker than normal.
  • Never forget what they heard.
  • Immense expertise in war strategy.
  • Great control over any weapon.
  • Highly skilled in armed and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Possess high intelligence and wisdom.

Again, Athena is the goddess of:  courage, inspiration, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, etc.

Alex is very brave, Alex is just, Alex is a fighter and a genius, she admittedly loves the sciences, she’s very good at using various different weapons (we’ve seen so many) she’s great at hand-to-hand, she’s a good strategist, she’s in a really good rank at the DEO so that proves that she is very intelligent even if we hadn’t seen other proof.

So Alex would be a Daughter of Athena.


Winn is also a constant struggle for me because I can see the Athena qualities in him, but let’s analyze Hephaestus.

Hephaestus was the god of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture. He was a kind and peace-loving god. And he made a few of the other gods’ weapons as well as armors for demigods, he also made jewelry and many other crafty stuff. Was the patron of the arts.

on the books, he is also the god of technology, craftsmen, and blacksmiths.

Hephaestus children’s abilities are:

  • They are expert builders.
  • They are mechanics.
  • Technokinesis: As children of Hephaestus, they can control and manipulate machines.
    • Can sense machines, mechanics, or metal.
    • Can identify machinery type and use by touch.
    • Can sense faults in metal ore.
  • Can find and sense traps in the ground.

These all fit for Winn the techy guy who likes toys and computers and other machinery and is really good at making stuff, including suits, armors, traps, gadgets and so on. Like, just everything Guardian is enough to prove this, and that is only a fraction of what we’ve seen him do. Winn is a genius with mechanics, great builder, and good at fixing stuff. He is also comical and stubborn and kind and not very into fighting, which are all traits of Hephaestus.

But he is much more than simply mechanical minded, he is a genius in other fields of expertises, admittedly good with math and sciences and languages and being a super nerd.

So Winn would be a Son of Hephaestus but I’ll go as far as saying he’d have the grace of Athena as well.


I’ve never thought of J’onn as being on the same level as the rest of the characters. He is Spacedad. He has his own category. 

I like the idea of J’onn being a full on immortal who directs the camp and loves all the campers as his own children. However, he coul be a demigod who gained immortality from the gods.

In that case, I don’t really think Hecate would fit him because she’s the goddess of magic, sorcery, witchcraft, crossroads, trivial knowledge, and necromancy. Those aren’t things I associate J’onn with.

I feel like Hypnos would fit him better. Although he is the God of sleep, here are some abilities of his children:

  • They are capable of memory retrieval.
  • They are capable of memory alteration.
  • They can induce sleep.
  • They can use hypnosis.
  • They can astral project/dream travel. (when asleep)
  • They can manipulate dreams.

J’onn is a telepath, on the show he can both retrieve, read and alter people’s memories, hypnosis is also a thing for a lot of telepaths and astral projection would be something I wouldn’t cross out of his powers just yet, it’s definitelly something I think he could do. He is also very calm and knowledgeable and insightful, and the son of Hypnos we see in the books, Clovis, is like that.

So J’onn would be an immortal Son of Hypnos and the director of activities of the camp.

Other characters, 


James is a little tricky one. But I think he could be a Son of Apollo like Kara. 

Not only is he ridiculously good looking and athletic, but he is also very artistic, he is a skilled fighter, could be a good archer if they just gave him a bow on the show. He is a photographer, and Photography is all about light and Apollo is the god of light. Children of Apollo are skilled in physical contests and games, James is shown to be good at anything physical he likes games. Children of Apollo are natural healers and James really cares about helping people so I think that is something James would like to have do great use of.

And I’m sorry but that is literally the only God I could think for James.

So James would be a Son of Apollo.


For some reason, I think she’d be a daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of agriculture. I don’t have a good excuse for that, just that there are a few jokes of her being vegan and Demeter children can control plants. It’s silly, sorry.

But for real, Maggie could be a Daughter of Nike, who is the goddess of strenght and victory. I particularly like Nike.

Nike’s children’s abilities include:

  • They are extremely competitive.
  • They live for contests and never settle for second best.
  • They can be pretty intense and driven but they are hard workers and tough opponents.
  • They never turn down a challenge.

I think that fits Maggie. She is always making bets and challenging people at pool, doesn’t seem like the type to turn down a challenge or settle for second best. She’s tiny and she had that air that she’s ready to fight and challenge everyone all the time. She seems very competitive from what we’ve seen, and hard worker.

So Maggie would be a Daughter of Nike.


I love her, we need more Vasquez.

Vasquez is a Daughter of Nemesis, goddess of balance, justice, and vengeance.

Children of Nemesis:

  • Believe that people who are full of themselves should be brought down.
  • Never forget an insult.
  • Make good allies.

For me it fits Vasquez, she’s a great ally for the Danvers’ sisters, she looks like she’d fight people for calling her the wrong name, and she cared about justice and fucking up the patriarchy. lol


Lucy is really smart, but she would definitely not be a Daughter of Athena. I think Lucy would be a Daughter of Aphrodite. She’s very poised, she always looks good, canonly smells great and seems to have a lot of social skills and awareness.


My love. Cat is brilliant, Cat is elegant, Cat is witty, Cat dominant (ha, yes I rhymed). She’s really good with her words, she knows how to hold herself, she knows how to control people and boss them, she constantly insults people for their appearance and sometimes lack of wit/a brain, she always looks perfect beyond comparison, she’s sophisticated, she’s attractive, she is hinted to be strong on seduction, very influential, high social abilities and awareness.

Cat Grant is a Daughter of Aphrodite!

Like, there’s hardly room for debate on this. But she definitelly would have the grace of Athena.

And I can’t think of any other character of Supergirl, but I’m taking the liberty to add my favorite Flash characters here as well because why not, though I won’t go much into them because this is already huge, but they’re pretty much obvious

except for Barry and Wally, so here:

Hermes is the god of roads, speed, messengers, commerce, travel, thieves, merchants, athletes and mail deliverers (cuz that’s not random). Hermes was known to be quick and cunning and had the ability to freely move between the mortal and divine worlds. He is also the patron and protector of travelers, herdsmen, thieves, orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics and sports, invention and trade. In some myths Hermes is also depicted as a trickster where he would outwit the gods either for the good of humankind or for his own personal amusement and satisfaction.

Children of Hermes:

  • Are skilled at theft and trickery.
  • Have a high athletic ability.
  • Are persuasive.
  • Some or all of Hermes’s children have the ability to pick most locks with their minds.
  • Can sense any physical traps.
  • Are good at alchemy and making potions.
  • Are good with money.

Barry is a forensic Forensic scientist which means he is good with alchemy, he is a speedster and a good leader. He can ‘freely move between worlds’ and he is also good with inventions.

Wally likes the roads, like literally, he was into car racing, he loves speed, I’m pretty sure he is skilled at theft and lockpicking, he seems to be really into sports, he is witty and fun, totally into playing tricks on people.

So we have:

  • Kara Danvers, Daughter of Apollo 
    • With the grace of Zeus, aka she can fly
  • Alex Danvers, Daughter of Athena
  • J’onn J’onzz, immortal son of Hypnos and camp activity director
  • Winn Schott, jr, Son of Hephaestus
    • With the grace of Athena
  • Lena Luthor, Daughter of Athena
    • With the grace of Aphrodite
  • Cat Grant, Daughter of Aphrodite
    • With the grace of Athena
  • Lucy Lane, Daughter of Aphrodite
  • James Olsen, Son of Apollo
  • Susan Vasquez, Daughter of Nemesis
  • Maggie Sawyer, Daughter of Nike
  • Barry Allen, Son of Hermes
  • Iris West, Daughter Aphrodite
  • Wally West, Son of Hermes
  • Caitlyn Snow, Daughter of Athena
  • Cisco Ramon, Son of Hephaestus

As for Headcanons:

  • Athena is the only deity to claim their children at birth, but Lena was ‘adopted’ by the Luthors and Lionel died when she was young, Lillian decided to never tell Lena about her real mother. And so Lena remained oblivious to her demigod nature and parentage until she went to camp at the age of fourteen
  • Lena is immediately claimed by Aphrodite when she arrives at camp and it takes a few years before she finds out she’s actually a daughter of Athena, so she’s the only demigod(ess) to be claimed by more than one God and because of that, some people don’t like her.
      • most people feel abandoned by their godly parent so they don’t like her having too much attention from the goddesses
    • Children of Aphrodite don’t like her because she’s too smart and cares more about studying than caring about her looks
    • Children of Athena don’t like her because they think she’s too vain, but they eventually come around when she proves herself as a true daughter of Athena
    • When she still believed to be a daughter of Aphrodite and lived in cabin 10, she would mostly spend time with children of Athena studying and stuff
  • It is said on the books that Hephaestus has a crush on Athena, and also he is married to Aphrodite, so Winn totally has a huge crush on Lena, for both her claims and they are total besties. Lena is constantly sneaking into the forgery to work with Winn on their crazy inventions
  • Winn doesn’t have Pyrokinesis, but he has bunker 9 and managed to open it one time when his gadget exploded in his hand while he tried to fix it.
  • Literally everyone in the camp is in love with Kara
  • Everyone but the children of Aphrodite and Athena have the hugest crush on Lena because she’s just ridiculously hot
  • Single mother Eliza Danvers raising her two demigod daughters, Alex and Kara, by herself and taking in Winn when he is not on camp
  • Winn actually being led to the Danvers, by J’onn, when his mother died before any of them went/were sent to camp
  • Eliza is just so freaking smart that Athena took a liking of her so much so that Alex is one of the only Daughters of Athena with a human mother
  • Alex, Kara and Winn all arrived at camp together after some crazy spider attacks on the girls’ bedroom made Eliza decide to send them off for the summers. Kara was six, making her the youngest person to arrive at camp, Winn was seven and Alex was eight
  • James was the one who showed them around when they arrived and decided to take Kara and Winn under his protection because they were both so tiny. Alex was initially jealous of him because ‘they’re my siblings’, but came around when she saw how well he took care of Kara
  • Kara cried the first few nights at camp because she had never been away from Alex and Eliza before, but James made sure to calm her and tell her she was safe and she’d be able to spend time with Alex the next day
  • Kara cried when James said she had to throw part of her food in the fire for the gods
  • James arrived at camp with a satyr at the age of nine, he was eleven when Kara, Alex and Winn arrived
  • Cat was fourteen when Kara arrived, Kara all but imprinted on her and decided to follow the ‘pretty girl’ around. Cat pretended to be annoyed but she adored Kara
  • Cat was the counselor of Aphrodite’s cabin and passed it down to Iris
  • Lucy and Cat are a little bit of nemeses
  • As an Aphrodite tradition, Lucy was told to break James’ heart but refused and they maintain a strong lasting relationship
  • Alex fights everyone who dares look at Kara, she once broke a boy’s nose because he tried to kiss Kara and a boy’s arm because he checked Kara out with too much avidity… they may of may not be the same person named Mike.
  • The moment she set her eyes on Kara, Lena was in love
  • Kara and Lena became really fast friends, but neither Alex nor James were very fond of the situation. Cat and Lucy were their number one shippers
  • Kara and Lena danced around each other for two years before Lena kissed Kara on the last day of summer, they started officially dating the winter after that when Lena spent the holidays with the Danvers instead of going home
  • Even before they started dating Kara would fight anyone who tried to say anything bad about Lena. She spent three entire weeks without talking to James because he called Lena untrustworthy and wouldn’t let her be in their team for capture flag and two days without talking to Alex because she called Lena vain. Has physically fought people for things they said about Lena. Broke a guy’s arm and nose because he touched Lena’s butt and tried to kiss her, Alex had never been more proud
  • Alex only started liking/accepting Lena when it was revealed that she was actually a Daughter of Athena
  • Vasquez is always Alex’s second at capture the flag and Kara is often jealous
  • Maggie went to camp at the age of twelve after her parents kicked her out
  • Alex and Maggie started dating without even knowing. Everyone just thought they were dating and when they found out they didn’t care to correct people and decided to start dating anyways
  • Winn is the nerdy and annoying little brother of the group. Everyone calls Winn ‘Danvers’ and he loves it, Alex and Kara never corrected this, and have many times encouraged and used the name for him
  • Winn likes to tease Alex about Maggie and run to hide behind Kara before Alex can hit him
  • Alex and Maggie take turns scaring Winn, James and Kara are his protectors
  • Alex and Maggie always compete against each other, they are never on the same team for anything, they like trash-talking the other with the silliest lines. Alex calls Maggie Adidas to get her riled up, Maggie teases Alex about not having a bellybutton and calls her ‘brainy’
  • James and Maggie stay at camp all year around. Kara, Winn and Alex stay on school breaks (all of them). Lucy only stays on summers. Lena goes to boarding school when she’s not on camp. Cat refused to stop going to camp even after she started college, she goes back every summer. No one knows anything about Vasquez’s life, there is no pattern of when she stays on camp, she disappears for long periods of time only to show up again as if she never left.
  • Eliza takes in any and every demigod that shows up at her door, her children often bring home friends to spend the last week or so of summer

And I will stop now because this is too long and has taken up too much time, I’ve been writing this for at least six hours why am I like this? I got a little bit carried away, can you tell?


i doodled my experiment sona eating a sammich because why not!