Dominix and Delayed Gratification in EVE

It’s taken me so long to be able to make and fly my Dominix.  I bought a blueprint copy weeks ago, and then I started training my Refining and Production and Mining and Astrogeology skills so that I could mine most of the materials and save on the amount needed to produce it.  And Science Skills and Electronics and yada yada yada.  There’s always more skills needed to get something working or optimal in EVE.  I probably spent close to 16 hours mining in my Vexor for it.  I probably would have done better just doing security missions and selling loot for ISK and then buying the minerals or the ore to refine myself.  But for all the work I did to make it, making a spreadsheet for material costs, researching online, buying modules to fit it with - it really feels special to me. I was so happy when I finally completed building it.  With the blueprint, and skillbooks, and the zydrine and megacyte I bought -  it cost me about $18 million ISK out of pocket.  Not so shabby compared to the $83 million median price (

Too bad I can’t fly it yet.

I thought “Battleships” was the next step after “Gallente Cruiser”, and of course it’s really “Gallente Battleship” .  Duh.  And of course to train that, I have to be at Gallente Cruiser Level 4.  Which means at least 5 days of training time left to go, while my Domi sits pretty in the Ship Hangar.  

I read on the forums how “oh, you can train up to a [massive ship name] in just a week or a couple of weeks”.  That is complete crap.  Theoretically you can do that, if you don’t train any other skills at all, but what’s the use of a bigger ship if you can’t fit modules that require specialized training?  Then you just have a neutered glass boat.  I’ve been playing about two months now, and it’ll take another week at least before I can fly that battleship. But in a way, I’m glad that it took so long, because I’ve taken that time to learn other aspects of the game, like Planetary Interaction, and Manufacturing and Trading, and how and why to increase standings with corporations.  EVE seems to be a game where patience is rewarded, and impatience is punished - severely.