Dominix and Delayed Gratification in EVE

It’s taken me so long to be able to make and fly my Dominix.  I bought a blueprint copy weeks ago, and then I started training my Refining and Production and Mining and Astrogeology skills so that I could mine most of the materials and save on the amount needed to produce it.  And Science Skills and Electronics and yada yada yada.  There’s always more skills needed to get something working or optimal in EVE.  I probably spent close to 16 hours mining in my Vexor for it.  I probably would have done better just doing security missions and selling loot for ISK and then buying the minerals or the ore to refine myself.  But for all the work I did to make it, making a spreadsheet for material costs, researching online, buying modules to fit it with - it really feels special to me. I was so happy when I finally completed building it.  With the blueprint, and skillbooks, and the zydrine and megacyte I bought -  it cost me about $18 million ISK out of pocket.  Not so shabby compared to the $83 million median price (

Too bad I can’t fly it yet.

I thought “Battleships” was the next step after “Gallente Cruiser”, and of course it’s really “Gallente Battleship” .  Duh.  And of course to train that, I have to be at Gallente Cruiser Level 4.  Which means at least 5 days of training time left to go, while my Domi sits pretty in the Ship Hangar.  

I read on the forums how “oh, you can train up to a [massive ship name] in just a week or a couple of weeks”.  That is complete crap.  Theoretically you can do that, if you don’t train any other skills at all, but what’s the use of a bigger ship if you can’t fit modules that require specialized training?  Then you just have a neutered glass boat.  I’ve been playing about two months now, and it’ll take another week at least before I can fly that battleship. But in a way, I’m glad that it took so long, because I’ve taken that time to learn other aspects of the game, like Planetary Interaction, and Manufacturing and Trading, and how and why to increase standings with corporations.  EVE seems to be a game where patience is rewarded, and impatience is punished - severely.

OPTC JP This Week

Update 18 May 2015 – 24 May 2015

24th May, we will expect a new turtle stage Elite Stage with the New Princess Turtle/Royal Turtle

We will have another whole week of turtle island

TVCM “Tea-Time” Nami Event

This event is fairly simple - login during the period of 10th May - 9th June to receive a free *One time redeem

New Rare-Recruit Units 5/19(12:00)

Rebel Leader – Koza (SPD)
Twin Cape Lighthouse keeper – Crocus (INT)
Nami’s Righteous Sister – Nojiko (HRT)

NOTE: They’re only released on 5/19.

Fortnight Island Encounter! Warriors dream of earth!

4 Skypeians
Skillbooks: Bartholomew Kuma, Urogue, Wiper
If you already own this 3 characters, Get ready to level up their skills!

½ Stamina for all Material Island

1-Year Anniversary Island

There will be a total of 5 Islands - each lasting 1 day,

There will be no Character Drops from this island

Updates on these characters/Islands will only come at a later date

WoW Neutral Guide

So I decided to have a 20 Pandaren Hunter never leave Wandering Isle and remain neutral 4eva like Doubleagent on Mannoroth XD Here’s some notes if you wanna follow suit.

- The highest level mob is level 9, meaning you will only receive experience for killing them up to level 16.

- From level 16 onwards, the only way to level up is to do Herbalism and Mining on Wandering Isle, so it’s encouraged that you to kill mobs for profession materials (e.g. Pei-Wu Tigers for skinning or Darkened Terrors for Linen Cloth) before starting on Mining / Herbing.

- Exotic pets require min level 69 Beast Mastery to tame, despite the skillbooks no longer mentioning this level requirement.

- Maximum bag slots is 8 per bag - find Trader Feng at Mandori Village and buy his Brown Leather Satchels.

- Skinning / Leatherworking (max skill req 70): Light Leather / Ruined Leather Scraps only (NO Light Hide - a.k.a. no Embossed Leather Pants). Agility Leather-wearers BiS* = The entire Embossed Set + Light Leather Bracers - Embossed Leather Pants + Handstitched Leather Pants. Non-leather wearers get this profession for Light Armor Kits and/or Light Leather for Tailoring/Blacksmithing use.

- Tailoring (max skill req 65): NO Fine Thread, NO Wool Cloth. You can get Pattern: Red Linen Robe from Humanoid trash mobs. Cloth-wearers BiS* =  Red/White Linen Robe + Green Linen Bracers + Heavy Linen Gloves + Reinforced Linen Cape + Linen Boots + Brown Linen Pants. Intellect Leather-wearers BiS* = Intellect Cloth-wearer set - Green Linen Bracers + Light Leather Bracer (Leatherworking)

- Enchanting (max skill req 70): Disenchanting can get you as far as 60 skill (good to have tailoring as second profession unless you have tons of Light Leather available with Leatherworking still active) - after that either keep reapplying the enchants onto your gear or buy Simple Wood from Whittler Dewei (he’s the Profession trainer at the Singing Pools) to make Lesser Magic Wands until you reach 70 skill. BiS enchants include Bracer + 1 Stam, Cloak + 1 Armor, Chest + 6 Health.

- Inscription: Completely useless for f2p, unless you want to make Enchanting Vellums for Enchanting.

- Alchemy: Not necessary, since by the time you get enough herbs for the potions you’ve probably already outlevelled every single mob on the island.

- Jewelcrafting (max skill req 30): NO Tin Ore = NO Bronze Bars / Coarse Stone / Silver Bar. Both Malachite and Tigerseye can be gotten from Copper Veins or trash mobs (low probability). STR = Tigerseye Band + Heavy Copper Ring, AGI = Heavy Copper Ring + Inlaid Malachite Ring + Malachite Pendant, INT = Heavy Copper Ring + Ornate Tigerseye Necklace + Woven Copper Ring.

- Engineering (max skill req 60): Only useful to Hunters for Crude Scope.

- Blacksmithing (max skill req 70): NO Coarse Stone, NO Silver Bar, NO Wool Cloth, NO Fine Thread. Try getting Plans: Copper Chain Vest from Humanoid enemies. Mail-wearer BiS* = Runed Copper Belt + Runed Copper Gauntlets + Copper Chain Vest + Copper Chained Pants + Embossed Leather Boots (Leatherworking) + Light Leather Bracers (Leatherworking).

For the neutral!

*Note: BiS gear is only from profession/vendor gear. Dropped gear may be better than gear set listed above.