log + axe = wood chips
wood chips + bucket of water = wood mush
wood mush + furnace = sheet of paper
bone/skull + mortar and pestle = bonedust
stardust plant + mortar and pestle = stardust
moonstonet + mortar and pestle = moondust
bonedust + stardust or moondust = pixie dust
sheet of paper + pixie dust = random blank elemental scroll
2x blank elemental scrolls (same) = blank skillbook
feather + knife = quil
quil + inkpot = inkpot and quil
inkpot and quil + pixie dust = magic inkpot and quil
magic inkpot and quil + blank elemental scroll = random scroll of that element
blank skillbook + scroll of the same element = skillbook of the scroll’s effect
—  How to craft a skillbooks in Divinity Original Sin

I’ve beaten Fallout 3 a few times and have done a fair amount of Fallout New Vegas, but never gotten a character to a particularly high level. So when i built this character, I did the thing everyone agrees is the best choice: start with 9 Intelligence, boosting to 10 early with the in-game collectible that does that (bobblehead in 3, implant in NV).

What I’ve never seen anyone talk about is how unnecessary this is in New Vegas. Sure, it lets you get a build off the ground faster. But there are plenty of skills and levels to go around. Look at this. This is ludicrous. I didn’t even rush for the Intelligence implant. I’m sure that if I had, and had hunted for skillbooks, I could’ve maxed out every stat. Of course it takes a long time to get to level 50, but that’s not my point – even with a moderate intelligence score, there’s plenty of room to put together any build you want, and then some. There’s no need to have this many skill points.

Frankly, I think this is to Obsidian’s credit. Fallout 3 really did suffer from the fact that the correct choice for any build was 9 Intelligence. New Vegas solves that, in a way, by making it so that, yes high Intelligence still nets you obvious bonuses, but is by no means required or even that important for a lot of builds. If you want to get every special dialogue option in the game, sure, you’re gonna need a lot of points to raise non-combat skills, but not every build needs to do that (and frankly, Obsidian did a pretty good job of making sure that not being able to make a skill check didn’t feel too much like missing out). In short, New Vegas is a game you can optimize the hell out of – and I get that a lot of people enjoy that, I have nothing against them – but I rarely see mentioned the fact that it’s also a game where you really don’t need to optimize to have a good time. And I think that’s impressive as hell.


“since folks seem to be coming across this old post again, i can only assume it’s because more good people of The Commonwealth are in need of the Confirmed Bachelor/Cherchez la Femme Perks -3-)/

so, an update (with some more screenshots) – mod is about 85% complete because the skillbooks and the perks are complete, but i cannot physically place them anywhere in the world to be found until the GECK (creation kit) for FO4 is released… -_-);;;; sorry about that! i can upload the files for everyone, but y’all would have to manually add it to your inventories with the console commands and that is much less entertaining than finding dirty magazines in certain BOS bunkers…”