Message me some of your favorite coping skills and the ones you feel like work for you well and mention what you use them for in the end. 

The point of this is to just help others that may need some coping skills. I’m someone who does, and i’m sure a lot of people do as well. I will be posting all the coping skills you send me publicly! GOOO. 


Our printmaking workshop on Sunday - watercolour monotypes with Sarah Hallman - was the loveliest way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We want to thank everyone who came out and made beautiful prints with us, and of course we couldn’t be more grateful to Sarah for hosting us in her lovely home studio and teaching us such a magical printmaking technique.

If you were interested in attending but missed the workshop, you can send us an email (address on our about page) and we’ll put you in touch with Sarah - she’s planning on hosting some more workshops on her own in the near future.


We had so much fun making our perpetual valentine notebooks yesterday afternoon that we wanted to share a few pictures from the workshop! The first two photos are from our friend Melanie, the craft brain behind Spins and Needles (the rest of the pictures are way poorer quality because they were taken with my ipod, but the notebooks were so amazing that I had to post them anyways).

We love how sweet and sassy everyone’s creations were! Thanks to all the lovely ladies who came out, and to The Daily Grind for hosting us!

Now that we’re all set for Valentine’s Day, I wonder if the chocolates can come early too…


Last week Les Ateliers reunited with the good people over at IFCO to digitize the film we made back in July at our Handmade Cinema workshop. Here are a few stills from the collaborative short film we created, using a technique called cameraless animation. Doesn’t it look amazing?

Everyone was so creative and brought such unique vision to their work; we’re so happy to have the end result on DVD so we can watch it over and over again (which I definitely have been doing)!

constantly staying up past midnight to write poems? get hit by sudden urges to scribble down words out of nowhere? feel like you can only communicate with written words? look no further than the sleepless poets network!

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W H A T  Y O U  G E T :

  • fellow impulsive and sleepless poets 
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  • challenges and prompts to practice your skills
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C R I T E R I A : 

  • active blogs with neat tagging systems
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  • any questions? feel free to ask me.

The deadline to enter this network is October 1st. Happy applying!

Seeking solutions: Recruiting writers

In the past, The Pun Pony Project has attempted to bring in more people to help create scripts for the team of artists. Unfortunately the result in the past three attempts has always been the same: the energy required of the project manager to keep the writing collaboration functional yielded fewer scripts than if he had spent that energy writing scripts himself.

At this point, we’d really like to hear any suggestions you folks may have for how we could recruit competent writers. The biggest issues so far are

  1. Those who are capable writers are already writing for another project.
  2. Fan-fiction writing does not share skill with comic writing.
  3. Previous attempts to train new writers (The project manager had zero comedy writing experience before this project) were disastrous. At this point the project manager isn’t willing to do another training program.

The previous three attempts at a writing collaboration were

  1. A Google Document where writers each has a section to put their ideas and could get feedback, which quickly turned into a neglected dumping ground.
  2. A Skype chatroom where people could bounce ideas around, but the communication quickly turned uni-directional as people only wanted to get feedback, never to give it.
  3. A Reddit forum where anyone could make a meaningful contribution in 5 seconds by voting on an idea and 160 people signed up to participate. Nobody voted. The defining failure was a thread with 23 comments and zero votes.

So, turning to the wisdom of Tumblr, what options could we explore to bring in more writers to The Pun Pony Project?

Quick Star Wars AU thing:

I briefly mentioned in one post that Bronze Squadron is broken up into four ‘flights’, each of which have a trio of wingmates, but I never actually said who flies with who, so here’s that now:

One Flight:
-Bronze One (also known as Bronze Leader): Seiya
-Bronze Two: Shiryu
-Bronze Three: Ban

Two Flight:
-Bronze Four: Hyoga
-Bronze Five: Shun
-Bronze Six: Ikki

Three Flight:
-Bronze Seven: Geki
-Bronze Eight: Ichi
-Bronze Nine: Nachi

Four Flight:
-Bronze 10: June
-Bronze 11: Jabu
-Bronze 12: Clara

TWICE’s Momo Rates Her Own Skills And Shares Trainee Hardships

On August 18, TWICE’s Momo held a special broadcast for her fans on the Naver V+ app titled “Beautiful TWICE MOMO #2.”

In the interview, Momo shared how she felt when she first came to Korea to be a trainee. “I was chubby at first. I was also really bad at Korean. I didn’t talk at all. The only things I knew how to say were ‘I don’t know,’ ‘No,’ ‘Yes,’ and ‘I want to eat.’ I’m a little shy, too, so it was difficult to get close to people.”

Momo, who is known as a fantastic dancer, chose jazz punk as her favorite dance genre. “I like dances that have a feminine feel, but I also like powerful choreography.

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You're so cruel!! I was trying to figure out what the anon that didn't need their heart was talking about and I literally gasped at the sight of Close Your Eyes: Clint Barton. We need to just send you a bunch of rainbows and sunshine so you can't do this to our hearts. On occasion we'll let you but this often is absolute torture. (Kidding. It hurts but I'll take it if it means such killer (hehe) writing skill are getting shared with us).

anonymous asked:

i've followed you for sooo long now and something which i always want to tell you is how amazing it's been to see the progression of your art! i loved your art when i first followed you but i've only seen it improve and i've honestly felt so privledged to watch the development of your skills! thank you for sharing your art work all this time! I hope one day I can have such a great use of shape and motion in my work as you do!

thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3

Just a note to say how much I love you writers...

The amount of CS fic I consume is atrocious, let me assure you (y’all are ENABLERS!).  I couldn’t possibly name all the talented and wonderful authors out there in the fandom, but please know you are each amazing and wonderful for sharing your skills and stories with us.  I love y’all so much!!  Below are just a few who mean an extra little bit to me for various reasons.  Give their fics a read.  I can promise you, you’ll be glad you did!

@msstarlight - they say you never forget your first ;)  Heh.  Welp, it’s true.  You were my first follow on Tumblr, and your fics are really the first that left an impression on my mind when I decided to dip my toe into fanfic waters.  Walking on Water will always be my first love - not just for nostalgia reasons, but because it’s such a tight, gripping, beautifully written Captain Duckling adventure.  I’m so excited to see how it ends, but I’m kinda in mourning?  It’s complicated.  I know you’ve worked so hard on it, and I hope you’re proud of the results.  I know I’m not the only one who loves it to the moon and back. 

@this-too-too-sullied-flesh - It’s no secret Kristen writes fics that will gut you emotionally, but she’s just so damn good at it, that you somehow keep coming back again and again.  Now that you’ve been dualy warned, Hazards of Love will do that and so much more.  I consider it quite possibly the best Lieutenant Duckling fic that’s ever been written, and my love for it cannot ever be expressed appropriately enough.  It’s just perfect.  Points to you, Kristen, for probably being the only fic writer to make me actually cry tears of joy over the sweet and precious love than Killian and Emma have for one another in that story.

@qqueenofhades - Hilary, where have you been all my life?!  I do not even know how we became friends, but the day I saw you’d followed me back is one I’ll always remember, lol.  I just enjoy the heck out of you girl, and your talents are mind blowing.  I don’t know what I can say about The Dark Horizon, other than it’s freaking epic, and everything my little Jones boys loving heart could ever imagine it’d get the chance to read in its wildest dreams.  It is literally something that keeps me up at night (as you well know) thinking about, reliving, speculating over, etc.  It’s so intricate and detailed and outta-this-world amazing.  Hands down my favorite thing you’ve ever written.  I feel privileged to get to read it - truly. 

@nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable - Nina, you are such a sweetie and wonderful gal and talented writer!  You wear so many hats so effortlessly.  You are always there to headcanon and flail with, your metas/analysis are always spot on and informative reads, and your fics constantly deliver this edge of realism and grit that I really appreciate.  You aren’t afraid to write about the pain and the struggle. *fist pump*  I’m enjoying the hell out of Secrets and Spies, Truth and Lies, and can’t wait to see what’s going down next!  (Save Liam! Save him!).

Today is #WorldPhotoDay , it’s meant to encourage any photographers regardless of skill level to share a photo with their view of the world to celebrate the art of photography.
So here’s mine, from a few months back at Taft Point. A photo that reminds you just how small we really are and how much of the world there is to explore. #thegreatoutdoors #optoutside #vscocam #theoutbound (at Taft Point)

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Can I ask you why you deleted your old blog? You just disappeared suddenly

Ah, I knew someone would ask this sooner or later. Well, the reason is that I wasn’t feeling well mentally or as a part of the langblr community. I had just returned from Japan and I felt left out. I was also annoyed by what I saw on my dash - it wasn’t langblrs trying to get better in their language skills or sharing their progress, but langblrs trying to get more followers and fame by wasting their time on giving tips and lists of resources that anyone could easily just google for themselves. My blog looked a lot like theirs so I felt disgusted and decided to delete it and leave the langblr community. I didn’t mean to come back, not this soon at least, but I saw that some of you missed me and that touched me deeply so I decided to give the langblr community another chance. So, I made this new blog and now I’m trying to not to do the same mistakes again. This time I won’t waste hours and hours on making posts about languages I’m not even learning to please my followers, but post about languages I’m learning to help me (and those who have the same target languages) learn and improve my skills. I’ll also keep posting about Finnish because nothing makes me happier than seeing people trying to learn my native language. It’s definitely one of my favorite things about the langblr community. I also hope that other langblr people will be inspired to share what they have learned and how their skills are improving because that’s far more interesting and motivating. 

bumbercrotch  asked:

just wanted to pop in and say how much i enjoy looking at your art!! you've got really nice consistency and amazing skill!! Thank you for sharing your art with us! ^^

*rolls on the floor*…. Thank you for being so sweet hon!! ^///^

opisthia  asked:

I bow to your writing skills.. please share some of your talent and motivation with a simple writer like me 🙇🏽

Me? What skills? Talent? Wait, what did I do? I swear, everyone must have me confused with someone with actual writing ability. 

I can answer the motivation part very plainly and will be completely honest:

1) I like the past. I like looking to the past for answers to simple things. I want to write the past in order to make some better people out there who existed during these times that we (21st-century folk) know were filled with racist, hateful, xenophobic, backward-thinking individuals. Not everyone was like that, so I like bringing together characters who aren’t part of that mold. Those people, then bring glimmers of light to new generations within their own world.

It’s like a reverse science-fiction thing. We create sci-fi to make worlds better than our own, our own visions of utopia and harmony. Why go to the future when you could go to the past, a known, and make people who are actively good and actively better striving toward a future (our actual present day)? Why not a world ameliorated by those of the past who have helped us get to now?

I think we put a lot of esteem in sci-fi, but not a lot of esteem in the actuality and acceptance of our past. 

2) I am very lonely and don’t have the best self-esteem. So writing and interacting with all you fine people on the Internets brings a lot of light to my day :-D

Not sure if I am making any sense here…