Soulmate AU Masterlist

Tattoos or Marks

  • Red tallies appear for every person you’ve loved, black for every person you’ve loved that has died, and a white tally for when you meet your soulmate (Credit to Quinn Anderson - Please check with her about using this)
  • A mark that matches, sometimes like a puzzle piece to someone else, and grows hotter the closer they are to you
  • You have a tattoo of what your soulmate is most passionate about
  • You have a tattoo of the first words they say to you
  • You have a tattoo of how old you both are when you meet
  • Changing tattoo that tells you the coordinates of where your soulmate is
  • Tree tattoo that changes with the seasons, but blooms pink in spring instead of white if you met your soulmate
  • Identical tattoos or birthmarks
  • Incomplete tattoos that complete themselves on your skin when you meet the person with the rest of your tattoo
  • Tattoos that change colour depending on what your soulmate is feeling


  • Heterochromia - you have one eye of your soulmates eye colour and when you meet you get your own eye colour instead of having two different eye colours.
  • You only see in black and white until you meet your soulmate
  • Reverse black and white where you give up seeing colour when you meet your soulmate
  • You only see in black and white until you touch your soulmate
  • You only see in the different shades of your soulmates eye colour until you meet them
  • You can’t see the colour of your soulmates eye colour until you meet them
  • You see colour the first time you hear your soulmates voice directly and the colour spills from their lips


  • You can hear your soulmates voice in your head, but only when they sing
  • The secondary voice in your head is your soulmate speaking
  • You can speak once you meet your soulmate
  • You can hear once you meet your soulmate (the first thing you hear is their voice)

Time & Age

  • When you reach 18 you stop aging until you meet your soulmate
  • Watch countdown to when you’ll meet your soulmate
  • Reverse countdown, your clock counts up and freezes when you meet
  • You have a clock on your body that tells you what time it is where your soulmate is, it changes colour when they get closer to you

Body or Hair

  • At new years on midnight for a single minute you possess your soulmates body
  • Your chest glows when you look them in the eyes
  • Marks on your soulmate appear on your own body
  • You have your soulmate’s hair colour on a stripe at your wrist, when they dye or chance their hair colour the stripe changes
  • If you change your hair colour, your soulmates changes to the same colour (your hair goes to it’s natural colour when your soulmates does)
  • When you change your hair colour, your soulmates eyes change to that colour
  • You and your soulmate share all physical senses (I.E pain, heat, pleasure, etc…)


  • Red sting to connect soulmates
  • Your soulmate is the only person you remember from your past life
  • Everyone is given a journal that they can use to write to their soulmate
  • When you sleep, if your soulmate is awake you can see what they’re doing
  • You dream your soulmate, but very basically (such as their silhouette or the view of their back) 
  • Telepathy soulmates
  • Sharing skills and talents with your soulmate
  • When your soulmate eats something you crave what they’re eating
  • When your soulmate cries you cry
  • When you kiss your soulmate for the first time your entire body glows

I got a lot of ideas from this post so I recommend you check that one out too!

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Aside from the pretty pastel backgrounds, I really enjoyed this scene because it shows how relaxed Lars is when he’s baking. Yes, he’s focused and really intent on the result, but this is the same Lars who isn’t snapping and complaining when his friends make a mistake. Lars is usually the first to call people on on their mistakes, as a coping mechanism. Here, he’s taking everything in stride. Baking is really something he enjoys, and he’s confident with his skill enough to share it with other people. This is Lars at his best.


So one time I did the old “Gold Cat-Lightning Dog” trick to get some easy levels and it worked super well except   I    didn’t have Karol’s EXP Share skill on … … … … .

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Don’t know the Lightning Dog-Gold Cat trick? I explain it HERE!

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In contrary of the recent anon who bashed your writing prowess I'd like to ask you what tips or advice could you give to aspiring/ amateur writers on tumblr?

Thanks for the wonderful ask! My tips would be:

1. Write about what you love. A character, a ship, a situation, a prompt. When you write about something you really want to write about, the story comes out more naturally and the reader will be more engaged with your storytelling.

2. Explore different styles. First person, second person, third person. Poem or short story. Dialogues or thought voices. Scripts or essays. The more you try out different styles, the more you’ll know which one you’re most comfortable with, which style helps you tell your story most naturally.

3. Keep writing. Just write and write and write and write. Just keep writing. The more you write, the more your craft is honed. The more you write, the sooner you will find your writer’s voice (if you haven’t found it yet). And if you already have, keep writing to keep honing your skill.

4. Get feedback. Share your work publicly to understand what works and what could work better. If you’re shy about sharing it with the world, get a beta reader - someone who can review your work and give objective feedback without diluting the story you want to tell. I’d be happy to be your beta! Just drop me a message privately. 😊

5. Read. I truly believe that good writers are good readers. Learn how others weave words, how others tell their stories. This will help inspire you with your own words too.

6. Get inspiration. Sometimes I feel like writing but don’t know where to start. I listen to music a LOT. I go through Spotify and listen, listen, listen. Often times the song sets the mood to my writing, or it could also be the prompt for what I write.

“Anchor” (Jake x MC) was inspired by Novo Amor’s Anchor. It was such a good song I just had to write a piece for it.

“Paper Hearts” (LI x MC) was a story I needed to release but I’d stumble for words while typing - “Carry You” by Novo Amor (again) helped me find the words and set the mood.

For “Parallel Lines” (Chris x MC), I had the story in my head but it was going in various directions. When I finally heard “Hello” (Adele but a cover by Caroline and… forgot the band’s name…), the words began to flow because the lyrics captured the connection I had imagined for Chris and MC 7 years after college. (You can find these fanfic here:

7. Trust the process. Trust where your words will take you. Sometimes I plan out the story on paper and prepare an outline or a mindmap. Most times though I just sit by the keyboard with a plot in my head and just type away, letting the words flow. I type, type, tap, tap… and let the words take me to wherever place, whatever situation.

8. Edit. After writing your piece, take a step back. Don’t hit the Post button just yet! Raw writing is beautiful, but there’s always room for improvement especially when it is a surge of emotions that made you write in the first place. Check for spelling and grammar. Check for continuity. Check for items that could be said in a shorter way (unless it was meant to be rambling).

9. Final tip: ENJOY. 😊 When you love writing, no matter what the topic is, it will show in your piece. Your readers will feel it.

These are my tips for aspiring, amateur writers! If you have any questions, just drop me a note. Hugs to the Choices fandom!

Holly 💕


idk if anyone shared this yet but this is a new vault in the JO code now and it’s pretty cool! I appreciate that she has nice form while performing this, as sometimes the FHS entry vaults can look a bit scrappy. Her name is Allison Zuhlke from Salto Gymnastics in Wisconsin and she says her goal is to progress it to a layout or tucked full!
Esther Afua Ocloo’s 98th Birthday
Esther Afua Ocloo’s 98th birthday! #GoogleDoodle

Today’s Google Doodle honors Ghana’s Esther Afua Ocloo

“As both an entrepreneur and an advocate for microlending, “Auntie Ocloo” worked tirelessly to help others like her succeed. Esther Afua Ocloo had only six shillings to her name — less than a dollar — when she made and then sold her first jar of marmalade as a teenager in the 1930s.

Esther was determined to expand her livelihood of making marmalade and orange juice, but she needed a loan to increase production, and credit was hard to come by for women with little economic resources. It took persistence and a supply contract to secure the money to start her company, Nkulenu Industries.

After traveling to England to learn the latest techniques in food processing, Esther returned home and shared those skills with other Ghanaian women. Perhaps more importantly, she taught them everything she knew about starting and running a business, which put more money in their pockets. She made such an impact that in 1975 she was invited to the first U.N. World Conference on Women.

Esther and other advisors knew that lending money to women could have a ripple effect, improving the prosperity and health of the women as well as their communities. But because they lacked collateral, low-income women were often ignored by banks. So in 1979, Esther helped found and became Chairman of the Board of Directors of Women’s World Banking, which provides millions of low-income women with the small loans needed to reach their financial goals.

On what would have been her 98th birthday, today’s Doodle shows Esther empowering the women of Ghana with the tools to improve their lives and communities.”


I know this is a total crack ship but I’m suddenly really enjoying the idea of asano x isogai. like

- isogai teaching him politeness and how to save money
- they share leadership skills
- cooking together (I feel like they would love this?)
- both dressed! in suits!
- and that height difference lordy

Eight Parts of a Whole

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Warren Worthington III x Reader

Eight Parts of a Whole

Author: Morgan

Note: Okay, so I just watched all of Sense8 in like two days and I might be crazy, but I think Wolfgang looks a HELL OF A LOT like Warren and I was already having feels, so here, have this thing. It might be multiple parts, it might be one huge long fic. I don’t know. Edit: It’s just one big long fic.

Stars. You always seemed to be under the stars when he decided to show up. Lying on the roof outside your bedroom in your blue polka-dotted pajamas. Being a mutant was not easy. Being a mutant in a cluster of eight of them was something else entirely. You were not one person. You were eight. Kind of. Eight different people in one mind who share skills, have conversations, and be connected to one another, despite being actually located on different sides of the globe. So far away, and yet you couldn’t be closer.

Warren was always the one that came to comfort you after bad dates. Especially after he had saved your ass. Pinned the asshole against the wall and dared him to make another move.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Warren asked. You shook your head. “Do you want me to leave?”

“Stay.” Your voice was quiet. You pulled your knees to your chest. “Please.”




“What’s wrong?”

“My parents are shipping me out tomorrow. Some school for people like us. Mutants, that is. They think it’ll help…make it go away.”

“Make me go away?”

“Make all of it go away.” Warren’s wings shuddered. “Make all of you go away.”

“Easier said than done.” Ororo sat down with the two of you. “Where’s the school?”

“Yes, vhere is zhe school?” Kurt joined the three of you. You figured Peter was probably sleeping, Scott was probably visiting with Jean, and Jubilee was God-knows-where.

“New York somewhere. I don’t know.”

“We’re with you.” You took his hand and suddenly, you were in his bedroom. All of you were. “We’ll always be with you. They can’t take us away from you.”

“We’ll see.” Warren leaned back against his bedpost, his large feathery wings spread out behind him. It wasn’t often that all eight of you were together, but when you were, it was like the world had stopped. It didn’t matter that Kurt was in Germany and Ororo was in Egypt, or that Scott was in Ohio while Jubilee was in California and Peter was in New Mexico. You were together in the only way that mattered.


“You’re not going to prom?” Warren sat on your bed. You were having a Netflix marathon.


“Why not?”

“No one asked.”

“You’re gonna let that stop you?”

“Yeah, pretty much.” You shrugged. The bed dipped under his weight. “Always bugging me, huh? Never Peter or Kurt or Ororo?”

“Do you want me to leave?”

“No.” You shook your head. “When’s school start?”


“Is that why you’re here?”

“Yeah, kinda.” He shrugged. “I dunno. Sometimes it just helps to talk. To you. I don’t wanna lose this. All of you.”

“You won’t lose us.” You stated, closing your laptop. “We’re not exactly normal mutants.”

“I know, but-”

“You know what? Let’s go somewhere. Anywhere.”

“Your prom?”

“Not there.” You stood up. Warren stood beside you.

“Then let’s go to Scott’s prom.”

“Didn’t go to prom.” Scott showed up in the doorway. “My girlfriend is a voice I hear in my head. Didn’t wanna go with someone else. Or look crazy slow-dancing with myself, that is.”

“To be fair, I hear voices in my head all the time, not just when I’m with you guys.” Jean showed up.

“Did anyone go to prom?”

“Jubes did. California prom is crazy. You guys should come!” Peter popped in wearing a silver tux. “Kurt and Ororo are there.”

“Doesn’t Kurt have a show tonight?” Your blue friend lived in the Munich circus. He performed quite often.

“He’s done it so many times he doesn’t even have to think about it. Plus, he’s a teleporter. He’s used to being two places at once.” Ororo shrugged. Her dress was strapless, black, drop-dead gorgeous.

“Come on, (Y/N).” Warren raised an eyebrow. “I’ll save a dance for you.”

You looked at the others, each of their eyes pleading you to come with them, to have fun for just a few hours.

“All right, fine.” And then you were there. It wasn’t even a struggle to pop in somewhere across the country. Your dress was fierce and red, and it matched the tie of Warren’s suit. Jubilee smiled at the rest of you from the crowd of dancing teens. You and Warren waved at her. And just before you jumped into the dancing, the music slowed down.

Warren pulled you close to him, his arms tight around your waist while your head came to rest on his muscular chest. His warm wings wrapped around you, and in that single moment, you knew why you ended up with him every time you thought about love. It scared you to admit it, so you didn’t. But you felt all of his feelings. He felt all of yours. And though neither of you would say it you knew. And so you hugged him tighter. Sure, you hadn’t gone to your prom, but nothing could beat this moment.


Sunday night Warren should have been sleeping, but once again, he found himself with you. He only hoped that this time maybe the others would stay out. He loved you guys. All of you, but there were times when he just wanted a chance to talk to you.

“Hey.” You said quietly. He nodded and sat on your bed. “You wanna talk about it?”

“Not really.” His shoulders slumped under the weight of his wings.

“Okay.” You nodded. “What do you want to talk about?”

“Anything but tomorrow.”

“Okay.” You nodded. “I decided something today.”

Warren raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“I’m going to find you.” You told him. He looked at you with guarded eyes. “I have to find you.”


“You know why.” You rolled your eyes and leaned back against your bedpost, staring at the ceiling of your bedroom.

“I want to hear you say it.” His voice was quiet, pleading.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” His land hovered over your face, thumb gently tracing your soft lips. Oh, what he wouldn’t do to kiss you… “More than you could ever know.”

“I’m going to find you. This summer. I’m going to come to you and we can be us. Together. In person.”

A moment passed and suddenly you were in Warren’s room, beneath the covers of his bed. It was darker here than it was in your room. There were no nightlights or laptops. Just you and him and the light under the door. Warren’s chest was bare. All that covered his toned body was a pair of tight black boxers. His golden curls had fallen into a messy halo. You were lying on his chest, rising and falling with each of his breaths. His lips were soft against your forehead.



And though he was the one with the wings, he wasn’t sure how this angel had fallen for him…


Because Warren was transferring near the end of the year, he didn’t see the point in even transferring at all. Until he got there and Jean was standing in the front room.

“Jean?” He asked. She whipped around at the sound of his voice.

“Warren? This is your new school? You made it sound like you were being sent to prison.” The tall winged teen looked around the mansion.

“I thought I was…” a smirk tugged at his lips. “Not what my parents had in mind, I’m sure.” He pulled his phone out of his back pocket. “I’ve gotta text (Y/N).”


Your phone buzzed during your lunch hour. A picture from Warren to the groupchat. He was with Jean. In person. His new school was the mutant school she raved about. He wasn’t being sent to prison after all.

So of course, you popped in immediately.

“Woah, nice place.” You looked around.

“You’re here,” Warren breathed, taking you in his arms. “Well, not really, but you know what I mean.”

“This place is super nice. Wait. Is this Xavier’s?”

“Yes.” Jean nodded. “It is.”

“I’ve heard about this place! I applied to a summer program here!”

“You’re going to be here this summer.” Warren repeated, mulling over the words you had spoken. You were going to be here. Soon.

“Yes. I am.”

“Who might this be?” Warren and Jean turned to look as Professor Xavier rolled into the lobby of the mansion. His eyes narrowed at the sight of Warren, and though you should have been invisible to him, his curious blue eyes seemed to land on you too. “You’re one of them.”

“Yeah.” Warren nodded. Your hand slipped into his.

“And you are too.” His eyes met yours. Was he actually talking to you? How did he even see you? “I’m a telepath, Miss (L/N). I’ve just never seen another cluster. I didn’t know another existed until Jean told me.”

“I guess we have a lot to talk about…”


And so the quest began. Charles and Hank were determined to find another cluster and bring them all together as they had decades before. Their own cluster. And though things hadn’t worked out so well for them, they had hope for this younger cluster. They would soon know what true power felt like, what it felt like to lean on your new family, borrow their abilities and band together to be more than a group of mutants, but to be a team of them.

Scott was the first to get to the mansion, much to Jean’s delight and Warren’s dismay. It was almost as though the two had accidently gotten their lips glued together in a freak accident of some sort. They were always making out, always holding hands. It was disgusting…He wished you were there.

Peter came next, quite literally running across the country to find the mansion. Warren was glad to at least have someone who wasn’t practically conjoined to another member of their cluster.

After Peter was Kurt, Ororo, and then shortly after, Jubilee. When Jubes had gotten there, they had all sent you a group selfie. Warren sent a text with it. Wish you were here.

Wish I was too. You replied. I love you guys. I’ll be there soon. I promise.


He appeared in the car beside you as you made your way there. He took your hand, kissing his way up your arm to your neck and then your jaw up to your cheek and then the corner of your lips and then…he stopped.

“I want to save that for the real one.” He whispered and pressed a kiss just in front of your ear. You took a shaky breath.

“Who is it?” Your mother asked.


“It’s always Warren, isn’t it?” your father chuckled. “Tell that boy to keep his lips to himself.”

“No can do, sir.” Warren smirked. “I’m in love with your daughter.”

“He just had a snarky comeback, didn’t he?”

“It was kinda sappy, actually.” You smirked. “Going soft, angel boy.”

“Shut up.” He rolled his eyes. “When are you gonna get here?”

“Soon.” You replied. “Dad, how much longer?”

“We’re gonna stop to eat, and then we’ll get there about an hour after.”

“Good. Can’t wait.”


In the course of the car ride, all of the others had visited you too. Because classes had ended for the day, they had nothing better to do than wait for you. Warren was impatient, texting you every few minutes to make sure you were still coming, that you hadn’t gotten lost.

“Chill out, dude. You’re so tense.” Peter smirked. “We all love her too, you know.”

“I know, I just…” Warren exhaled. “I need to hold her. I need to have her here. I feel like I’m missing something without her.”

“I know,” Scott grinned as he spotted you coming up the courtyard behind Warren’s unsuspecting figure. You pressed a finger to your lips as you knelt on the grass behind him. You covered his eyes with your hands. As soon as your skin made contact with his, it was as though a million fireworks erupted. He couldn’t speak, he could barely breathe normally. The others felt it too.

Warren reached up to pull your hands off of his eyes. He couldn’t hold in the tears that formed. They slipped down his smooth cheeks. He got to his feet, shaking, and turned around to look at you. It was like the first time you met. Uncertain, sure, but it felt so right. Like everything in the universe had finally clicked into place.

The others got up too, looking you over as though you were a ghost. Like you would disappear any second. Warren was frozen, his eyes locked into yours. You were here. You were real. You were no longer a voice in his head, a vision of something he could never have, something he could never touch. You were here. And your hands were soft against his cheeks. The bright pink of your dress drew contrast from his black leather jacket and his curly Mohawk. You loved everything about him. The soft wings that emerged from his back, and the way his calloused hands felt against your bare skin.

“Hi,” you whispered.

“Hey,” a smile tugged at his smooth lips. He didn’t smile often, but it was the most gorgeous thing you had ever seen. His tough exterior making way for something brighter. “Nice to meet you. Finally.”

“Yeah.” You succumbed to his embrace, holding him tightly against you, and he held you just as tight, arms fast around you, wings too. It wasn’t long before the others joined in, arms wrapped around the pair of you, loving and warm. Your family. Eight parts of a whole. Eight bodies, one soul. Together at last.

And the winner is…@cioccolatodorima!

With an art style perfectly reminiscent of Himaruya’s, it’s no wonder that @cioccolatodorima has won Hetalia fans over with their amazing art! As well as providing the fandom with cute comics so uncanny they could be canon, @cioccolatodorima has shared their skills through several helpful tutorials! Congratulations on being voted the Hetalia fandom’s Artist of the Year 2016!

Congratulations as well to the other finalists for making it this far! You’re all amazing artists too!


( I really wanted to share this skill from my DBT workboob because so far it has done wonders for my stress, you should really try it out!)

Safe-place visualization is a powerful stress-reduction technique. Using it, you can soothe yourself by imagining a peaceful, safe place where you can relax. Make sure you conduct the exercise in a quiet room where you’ll be free from distractions. Turn off your television, phone and radio.

Before you begin the exercise, think of a real or imaginary place that makes you feel safe and relaxed. It can be a real place that you’ve visited in the past, such as the beach, a park, a field, a church/temple, your room and so on. Or it can be a place that you’ve completely made up. such as a white cloud floating in the sky, a medieval castle, or the surface of the moon. It can be anywhere. If you have trouble thinking of a place, think of a color that makes you feel relaxed, such as pink or baby blue. Just do your best.


  • To begin, sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting comfortably, either on the arms of the chair or in your lap

  • Close your eyes

  • Take a slow, long breath in through your nose

  • Feel your belly expand like a balloon as you breathe in

  • Hold it for five seconds, then release it slowly through your mouth

  • Feel your belly collapse like a balloon losing its air

  • Again, take a slow, long breath and feel stomach expand

  • Hold it for five seconds then slowly exhale slowly through your mouth

  • One more time, take a slow, long breath in through your nose

  • Hold it for five seconds then exhale slowly through your mouth

  • Now begin to take slow, long breaths without holding them in and keep that going through the entire exercise

  • Now, with your closed eyes, imagine that you enter your safe place

  • First, look around using your imaginary sense of sight. What does this place look like? Are you alone or are there any other people or animals? Notice the details, what are they doing? If you’re outside, look up and notice the sky, look at the horizon. If you’re inside, notice what the walls and furniture look like. Is the room light or dark? Choose something soothing to look at.

  • Next, use your imaginary sense of hearing. What do you hear? Do you hear other people or animals? Do you hear music? Do you hear the wind or the ocean? Choose something soothing to hear.

  • Then use your imaginary sense of smell. If you’re inside, what does it smell like? Does it smell fresh? Do you have a fire burning that you can smell? Or, if you’re outside, can you smell the air, the grass, the ocean, or the flowers? Choose to smell something soothing. 

  • Next, notice if you can feel anything with your imaginary sense of touch. What are you sitting or standing on in your scene? Can you feel the wind? Can you feel something you’re touching in the scene? Choose to touch something soothing in your scene. 

  • Last, use your imaginary sense of taste. Are you eating or drinking anything in this scene? Choose something soothing to taste.

  • Take a few more seconds to explore your safe place using all your imaginary senses. Recognize how safe and relaxed you feel here. Remember that you can come back to this place whenever you’re feeling sad, angry, restless, or in pain
  • Look around one last time to remember what it looks like

  • Now keep your eyes closed and return your focus to your breathing

  • Take some slow, long breaths in through your nose and exhale through your mouth

  • Then, when you feel ready, open your eyes

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"Sharing skills and talents with your soulmate", but with SS Chara, Ink, and Error

Let’s see… ~Mod Feral

SS Chara

A sudden spike in awareness. Not like a “hey, I never noticed that before!” but a “Oh, geez that person did a bad thing didn’t they?” type of awareness. Also, sudden magic abilities and being a lot more proficiency with knives, even if you rarely used them before.

Ink Sans

You can’t help but notice that your art skills are much, much more impressive than you thought possible. You also can see things in other people’s art that only the artist could before {it’s actual meaning, the way the person/people in it would act, the feelings the artist had while making it, etc.}

Error Sans

It’s odd, now you can read code easily and, as a result, can code. However, you also seem to have quite a knack for destroying things in such a way that no one really knows what it was before nor knows you did it. How will you use these skills?

The Knife and the Lure

A birthday gift for my darling Murder Nakama @damnslippyplanet - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE!

Soulmate AU: Sharing skills and talents with your soulmate.


When Will’s mother left, he had to teach himself how to cook. He wasn’t very good at it.

His father was always kind and patient. He smiled through the burnt eggs and toast, through soft overcooked carrots and too-hard spaghetti. Robert Graham had never learned how to cook himself, and the hours he worked were long, and his small son was so insistent that he do this, please Dad, you do everything else let me help.

Eventually, the meals improved a little, but not by much. Canned food became more and more of a staple - much easier to heat on the stove and hard to mess up. Sometimes Robert would catch Will sniffling in the kitchen corner.

“I can’t even chop vegetables right,” he would say, and Robert would put a hand on his knee (not hold him, Will didn’t like hugs since his mother went away) and give him a squeeze.

“But you can fish,” Robert told him, “better'n I can. You’re doing just fine, Will. Just fine.”

And Will would smile, watery but real, and pull the can opener from the drawer. Spaghetti-Os were his Dad’s favourite anyway.

Robert Graham died five years later. Too early to see Will’s sudden and strange developing skill.

He didn’t get to see Will make his first roux, perfectly and from scratch, without measuring a single one of his ingredients.

He missed the first time Will picked up a knife and began to chop peppers effortlessly, like he could do it blindfolded, like he’d been doing it for years.

He wasn’t there to taste the most perfectly cooked steak, rare - the way Robert had liked it - pink and bloody on the inside.

And he never saw the day that Will realized how he had developed such a skill, and why. Which was good, really. Will would never have wanted to break his father’s heart.

continue reading on ao3

Blurryface Era | A Goodbye Poem

on april 8th, the blurryface era was OFFICIALLY over. the last show was that night. it’s done. it’s gone. it’s over.

but this was the era that brought me into tøp, it’s so special to me. it taught me so many things. it helped me defeat my own demon, or blurryface, if you will.

so i decided to pay tribute to my old friend, the blurryface era.

also, today i went to an indoor trampoline park (like that thing tyler had his birthday party at) on april 8th and they played ride. i LOVE ride so much. i started screaming the lyrics as loud as i could and the dj gave me a shoutout for my awesome rapping skills. just wanted to share that experience.


“Blurryface Era”

This was the time when I came to sing,
First about being stressed and taking my time,
But soon I was screaming about almost anything,
And somehow, I learned it’s okay to not be fine.

Demons running laps in our minds,
Blurryfaces, we called them all,
Some had our own names to tell the difference between yours and mine,
Silhouette came to life, bad things, she started to call.

I’d cry in my bed until five past one,
But two young boys reminded me,
Silhouette hadn’t yet won,
There was still time for fighting.

She started to get smaller and smaller,
And Tyler’s Blurryface did too!
And Josh’s, and his, and her’s,
Or whatever pronouns you use!

Skeletons, you’re safe!
Aliens, no need to hide!
Broken people, come to life!
My family, we’ve defeated the night!

Blurryface is gone, this era is behind us,
Good memories, bad memories,
Singing songs about overcoming and using problems to discuss,
All these amazing songs, most I have memorized.

A love song,
A sad song,
A happy one too.
A scary song,
A fast song,
They bring us together, me and you.

Now, on its closing day,
In a trampoline park, bizarre as it is,
I heard the speakers turn up and Tyler say,
“I’ve been thinking too much.”

I began to scream the words,
Every verse, every rhyme,
Listen to Josh’s every drumbeat,
And Tyler singing about taking time.

I met my second family here,
So it’ll always be the tear in my heart,
When I talk to them, I have little to no fear,
And I feel as though nothing could tear us apart.

So, goodbye, Blurryface,
Goodbye, Silhouette, too.
Even though you’re still there,
I’m no longer talking to you.

On to the next album,
Coming with even more friends.
I’ll cherish them and love them,
And they’ll be my family until the very end.

A final wave, a final send off.
A final black paint spread,
A final rap about making voices stop.
All these words will stick in my head,
And they’ll be my favorites until the very end.

Overplayed? I don’t care.
I still love every beat,
I still love every shout,
Even though a few others have their doubts.

Stressed Out and Ride,
They dragged me into this mess.
But I love this mess, they make me alright,
Now let’s all go scream the chorus to “Heathens”.

Making a Moment (Part 2)

Summary: Dipper finds out he and Mabel might have FEELINGS for each other, so tries to set up a situation where a relationship could develop naturally. Problems arise.

[Part 1]

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Operation Mentor

Summary: One of them will ask the other to teach them something, and during the teaching process the instructor in question will assist the learner by taking their hands and demonstrating proper technique, and the contact combined with the sharing of an important passion will lead to a ‘Moment,’ finally.

Step 1: Figure out a skill to be taught

Dipper hadn’t always had the most confidence in himself and the things he’d defined himself by, and while he’d gotten better about it, code-breaking, physics problems, and biological anomalies weren’t skills you taught by sidling up behind someone and grabbing their hands. Even if they were, if Mabel had asked to know more about those things he’d likely start a full on lesson plan and forget the romance entirely.

So he had to learn from Mabel, and luckily most of Mabel’s proficiencies were craft related. He figured pottery was too on the nose, and she probably didn’t have a clay wheel in her dorm room anyway, but he had an in with his earlier agreement. Since he had promised to ‘help’ her with her clothing design, there was plenty opportunity to ask to learn some beginner knitting techniques. Frankly, it was a bit embarrassing that he was completely clueless about the practice when he had a sister who’d been making her own clothing since she was 8.

So, all he had to do was ask her how to knit, and then learn. Sounded simple enough.

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anonymous asked:

"Sharing skills and talents with your soulmate" what talents would US Chara,RT Sans and UF Gaster share with their s/o?

Ooooo! ~Mod Feral

US Chara

Lots of little things you might not notice right away: Being able to tell if someone’s upset easier, your drawing’s got a little better, and your cooking skills seem to have improved. it’s not impressive right away, but you do seem to be aware about the fact you are not practicing any of these yet you’re improving.

RT Sans

Have plants always been this hard to take care of? Have animals always avoided you? Have those clocks… always been there? These are just some of many questions you have during this change of events. What has gotten better for you? Why, your ability to avoid getting killed in just about any situation and finding dangerous areas! When did life become like this?

UF Gaster

Too much has increased. Classes are suddenly a breeze, especially math and science. You seem to be faster on your feet and able to figure out problems fairly easy. You also seem… stronger physically. Yeah, no one’s quite sure if they can even approach you or not any more.