skill that i don't have

Picture I did for the Sheithzine  back in Nov!

This version is actually a little different than the actual one I submitted for the zine. I struggled a lot with the BG and didn’t like the results;; >< Sorry for the change;;

Thank you to everyone who supported the zine! I’m so thankful that I was able to participate!  


I don’t know… night vision.
          There’s a rune for that.


fanart of @queerlorenzo‘s amazing fic lost in emotion! i’ve read it like five times already, highly recommend/10!! captions are quotes from the fic

info on manta rays and jellyfish referenced from wikipedia because i’m a microbiologist and barely know anything about marine biology (also oh god my handwriting is atrocious)


I’ve always loved how Dan’s voice gets a little softer for the final minute of his YouNow live shows and he says inspiring and/or encouraging words, so I made a compilation of all the endings of all his 2016 live show. 

Sometimes, all you need is a few simple words to feel better and these moments helped me a lot. 


Joji giving Flint a run for his money and going down Like A Boss  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

hey guys did u know that archie andrews and jughead jones are in a really supportive & great queer platonic relationship? mmhm yes they are.

and did u know that archie writes songs for jughead, like all the time? u gotta write what u feel. he tries not to get too mushy but every once in a while there’ll be a line that’ll make jughead side eye him a lil bit bit archie will just shrug sheepishly and say “well it was the only thing that rhymed and fit?” sure archie, sure.

(also it’s not like he makes a big deal of his songs for jug, he mostly just records them & will put them on in the background when they’re playing video games and he doesn’t really expect feedback but every once in a while jug will elbow him and say things like “did u just rhyme birds with absurd? sweet” or “that was a sick chord change” soooooo archie knows jughead is totes hearing them.)

@skatinggays submitted: *gurgles quietly and leaves this here*  YO SORRY BOUT DAT MEME LAST WEEK here’s a crop top yuuri who is absolutely dancing to nandemonaiya from the Kimi No Na Wa OST this is why i write and not draw i am s o r r y


Like,,, I get what u guys are saying about not wanting bts to go to bbmas,, but we have been through this already so many times. They’re adults and its their choice. Not to mention bang pd said they really want to go. Yeah my point is stop treating them like children they know exactly what they’re getting into and its their decision.

“When John dreamed it was of the desert, miles of it, gently curving. It felt like the soft-strong curve of a woman’s body, the curl from her hip to her waist and up her back. It made him feel safe. He walked across the sand, and loved it; the burning annihilation that was the sun was present but very far away. When he finally woke he didn’t feel tired or frightened.” (Thursdayplaid, Bantam Wars)

In case you’re wondering: Yes, the boy is baby!John Watson, the man is John Watson. This is (another) beautiful scene in @thursdayplaid ’s Wee Doctor series that just itches to get out of my head onto the paper. Every time I reread this incredible fic, there are new scenes I want to paint and sketch so this probably won’t be the last :)))

Either way, if you’re up for a non-slash AU BBC Sherlock fic, open to new characters, eager for adventures and friendships and family love, this incredible fic is for you.

Aniseed is an asshole and TK doesn’t seem impressed.

TK doesn’t seem to appreciate the reminder of his shortness…

I’ve wanted to draw this for some time but always found myself distracted or drawing something else…

Anyway, enjoy my weekly draw, I did it instead of studying.

Got the idea from real life because I do this to my little sisters all the time.

Aniseed belongs to me

TKSans and quantumtale belong to the wonderful and talented @perfectshadow06

  • failing artist: What are the tips/tricks to good art skills?
  • me: Are you doing the thing every day?
  • failing artist: I just don't have the time, y'know?
  • me: You mean it's not a priority?
  • failing artist: But art is my passion! It's all I want!
  • me: Do you study and learn new things about it regularly?
  • failing artist: You don't understand, I'm not talented...
  • me: Talented people put in lots of effort. Lots.
  • failing artist: But it's so easy for them to get started.
  • me: They learned to be disciplined.
  • failing artist: It's genetics man, impossible for me.
  • me: Go fuck yourself.