skill kill

when the enemy team says it takes no skill to play symmetra bc you dont need to aim yet they dont have the aiming skills to kill a symmetra

You go, Yoon Bum!

Can I just take a minute to say how incredibly happy it makes me that Bum gets to excel at something for once. Yeah, it’s kind of creepy that he knows all this stuff about Sangwoo, but at this point, I really don’t care. You get 100%, Bum! You be awesome! Be the best goddamn Sangwoo-trivia nerd you can be! Walk out of that station with your head held high, and Sangwoo’s dick erect! Becuase you can bet your ass that that level of obsession is going to feed Sangwoo’s narcissism, and ‘prove’ how much Bum loves him, and if Sangwoo does not get a raging boner from that, then I don’t even know who he is anymore!

Here’s some motivation to finally call back that place that’s hiring

To quit that job that’s tearing you down

To end a toxic relationship

To make the first move on someone you’ve been avoiding for weeks

To start something new after months of telling yourself you’re not ready

To treat yourself to that shopping spree

To call up an old friend and smile again

Today is the day to everything that you’ve ever procrastinated on. To achieve those goals that you never believed you could achieve. To push yourself to get that one thing done. You can do it. Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t ever again.

I’m rooting for you.

Ideally I’d like my favorite characters to be safe and happy, but I’ll settle for “not dead”.

hey its sophia aka jimoons and here’s my first mutual appreciation / follow forever!! i’ve only been a bts blog for abt six months but i already have so many amazing mutuals and ur all honestly the sweetest people and i just!! love everyone!! so here we go!!

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