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[JP] Avatar Boards: (KH 15th Anniversary) Royal Mickey & Minnie

March 20 - 27


  • 2500 jewels


  • [NEW!] Guard Up XL x1 (39% activation rate at max level)
  • Attack Up XL x1
  • Abi(lity) 1 & Atta(ck Up) L 100% x1
  • Magic Mirror x5
  • Mickey & Broom Servant x1
  • Broom Servant x1
  • Mystic Stone x1
  • Huey & Dewey & Louie x2
  • Cid 5 x2
  • Avatar piece x4

Avatar Luck

  • Royal Mickey Coordinate: Hat - Skill +9
  • Royal Minnie Coordinate: Headband - Skill +9

in case you havent noticed, im weird. im a weirdo. I dont fit in. and I dont want to fit in. have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? thats weird

"Wir haben Skill und sehen gut aus" | #Stexpert in Varo3 #03
  • Stegi: Aber wir haben Skill und sehen gut aus. Also eins davon. Jeder hat einen Skill davon
  • Tim: Ich seh gut aus.
  • Stegi: Ach so, ok, dann hat einer beides
  • Tim: Stegi, du musst dich selber jetzt nicht so runter machen. Ich find, ok, du siehst nicht gut aus, aber n bisschen schon.
  • Stegi: Ok, danke.
  • Tim: Bisschen Skill hast du auch.


Cooper Eddy channeling his inner Miles Gibson on this one, shout out to Miles for being the first to land the tightrope! Cooper turning it up a notch with the flip to Lunar… speechless…

Full video here :

Miraculous Ladybug: Marinette Dupain-Cheng / Ladybug [ENFJ]


Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Marinette’s motives center around pleasing people and putting smiles on their faces; this is the particular reason for her being chosen as Ladybug. She was voted into being class representative due to her listening and genuinely wanting to improve school life for her classmates; as Ladybug, she adapts to and throws back Chat Noir’s flirty, carefree nature.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): She’s fixated on a long term goal of winning over her crush Adrien, manipulation comes easily to her when she wants to achieve some of her goals. Using Lucky Charm, she can devise complex plans with an item that, at first glance, appears entirely useless and irrelevant.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Quite a few of her fashion designs draw inspiration from her outer environment, such as adding a pigeon feather to a pigeon themed derby hat; she’s skilled in fighting and combat as Ladybug. Due to its lower position, she’s also prone to bouts of clumsiness as Marinette and in impulsive decision making.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Brilliant and clever as she can be, she can fail to use logic in stressful situations. She’s also underhanded as well, sneaking into the principal’s office to delete a class photo, sneaking into the locker room to steal Adrien’s phone, etc.

Note: I often see her typed as ENFP or ENTP, but her lack of Ne is obvious. She wouldn’t be as fixated and obsessive over Adrien or be able to devise Lucky Charm plans as quickly as she is shown to if she was Ne dominant; she only sees one possibility for the job to get done. ESFJ and ISFJ are also ruled out as she does not have Si, her grudge against Chloe does not stem from past experiences, she just flat out hates her. The latter’s bullying ways violates her Fe and causes her to stand up for others.

Taron Egerton is a chicken nugget. Pass it on. (insp/ref)

traviling-mage  asked:

"I never understood the whole enormous hat thing. What, is it the source of your magic?" Preston inquired. (Hi by the way.) :3c

✧░ “Yes.”

That single word is… worryingly serious.

“I also cannot remove it, because I have no head, and if I take it off I will die. That was the sacrifice the Xanthous Scholars asked!” She shakes a fist towards the sky. “No head, but all the power of this world… all the magical skill, in this hat of mine!”