2017 goals

- be kinder to people around you
- compliment others, it could change their day and mood completely
- think more. take some time just to contemplate things, without any distractions
- discover new music and artists!
- take care of yourself more. it’s okay, you’re not wasting any time, this is more important
- read more books
- write more stories
- watch more movies and shows
- don’t waste so much time on your phone
- learn a new skill (maybe a language?)
- go to a new place, like a coffee shop or park or old building or museum
- close your eyes and just breathe
- message more people on tumblr, everybody is so nice here!!
- be a little bit more aware of the consequences of your actions
- plan your day ahead to see what you have to do and what you’ve already accomplished
- take more pictures
- write your goals for school/college down to motivate yourself
- try and maybe just a little happier than last year


from a TMITUESDAY question I received from Twitter
Atleast that’s how I see how each & every artist build their skills.

That’s how I summarize my artistic journey alone.

I was going to add more but this was only meant to be a doodle

For many nonbinary people, the New Year is the time when they remember all the things that didn’t come to fruition or ended in the previous year.

You may not have come out like you wanted to. Your transition may not be as far along as you’d hoped. You may remember that this year loved ones aren’t here to celebrate because they don’t accept your orientation, gender, etc.

But the New Year can also represent possibility.

There are possibilities of a new family made up of friends, greater progress toward transition, more freedom to be yourself, or even just maintaining a skill a bit longer, thereby gaining more experience.

You have a new chance. You can embrace it.

Happy New Year


The Japanese yosegi art of parquetry, originated during Japan’s Edo Period (17th-19th century) is just beautiful.