Polish duels for the tomorrow’s KO

Stefan Hula vs Karl Geiger
Kamil Stoch vs Jan Matura
Dawid Kubacki vs Manuel Poppinger
Maciej Kot vs Richard Freitag (poor, poor Kitten, but it will be a fight of two cuties!), they fought once in KO in Bischofshofen in 2013 and Maciek won ^__^
Andrzej Stękała vs Stephan Leyhe

looks like the forever battle between Poland and Germany goes on

unfortunately, no new video of Kamil, wtf are you going to kill me, so I’m posting my fav gif of him (one of zilion of course). he says (in the written interview), that “the point is to never give up”. I wish I was this whole Tadeusz Mieczyński guy, like, really

what’s your bets? who wins with who? :)


Hello again :) These are the interviews from Sunday’s competition. The least pissed was Maciej. XD 

Jasiek, asked if he knows why every season looks like this: really bad start, then slow developing shape, answered: The truth is, nobody knows it. There’s no reason to lie about it, nobody knows the reason but everybody tries to fix it. He also, after the interviewer was like We’re gonna keep our fingers crossed!, said: Better pray for us in a church instead of keeping your fingers crossed. Yeah, he was trying to cover his anger…

Kamil didn’t even want to talk about his totally bad jump. 

Kenneth talks about how happy he is for his own win. :)

Dawid, on the question Where’s Dawid Kubacki from LGP?, answered with: It’s just a matter of time.

Maciej, in the situation from the first of gifs with him, says: Hi, Jasiek! :D I expected him to be mad, but, surprisingly, he was not. Jan Ziobro was interrupting his interview. :)

Piotrek was very sad, althougth he was smiling a lot, but he has spoken the truth: A hill is never the problem. Jumps are the problem. He also said he has a plan for Nizhny Tagil.

Stefan was really happy about his taken place. I have to correct myself, it’s not his best - the best was in Engelberg (2013?), where he was 7th. (thanks for @fly-dream-fly for pointing it) But he also said that he felt lonely and sad without any homie by his side up there. :) He also said: I love this sport!

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