i fucked up getting these tatts mad impulsively but fuck itt, cant go back now.. i’ll just look bad as fuck w tattoos hahaaa * misses my pure skiin *

swanqueenidiot answered your question “Ok I can’t figure out a proper way to phrase what I want to say…”

I’ve been thinking about this myself. I also wonder what’s the timeline of the movie - does it start while Jackson’s skiin is still dark or no? Does it matter? Like you said, I agree there’s an issue, but what’s the solution?

Yea if they’re gonna do young Michael at all they’ll have less of an issue I think, since they would just hire a young black actor and have different actors portray different eras or times.  If that’s what they’re doing.  Regardless the issue of who to play adult Michael still stands.  Pulling a White Chicks seems like it would be offensive on a whole different level, but it should definitely be a black actor.  How to make it fit?