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au where isak is a grumpy movie blogger who follows up-and-coming actor even on social media. while even is on a ski trip isak writes a harsh critique on even’s abysmal performance in his latest movie, ending it with ‘stick to snowboarding’ to which even replies with ‘suck my board bitch’ and that’s how an online feud of epic proportions starts in which both get obsessed and come up with more and more colourful comebacks as time goes on until they eventually meet in person and feel the instant chemistry

Bus drive

Ok so we came back from our school skiing trip, we had to drive about 4 hours (🇨🇭) So I am a person… That has to pee very often… So I had to pee.. At about ½ of the way. 2 hours ahead, I couldn’t hold it in for that long. So I asked the teacher. (OH AND IT WAS IN 6th GRADE MIDDLESCHOOL, I WAS ONLY 11 YEARS OLD!!) He just said: “Hah!! I knew it! I tould everyone to use the bathroom before we leave!” Me: “But… I did that…” Asshole Teacher: “Well then, you don’t need to use it.” THE BUS HAD A FUCKING TOILET OKAY?! I got really mad and got back to my place. Everyone herd our conversation.. and you know, children can be assholes. So they started mocking me and laughing at me. Then I went to the teacher again and asked him again, if I could use the toilet in the bus. He got mad (He was very old for a teacher, about 59, he only had one class until he could be retired) So he started talking VERY loudly and said things like: “You’re just like a monkey, go back to the zoo you monkey! (???!) ” Or things like: “Maybe you can be a little princess at home, where your parents spoil you.” (!?!? 11Years old!?) So i sar bak down and .. started crying. Of course everyone made fun of me and for the rest of the year i was the girl: Peepeemonkeyprincess.
Later, I asked AGAIN. He started shouting at me and said if I didn’t stop, he would just kick me out of the bus right here. (I was 11 years old I didn’t have a phone with me and of course I didn’t know how to come home.) So later, we arrived, I ran to my mother crying and told her everything (the parents were waiting for us) The father of my best friend heard it, he was a kickboxer. He got so mad, that he went up to that teacher… And literally boxed him into his face.
He got a lot of trouble later on.
So a few days later, the rector of the school got me out of class. Apparently that teacher was the main and most important teacher. I didn’t give a fuck. The teacher was punished and I got 50 bucks.


It was 1989.

It was late December and the previous night I came back from a ski trip with friends. Up in the mountains, no radio, no mobile phones, no nothing, this was communist Romania so we only found out in the train back that our world started to move. That Romanians had enough of that so called “communist dream” and started to fill up the streets, marching and demanding to overthrow that monument of corruption called the Romanian Communist Party, starting with its dreaded leader Ceausescu…

After a few hours of worried sleep I woke up in the late morning in the sound of chants coming form the main street. My mother was looking stunned out the window. “Look at them, they are coming from the Bargaie. They must have gathered at the factories there to march into town. They must be crazy, poor blokes… Securitatea are shooting at people on the streets you know? And the army… There are already victims everywhere, in Cluj, in Timisoara…” I looked out the window and felt like hardening every second “…and what are we doing now, mom?” “We? We… just wait here…” “But we cannot wait, mom! We cannot wait here… we must go and see what’s going on! Waiting here is, is, is just wrong!” said defiantly the teenager I was at the time. My mother started to weep “But, but your father? He’s out to get the daily bread ratio, he will be worried as hell seeing we’re missing?” “He will know where we are. Let’s go.” And off we went, scared but with no regrets, because we had to go. We met dad in the main square by sheer chance later, chanting with the others, and the rest is already known.

27 years later, the followers of that communist party had time to slowly morph into a proper mafia. They abandoned any illusion of ideology and thus, freed by the burden of maintaining principles, finally managed to attain full political control of the country. This week they started to modify the laws to fit their corrupt ways, to pardon their already jailed mafiosi, to make abuse and malpractice legal and to restrict whistleblowing. I’m thousands of kilometers away from that country now, but I know I must get out on the streets again - with the same deep hatred but more prowess. We are hundreds of thousands on the streets, again.

And I’m going now with my kid.

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I started to read fics again, and this time EVAK fics / oneshots ‘cause that’s my way to keep Skam/Evak alive on my mind, bc the show is on hiatus(?)

I’ll be updating new fics as soon as I read new ones lol

Credits to these two sweeties: @parallel-univers @valtersensei

1- The Moments In Between

“A look at the moments between O Helga Natt and Passe på meg.”

2- I’m not in love

“Even never transferred to Nissen in his third year, so they meet in college instead.
Uni AU in which Isak doesn’t believe in love but Even Bech Næsheim won’t stop kissing him.”

3- A whirlwind that’s coming ‘round

“Isak’s classmates have been looking forward to this ski trip for months. It’s supposed to be a five-day extravaganza of letting off steam, drinking, and hooking up, all under their teachers’ noses. And sure, there’s some skiing, too. But when the week finally rolls around, things get more complicated.”

4- Insomnia

“Even wakes up in the middle of the night to an empty bed and a pillow case covered in blood and proceeds to take care of his boy.”

5- Get Rid of Her

“Even still transfers to Nissen in his third year, but Isak and Even get introduced through their parents. FriendsToLovers AU in which Isak calls Even 'bro’ a couple of times and is forced to watch old-ish movies with him in hipster movie theaters.“

6- Winter Cabin  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“Isak and Even go to the winter cabin with the boys.”

7- Your love is my turning page

“Isak is drunk in love. Even loves to tease him about it.”

8- Stay

After 3x08

9- That time with the body painting

“Even finds body paint and convinces Isak to let him use it.”

10- Do you think he’s in love with you?

“maybe even’s not in love with him, but he’s certainly in love with even”

trying to finish some drawings but I’m still on the skiing trip and this laptop + bad wifi make it really hard to work on anything lmao so maybe tomorrow or next days anyway hhh (I come back on friday)



It was a week after their classes’ Ski Lodge trip where Lucas and Riley had finally became official. Everything was falling in place and was starting to feel normal again. No more angst or unspoken feelings. There was just one thing that was weighing on both of their minds and that was a kiss.

They had only ever kissed once, it was on the subway for their first date way back in 7th grade. It was short and sweet which unfortunately set the tone for their relationship that year. Super sweet but short lived.

They were older now and actually together and they couldn’t help but wonder when the next one would happen. They hardly ever had alone time together.
Lucas for sure thought it was going to happen on the Ski trip but her parents and Uncle were around and all of their classmates. Every time they thought they were alone someone would pop up and ruin the moment.

Riley hoped it would happen that day when he walked her home, but as he leaned in to kiss her goodbye, her Uncle Josh opened the door and interjected the kiss with his hand between their faces. It was starting to get a bit ridiculous. She knew they meant well but she was 15 now and this was her first boyfriend, they knew this would happen eventually.

At school it wasn’t any better. They both assumed that now that they were a couple their friends would give them some space but that wasn’t the case at all. 

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