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Ready to ski and ice skate today! ⛸🏔⛷ (obviously not in my long green coat, that would be a disaster 😂) Also since I get asked this often, it is all my real hair. I haven’t cut it in 5 years, only skimmed. I might do a post or video on hair care and frequently asked questions~ thoughts? 😌✨❄️

2 years and 6 days ago, Kyle A Carrozza set forth a task upon me. He called it a ‘storyboard pre-test’, so he could gauge what level of skill I had (among other things) in creating a SHORT storyboard for a real cartoon. One month and one Luke-misunderstanding-his-instructions later, I emailed a PDF of a LONG storyboard, along with an MP4 animatic video I whipped together using images my pencil drawn storyboards along with audio of me performing all the character’s voices. Also, the episode had a SONG in it. That same day, Kyle showed that animatic video to his superiors at Cartoon Network, and that sparked the conversation which eventually led to them offering me the job as a storyboard revisionist, which eventually became a full storyboarder position, as well as me doing some writing and doing voices on the show. [The long version of the story can be read here:]

Today on Cartoon Network, the final actual for reals-cartoon episode based on that original hand-drawn-on-paper storyboard, titled “Gotta Get Grup To Get Down”, airs on television. 

The outline was written based on my original work by Kyle and Richard Pursel, and was storyboarded by Zoë Moss doing the first half, and myself doing the second half. (The point at which Witch Way arrives is where my half starts.) Richard and Zoe added an opening act to the story because my version’s was much too short. Part of the point of this story was try to work in as many of the show’s regular recurring characters in the story as possible, making it a treasure trove of fun for all the fans who have been following along during the whole run of every version of “Mighty MagiSwords” released thus far. So keep your ears open for the voices of myself, Kyle, Grey Griffin, Eric Bauza, Mary Faber, Arin Hanson, Lindsay Smith, Doug Lawrence, Candyce Milo, and Phil Lamaar.

I hope you’ll all join me in watching this show today, or DVRing it or watching it in some other soon-to-be-available digital capacity soon after it airs. Today is a day of joy for me, because, in the terms of 'Luke creates something consumed by the masses’, this is the greatest creative achievement of my entire life. I am confident there will be more similar things to come in my future, but this particular thing is special. For me, this is the shot heard 'round the world that, yes, Luke Ski can and will do stuff like this. This is the culmination of a dream of mine that started in grade school. It got sidetracked for 20 years while I was becoming a big fish in the much-smaller-than-it-deserves-to-be pond of comedy music fandom, but when the opportunity presented itself to become a part of a animated comedy show for television, I went for it and I succeeded. And this episode of “Mighty Magiswords” is my golden shiny symbol of that success.

So, this ain’t no ordinary 'Here goes Luke talking about how frakking great he is yakety shmakety bla bla bla’. This is something I’ve waited my whole life for. Today is a happy day. I hope you all will join me in that happiness. Thanks so much to everyone I already mentioned in this message, to Keith Fay, Rebecca Himot, Tramm Wigzell, Ken Mitchroney and everyone on the staff who has been there for me and believes in me. Thanks so much to my friends and my family who have been so supportive during the past 2 years, know that I love you all more than I can possibly express.

The Warrior family motto is “In the name of the Warrior, no matter what happens, don’t blow it.” I can confidently say that this time, I didn’t blow it. So in conclusion, I will leave you with the wise words of Grup, “Yaaay!”

~ Luke Ski,

storyboarder, writer, and voice-over actor

on “Mighty Magiswords” at Cartoon Network Studios

Regarding Kamil Stoch

Again, came here just to express my honest wishes and worries regarding Kamil Stoch. Disclaimer: to some, it may seem like I have no life, but honestly I kinda do (that’s why I’m taking a bit of a break from this site), but I think about this problematic literally half of the day. No joke. (So, ski jumping obviously still is my lyf, also I was supposed to be graduating this year, idk how that will come through exactly lolz.) 
Anyways. Listen. I so want this boy to win, I can’t even put it in words. After everything that went down last season which was one of his worst ever, and every drop of sweat that he (along with his team-mates) had to put into training literally 2 months before any other team in the summer with changing coaches.. And literally from thinking about retirement to being 3rd overall right now and 1.7 points behind in the 4 Hills. This boy is the definition of a phoenix and in all honesty, I don’t want Danny to win this. We all know he’ll have MANY more chances to do so in the future, but we all kinda feel that this is Kamil’s last chance to take the eagle. For the love of God, peeps that care about ski jumping, please send him your love and energy. Bruised, with an injured shoulder and a screwed-up knee; honestly, if someone can do it, he can do it. The only thing I’m keeping in mind after today and the interviews that I’ve read is something that he said - “Wiara czyni cuda” - faith can do miracles. So please, please, keep your faith in him so that he can do this. Ya’ll know he deserves this. Ya’ll know it. I love ya. Bless. Out. 

My mom watching the Slovenian media insert before sky flying in Obertsdorf, there’s an interview with Kamil Stoch:

Mom: “Oh look it’s your fav!” *Kamil proceeds to speak* “Wow he’s so sympathetic!” *gets all excited* “Oh my goodness he’s adorable!”

Me: “Lol mom, aren’t you a little bit late to the party? Lyk I’ve been telling you this for the past four seasons lyk”