skiing off the roof

[Ana Amari perches on a rooftop in Stockholm Sweden, her scope trained on a window in the distance]

S76 - Amari……

Ana- ……

S76 - Amari……..

Ana- [takes slow breath]

S76 - [coughs] A…ana

Ana - Yes Jack ?

S76 - This is COMPLETLEY reckless

Ana- Nonsense, I’m a proffessional

S76 - Professional’s don’t stalk their daughters…..

Ana- They do when they find out that they haven’t been sleeping well !

S76 - She’s an adult woman !

Ana- She’ll always be my little brat jack

[Pharah comes into view in the window, sitting down a bed] 

Ana- You’ll understand when you’re a mother 

[Ana takes the shot, hitting her daughter in the neck]

[Pharah slumps over, fast asleep]

Ana-  See ?  I told you everything would be……

Mysterious Voice- Liebchen ?!?!

[Mercy leans into view to examine Pharah] 

[Ana spots a ring on it]

Ana - [Slowly acquires a huge grin]

Mercy - SNIPER ! [slams fist down on button behind bed]

[Sirens start blaring through the streets as Pharah’s squad takes to the skies to find the sneaky sniper]

[Ana packs up and scurries off the roof]

S76 - [stress] Are you happy ? 

Ana -Of course dear, my little girl’s found herself a wife [lost in thought] …..I wonder if they’re thinking about giving me grandchildren……

S76 - AMARI ! 

[Sound of an explosion fizzles S76′s feed out]

Ana - He’ll be fine….heroes never die

Writing Requests are OPEN

Anna T Hicks of White Plains, New York, age 77, passed away in Poughkeepsie October 31st, 2014.

Anna was born to Bert P. Hicks and Darla L. Hicks in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A devout woman, Anna was a member of St. Mary’s on Pinecrest Drive. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Anna devoted even more of her time to the church, organizing bake sales and shoe drives.

She decided to spend her remaining time with her family and community, serving God. Ultimately it wasn’t her cancer that did her in. The old bird died in a skiing accident when her nephew Davis skied off her roof, not realizing she was relaxing in her above ground hot tub below. Davis is currently serving 3-5 years for manslaughter.

Anna is survived by her loving husband Eddie, her children Susan and Matthew, and her granddaughter Stephanie.

Anna has requested that her body be burned in a viking funeral off the Hudson. That, it turns out, is illegal, so instead her family will be throwing her body into the lake. In lieu of flowers, please donate to Newton, MA’s Women’s Shelter.

Local Cultus; Hades and His court in the Midwest

Silos jut from earth, once filled with grain, an ecosystem to themselves but now 40 years abandoned. Rust drips from every rivet and grasses overcome these turrets to His palace.

It’s flat, like peaceful water, every direction showing nothing but gold and sapphires.

Winters are short and brutal, a love affair stopped too soon and Her grief and joy mix into a scorching, burning sun and miles of bountiful wheat.

Rain comes rarely, and when it does it’s never gentle. It comes with wall clouds and cyclones and silver-black skies. They churn from winds hard enough to peel the roofs off houses and throw cars into ditches; the Rivers churning their way to the over world to swallow up Thanatos’s newest children.

Little is new here. Farmland stretches with pretty houses but barns a century into disrepair. Tractors don’t run anymore and they sit two stories tall and idle, their wheels large enough for a man to stand in and the engine lays bare and corroded with acid. Wood is bleached gray by the sun and worn smooth by the ever-blowing winds and splinter apart from red and orange nails. Rubies become rust, power is forgotten and the shells of industry lay out like corpses. Mine, melt, brand, raise, grow, reap, build, strive, repair, abandon. Everything eventually is swallowed by the earth to become His again