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Imagine Waking Up to This Every Morning! von Mark Stevens
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While the black & white image I took had a rich tonal contrast, the color one with this image I found brought a different set of contrasts. On the upper peaks and the left portion of the image was the golden glow of the morning sunlight. The clouds seem to wrap more of that golden glow in the peak of the Big Sister in the far backdrop of the image. On the backside of the mountainside though were textures of the rocks and layers still hidden in the shadows.

I love Revelstoke. The mountain is so tall that the weather at the peak sometimes has nothing to do with the weather at the base. Last week, I got to ski through a snowstorm to a few hundred metres of empty air and then into a rain storm, stopping in between to grab this shot of Mt Begbie peeking through the layers of clouds.

I knew when I saw this, I wanted to print it huge, so this shot is actually 12 frames taken with my 50-140 and stitched together manually because photoshop can’t quite handle clouds automatically on its own. It’s a lot of work to make it look like I didn’t do anything, but I think it was worth it.


See the wall of snow in the opening of this clip? You get to watch a guy ski down that.