Forget about the dangers of running with scissors. What about skiing with samurai swords? Japanese freestyle skier Shogo Kawano took to the slopes in spectacular style wearing a complete suit of samurai armor, including the mask and helmet, even a tall Sashimono banner at one point, and wielding a razor-sharp katana instead of a ski pole.

According to Kawano the suit of armer weighed about 25 kilograms (55 pounds), which would not only prove challenging while skiing, but would also make trudging up the snow-covered mountainside a lot more taxing.

And as for using a sword in place of a ski pole:

“You pray you don’t stab yourself with the katana lol,” Kawano wrote on his Facebook page.

[via Kotaku]

What the seven + Reyna and Nico are doing in the winter
  • Percy:tries to be Elsa with his water powers but it freezes his hand and he gets frostbite
  • Annabeth:sippin coffee and reading by a fire
  • Jason:flying up to the tops of mountains to ski down
  • Piper:snowboarding somewhere probably off the trail
  • Frank:building forts and igloos that melt into lumps
  • Hazel:ice skating on a frozen lake like a majestic snow bunny
  • Leo:trying to melt things and is probably miserable
  • Reyna:engaging in intense snowball fights
  • Nico:"accidentally" causing small a avalanches

These are the kind of days I like, when you can’t see more than 3 feet in front of you. When all you know is the space around you, nothing from the outside world can trouble you and only the elements for company. When even if you tried you couldn’t pick the same route down the mountain, leaving no trace that you came and went. In those moments I am truly alive.