Easy Heart

I have always been a sucker for “perfect moments”. You can catch my heart in a second, by looking or saying just the right thing. Mind you, I fall out of love just as easily. My shortest romance: –I was going up in a skiilift and overheard the lift-guard talking so reassuringly to a child that my heart just melted. My head was rushing the rest of the way up the slope and I hurried down again to profess my love to the lift-guard. When I got down to the start of the lift I saw him, the sun behind him, making him look heavenly. He lifted his hand to his lips and I caught a glimpse of the burning end of his cigarette.

Love Died. Stone-dead.

Some people can look cool and sexy whilst smoking a cigarette. Others just look wrong. And man, he looked SO wrong. The flaming love in my chest quickly turned into resentment, for how dared he toy with my emotions in this manner!

Well, as I said, my heart is won and lost in moments. That is why I count this love as the first. It has now been four months since i laid eyes on him, four months of which most was spent in separation. Alas, my heart is decided. I’m screwed when it comes to him. I don’t know if I want him or need him, just that I’m going to get him. With any luck. Please, let me get him. Dear, sweetanything,let me get him.