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Ugh. I'll never understand Louis. The boy goes shoeless to Starbucks, but wears his shoes for the beach. Goes to a fucking skii station with only a jumper, but then wore a hoodie that one sunny day in LA...

He likes to live dangerously.

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hi Zoe! I just wanted to ask what is your skin routine because I have oily skin as well and your skin looks so good! thank you and hope you have a wonderful summer ✨

I’m lucky because my mum has a ton of great products, so lately I’ve been stealing all of her stuff since I’ve been home hahaha
cleanser: REN clarimatte gel

toner: SKII essence (after i use the cotton pad to apply this, I peel apart the layers of the cotton and let it sit on my face for a bit kind of like a sectioned sheet mask, because the product is pricey and I want to use every last bit of it hehe)

For moisturiser, I’ve been into mixing a bunch of stuff; I have this innisfree green tea gel that I mix with an Aesop hydrating serum, and for day time i mix those two with a clarifying day oil from Dr. Hauschka; for night time i add a few drops of sunday riley luna sleeping oil. It seems really troublesome but i think its fun and therapeutic to mix a bunch of things, like you’re mixing paints! and i think they work well together. Plus, my skin feels very different day to day so sometimes I hydrate it more (e.g. if i’m gonna be in aircon all day, or if i’ve been in the sun).
For masks, I love innisfree second skin sheet masks, Origins ‘out of trouble’ clay mask and Frank Body’s coffee face scrub (lush has a similar one). I also have a ton of samples from aesop/innisfree/ren so i just like to use whatever i have depending on what i feel like ahaha

I have this really nice sunscreen from chanel from the paris trip, which is super light and not sticky, so i use that.

I hope this helps!!

Bonus: Future Plot: Squid Heroes Never Die

Telemachus Teaching Neo-SquidBeak Splatoon (In A Nut Shell)

((Couldn’t find the original clip of the South Park scene, so apologies if this has Undertale face on the characters. ^^U

Emerald is Tweek ( @twelvetailedkitsune @son-of-joy )

Camille is Ike ( @inklingleesquidly )

Nebula is Kyle ( @myzzy @agenttwo )

Telemachus is the Skii Instructor


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!!! thank you friend!!
(sorry laina i kno u asked earlier but it glitched so i’ll do it again)

favorite male character: yukine, my sunflower son, my whole world
favorite female character: hiyori, my wife
least favorite character: trash dad
prettiest character: bishaMOM
funniest character: yato lmao
favorite season: s1!!
favorite episode: skii ova lol
favorite romantic ship: kazubisha for lifE
favorite family ship: the trio!!
favorite friend ship: kazuma and yuki
worst ship: yuki x yato im sorry























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