My top ten favorite movies (I was tagged by myheartbelongstoabarricadeboy).

1. Les Miserables

2. 12 Years a Slave

3. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

4. Sherlock Holmes

5. Rent

6. Star Trek (honestly could be any of the Star Trek movies but this was my first so hey)

7. Guardians of the Galaxy

8. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

9. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

10. Night at the Museum

(honorable mention: Jurassic Park)

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#1 “Under the moonlight.”

request :  Hi~ Its me again, I was wondering if you can write a Jimin scenario because he is perfection! Just something cute and fluffy with his gf, a 5ft bagel girl, idk he gets jealous because a guy tries to hit on her or something. Please??

You were listening to this guy’s story. Hoseok-oppa was also by your side, laughing and making some comments. But suddenly Jimin appeared.

“- Oppa, what are you doing ?” you ask him while he was pulling you by your wrist to escape from the room. It was a late night of summer and you two were now under a starry skiy and a full moon. You got the impression that this big luminous globe was looking at you.  

“- Don’t you dare… !” he responds sitting on a chair in the patio. You couldn’t understand why Jimin was being impulsive.

You were enjoying a moment with all your friends in their house to celebrate the triumph of BTS new album. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen all the members and other couple friends. It’s just been a long time since you were with him somewhere, feeling his presence in your back and making you feel your heart racing. It was difficult for you two to find time to be together, work and school always got in the way. You were sure that if he wasn’t in a bad mood, he would have been able to have fun. You tried to reflect. What did you do to make him feel grumpy ?

“- Baby, I don’t understand…” you pout. You sat on his laps and rested your head against his torso, kissing his sweet spot. You did that on purpose, you knew that it will calm him.

“- What did he told you ?” he retorts, interlacing your fingers. 

“- Are you jealous ?” you smile, eyes wide opened. You were so happy right now, you didn’t know why, but you were on the moon, even if he was sullen. He didn’t answer clairly, he just had a smirk on his face.

“- Baby, this guy is… I don’t even know his name !” you laugh. “Ask J-hope oppa, he was here… He was just talking about how he…” you try to add.

“- Can’t you see how he was flirting with you ? Like really  Y/N-ah… This bastard was showing off, bluffing and even envisioning lies that he will tell you after all those tall tales. He even made you laugh” he cuts you off. 

You laughed openly. What was he talking about ? You were the kind of person who smiles and laughs for every little funny things. All jokes were pretty amusing to you.

“- Oppa, don’t you remember… How I was all giggling when we first met ? Don’t you remember when you told me that I was a lovely bright persona ? You told me that you fall in love with the sound of my laugh…” your voice was calm but you were shy and you felt your heart pulsing harder. 

“- I do remember… And that’s actually why I’m pissed off. To gain your heart I had to make you laugh and with him… You were smiling and joking” he looks at you in the eyes and you saw that he was truly sorry.

“- We know each other for five years. You and I are together for the last two years… Are you serious ? Do you think that someone will come from nowhere and steal me from you ? Hey baby, I disagree, I don’t want anybody but you…” you say with a little voice. 

You two stayed here, looking into each other eyes and souls, without a word. A cold air flow hits you and you shivered. When he realised that you were cold, he pounced on you and hugged you tightly. He leaned his head in your neck.

“- It’s still frightening to know that you can lose the most important person in your life you know…” he whispers. “You are mine, and only mine. Don’t look at anybody but me. Don’t even dare to joke around with anybody but me. ”

“- As you want, oppa !” you yell, standing to attention.

He cupped your face and kissed your forehead. You hit his elboys with your little fist.

“- Yaaaah, JIMIN ! I know that I’m small but…” he shushs you with a deep and passionate kiss while you were standing on your tiptoe. 

“- I missed you..” he smiles.

“- But I was right here, sulky boy !” you retort making fun of him.

It was two in the  morning but you didn’t care at all. You were with the person you love the most in the whole univers and it was wonderful. It seems that the moon was still looking at you two. You smiled. Under the moonlight, one of his hand was on your cheek and the second one was on your back bringing you closer. Your lips against his, you were heart to heart.

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anonymous asked:

One time when I was just learning skiing I was like 6 y o and nobody had told me how to brake with the skiis and the teacher was like 'okay everyone stop by that tree' so all the kids went in a line and stopped neatly by the tree but then I was like 'shit I don't know how to stop but maybe the tree will stop me' so long story short that's how I rammed straight into a tree when learning how to ski as a kid. it hurt.

skiing freaks me out because literally how do you stop