Exo Reactions To Them Losing Their 3 Year-old In A Theme Park

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He runs over to a stand to get ice cream, leaving his daughter by the table they’d been sitting at. When he turns around to ask what flavor she wants, he sees that she’s gone. His eyes widen in horror as he turns back to the woman at the ice cream stand, who gives him a worried look. 

He runs around, searching & calling his daughter’s name with a sense of panic, hastily trying to find her before you find out that he let this kind of thing happen. When he spots her finally, she’d been playing in a fountain, laughing & giggling like she didn’t know anything was wrong. He breathlessly approached her, putting his hands on his hips & shaking his head.


His heart drops when he glances over, not seeing a sign of his son anywhere. He runs over, his eyes darting in every direction as he plows a hand through his hair. He doesn’t know where to start looking but he feels a wave of relief when he hears his son’s laughter coming from close-by. 

With a tense jaw, he lets his long legs carry him towards the sound, trying to calm himself but still feeling the pit in his stomach. His son finally comes into view as he rounds a corner by the outdoor play area & his son’s bright smile beams at him. His face relaxes as he lets out a harsh exhale, pointing at his son with a disapproving glare.


He’d been busy looking at action figures in a shop & hadn’t noticed his daughter wandering off. He turns to show her a toy, not really thinking about how long he’d been preoccupied, when his eyes fall & no one is there next to him. His insides grow hot as he thinks about what could have happened or where she could have gone. 

He slams the toy down on the counter & shuffles around the shop, feeling the dread of knowing you’d kill him if you found out. He almost gives up searching the area, thinking about moving on when he sees his daughter’s hair over a short display & he wipes the sweat from his brow.


He had only looked away for a short moment, pulling his hand from his son’s small grasp to look on the park map for the area you said you’d meet them in. When he peaked back towards where his son had been, not seeing him there anymore, his eyes widen & his confusion is written on his face. 

Without panic or worry, he looks around, having to squint due to his poor eyesight & he lets out his son’s name in one strong breath with a tone of warning. He doesn’t have to look much longer when his son comes running up to him, looking shy & taking his hand again. He looks down with a scolding expression, threatening to tell you what had happened if he did it again.


He & his daughter had stopped for a snack after they’d been on a few rides, he carried her to the food area, listening to her rant about all the things she wanted to eat. He smiled, nodding her to as she continued but ignoring her requests to pick it himself. He’d set her down to pay for the food, not seeing her little legs carry her off to a candy store just across the way.

 Once he’d noticed her absence, his face showed his confusion instantly. He called for her, setting the food down & raking the area with his eyes when he saw her come strolling out of the candy store with a lollipop. He shook his head, laughing but feeling the panic deep down.


He’d been approached by a fan while he was waiting for you to return with food & asked for a picture. He nodded, giving his son a quick look before turning his attention back to the fan. He’d been pulled into a short conversation when the fan mentioned the absence of his son. 

He whirled around, his eyes wild & his hands outstretched like he was going to grab someone that wasn’t there. He looked around, darting off in a random direction, tripping on his own feet as he rocketed forwards. His head whipped in every direction, calling for his son as he ran, finally spotting the little one in your arms as you walked forward with your brows raised.


He pointed to a ride, asking his daughter if she wanted to go on it & smiling when she jumped around excitedly. He pulled her gently into the line, making her stand behind him so that the water didn’t splash her too much. He twisted around to check on her as she hadn’t said anything for a while & he froze when he saw that she was no longer there. 

He looked around, bemused & concerned. His daughter’s name escaped his lips but so quietly that she couldn’t have heard him. He said it again louder & he heard a giggle come from the bush next to him. He peaked in & saw her smiling at him innocently unable to fight his smile as he giggled back.


He’d been waiting for his son to finish eating when he decided to clean up the mess they’d made, taking their garbage to the bins & getting distracted for just a moment by a music video playing on a big screen. When it ended & he started walking back towards his son, he saw that their table was empty. 

He stopped in his spot, his face bewildered as he looked around the area, trying to spot his son in the crowd. He called his son’s name, trying to stay calm but feeling the panic rising. When his son’s voice came floating over, he let out a sigh of relief, his face turning hard as he readied himself to scold once his son came skipping over.


He stopped to get bubble tea, putting his daughter under the shade of a tree & patting her head before walking off. He took a while to decide on a flavor for her & once he’d finished, returning to their spot, she was gone. He’d never felt a sense of terror like he was feeling as he rushed around frantically, trying to spot his daughter anywhere. 

His heart raced in his chest as he swore to himself, knowing you’d never trust him alone with her again if he couldn’t find her before park security had to get involved. He clung to the bubble tea as he ran, finally seeing her talking to a statue & giggling. He relaxed, rushing over to give her a tea without scolding. 


He had been having a good time alone with his son while you’d left them together, he’d bought them both snacks & they went on rides, smiling the whole time. He’d only just gotten off a ride when he noticed his son’s hand wasn’t in his anymore & as he looked up, he didn’t see him anywhere. 

His eyes widened so much that he felt the pain of them stretching but he couldn’t focus on it. His body lurched forward in the direction he’d come from, shouting his son’s name & looking crazy. He didn’t go far when he saw a woman waving at him with a smile, holding his son’s hand. His big eyes stayed that way as he walked over with relief.


His attention was focused on a food cart as he sampled different things, handing some of them to his daughter to taste but otherwise not giving her much of a second thought. He’d started to hand her another treat when his eyes met nothing but the ground & his heart dropped. 

He looked up, still not seeing her & he knew how much trouble he was in. Still holding the food in one hand, he ran around hastily, looking in every direction with a twisted expression. He finally found her trying to fit inside a garbage can & he rolled his eyes, trying to calm himself down but immediately scolding her by giving her the food & smiling wide.


He hadn’t taken his eyes off his son as they walked around, trying to find something to do until you returned but not agreeing on anything. He took his hand from his son’s to check his phone for any sign of you contacting him & in that short moment, his son had disappeared. 

He looked around, his face seeming calm but his worry apparent as his mouth fell open. He let his son’s name out once, almost as if he was just casually speaking, & the sound of his son’s small voice echoed to his left where a game of skiiball had drawn his attention. As he got closer to his son, a familiar younger version of his own smile greeted him & he sighed once with a smile.