skies of arcadia cosplay


Fina of Skies of Arcadia

Oh goodness, this is my favorite cosplay that I’ve made due to the personal memories I have with it!  It was my favorite video game growing up that I played with my Dad and I replayed it over and over and over… I adored Fina as a character so it was only natural that I should want to become her! I hope you enjoy this cosplay as much as I do!

The Dress & Sleeves:

  • Made from a white satin, drafted and cut the pattern myself
  • The collar is gold stretch fabric with interfacing that has black fabric paint for the circuit pattern. The sleeves are made the same without interfacing and have elastic in the upper sleeve to hold it on
  • The circles on the neck cutout are rolled wire and the gold circuit pattern was hand painted on

The Accessories:

  • The veil is a sheer fabric cut and painted by me, then attached to a gold headband made with gold fabric and black paint
  • The silver armbands are wired silver ribbon with velco
  • The anklets are gold fabric and black paint, they just stretch and slip on
  • Cupil the plushie was drafted, cut, sewn and stuffed by me with black paint for his eyes