skies of aoi

So I finished watching Romeo’s Blue Skies / Romeo no Aoi Sora.

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful and inspiring series I’ve ever seen and despite it’s age and dated animation, the story remains deep and impactful and delivers the kind of message I think anyone who gives it an honest chance can and will truly appreciate. For me, this is one I’ll certainly remember forever.

Romeo’s blue skies is beautiful and one of the best anime i’ve ever watched. i think i cried way more times than i dare to admit. It’s an adaptation of the Die Schwarzen Brüder, a german novel about children who were bought in small towns around the Switzerland border to work as chimney sweepers (spazzacamino) in Milan. The anime was done by the World Masterpiece Theater of Nippon Animation, you might know some titles by them as they were active a ton of years: heidi, marco, tom sawyer (these were so popular in my country), even the Shoujo Cosette anime from 2007.
Romeo was very touching and i will hold it dear to my heart, it’s very rare for a series to leave me so devastated. Old animes kicking right where it hurts.