I decided to go ahead and upload any and all my works, comments, and anything funny on here for now on.

Party Hard Marianne!
Marianne is celebrating The Eye’s 10th Year Anniversary.  Marianne belongs to Avencri.  Line art by Mastergodai. 

Black Friday AMP
Yeah…this actually happened to me during Black Friday.  AMP belongs to me.  Line art by Mastergodai. 

Merchant Steve
In continuation of Steve Quest, Steve helps Farron unload some merchandise…in the wrong way.  Steve belongs to me.  Line art by Skidd 

New Style Marianne!
Marianne posing for an all new look.  Marianne belongs to Avencri.  Line art by Mastergodai.

Santa AMP
It’s Christmas!!!  AMP belongs to me.  Line art by Kuurion. 

Business Alex
Alex is sporting her new business attire look.  Marianne belongs to Avencri.  Line art by Mastergodai.

Skidd -
Mastergodai -
Avencri -
Kuurion -


Tried a bit of caricature on characters from the Webcomic “UberQuest” since I wanted to make a titlecard for the Youtube video of the “UberQuest Main Theme” I made and I ended up having way too much fun working with the character-designs, Sesame especially.

From top to bottom.
- Sesame Akane
- Claire O’Conell
- Kibbles

Vivid is publishing Uberquest by Skidd and Phuffy- Kickstarter live now!

Join the Thunderclap to spread the word:

They’re letting me have a guest illustration in their first Volume, and this is it- but I’m not the only guest artist.  It’s shaping up to be an awesome book!

  • Uberquest Main Theme
  • Hugo Junstrand

Commissioned by Skidd, creator of the webcomic “Uberquest”.

Skidd was looking for a theme tune for said webcomic with a sound similar to the game “Elder Scrolls: Skyrim”.

I tend to be a bit careful not to use too many instruments when making orchestrated music so it doesn’t overshadow the core melody behind it so I took a Ennio Morricone approach for this one and build up as the music nears the end.

Needless to say, I was quite happy with this one and so was Skidd.


T.L. ft S.KIDD - Young & Fly