skid writes

ok, after the new mtmte, I kind of want a fic where Skids and Swerve begin to realize that they really care about each other… Skids is there every single morning at Swerve’s door and they walk together to the bar. Skids asks him all kinds of questions about how his day’s been. He even waits close by Rung’s office when Swerve starts therapy sessions.

Swerve is unusually quiet, he’ll talk to respond to a question, but he’s still so exhausted and feels guilty for everything. And he’s so happy about Skids caring enough. But, soon, the depression strikes again and it makes Swerve wonder if Skids really cares or he just pities Swerve. 

It’s actually Cyclonus’ idea that Skids should do something special for Swerve next time they’re visiting an alien dock. So, Skids plans it out and everything. And when they do visit a planet, Skids goes to Swerves door and asks if he’d like to come out. But Swerve just insists that he won’t be any fun and tells Skids to go and enjoy it without him.

So, Skids asks Swerve what he wants to do instead. But Swerve doesn’t answer and goes to lay on his berth, curling up into a sad ball. Skids follows after him, sits beside him on the berth and pulls him into a hug. Swerve can’t even speak. He clings to Skids and just quietly sobs into his armor.