Perseid, Aurora, and Noctilucent Clouds : Night skies over northern Sweden can hold some tantalizing sights in August. Gazing toward the Big Dipper, this beautiful skyscape captures three of them in a single frame taken last August 12/13. Though receding from northern skies for the season, night shining or noctilucent clouds are hanging just above the horizon. Extreme altitude icy condensations on meteoric dust, they were caught here just below an early apparition of a lovely green auroral band, also shining near the edge of space. The flash of a Perseid meteor near the peak of the annual shower punctuates the scene. In fact, this years Perseid shower will peak in the coming days, offering a continuing chance for a night sky photographers hat trick. via NASA

better late than never

@bowldeepfannish gave me this prompt forever ago: “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto” and i’ve sat on it for an age and what we have is a crackfest inspired by the brooklyn nine-nine gifs i see all over tumblr (full disclosure: have not seen the show, need to fix that someday). it’s also set in san francisco because recent @forovnix and @ayabai posts meant i couldn’t not.

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“Feet off the desk.” Yuuri Katsuki is the newest addition to the precinct and he hasn’t figured out how Captain Yakov Feltsman manages to say such things to Beautiful Detective Victor Nikiforov with such a scowl: does he dislike angels? Is he allergic to joy? Phichit Chulanont, who is his flatmate and his partner for patrols, keeps a growing list of theories that Yuuri only adds to in the secrecy of their flat, and even there he’s not convinced he’s safe: Yakov is a force, a terrifying thirty-years-of-experience and a gunshot-wound-to-prove it hurricane of fury that sweeps through the open plan of their desks and commands order from chaos. “Mayor’s office is visiting today.” 

Victor Nikiforov, who is Unreasonably Good Looking, takes his feet off his desk. He waits until Yakov Feltsman has shut himself into his office and pulled the blinds to slant a look over to Christophe Giacometti, who’s looking way too smug already. Yuuri soon finds out why.

“So Baranovskaya’s paying a visit, huh?” Victor speculates idly. Yuuri has seen him in action on a crime scene, making idiotic, obvious observations like this, and yet what Victor’s best known for is resolving a hostage situation at the tail end of a nasty domestic kidnapping, just a few months ago. There had been guns. Yuuri had sat up all night listening to the police radio with his heart in his throat. Ohmygod, Phichit realized, at approximately 2:47 AM, you’re in love with Victor Nikiforov.

He’s too pretty to die, Yuuri whispered miserably. Except Victor was brilliant, of course; brilliant and reckless and negotiated a completely non-violent surrender. Yuuri’s read up on all kinds of his cases: talking down a jumper from the Golden Gate, for instance.

Back to the present. Victor’s wearing a blue shirt today. It brings out the color of his eyes. Yuuri stares at him, helpless. “They were married, you know.” Christophe chimes in, and then Phichit leans over the desk he shares with Yuuri, and stage-whispers:

“Oh my god. They were married.”

Seung-gil, who does IT, promptly changes the twitter account password to stop Phichit from posting the joke. He looks pointedly across the room at Georgi Popovich from forensics, who’s nearest a large whiteboard with a running tally bearing all of their names. Under Phichit, Georgi adds one more tick mark. 

“Aww, come on. I wasn’t going to actually –”

Seung-gil grunts. Yuuri’s not sure he’s ever heard him speak.

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Fic Masterpost

This is a list for you to navigate my fics a bit easier. Sorry for the lack of good titles. All of them include a little summary/some things you might want to know! 

I will update this as much as I can (: Thanks for reading, angels.

most popular


“You have to stop this.” *NEW

sam wants to help dean, who has a hard time coping. 12x23 coda fic, angst. 

“You love me, right?” *NEW

cas loves dean, but dean can’t seem to talk. another 12x23 fic. angst topped with angst 

Grocery Mornings *NEW

cas has a hard time getting up and definitely doesn’t want to meet his handsome neighbor today. neighbor!au, grumpy morning!cas

Take These Broken Wings *NEW

dean and cas finally get time alone, and dean insists on grooming his angel’s wings. established, canon!fic 

Soulmates *NEW

cas wonders who the hell says this as their first words to their soulmate. high school au, soulmate!au

“Close your eyes and hold out your hands.” *NEW

cas has a present for dean. canon!fic, fluff, bit of angst, established

“You can tell me anything.” *NEW

dean has a confession to make to his teacher. teacher/student au


dean loves waking up under angel wings. wing!fic, morning fluff.

“I just want a hug.”

dean gets bullied, castiel wants to make him feel better. bullied!dean, high school au, angst, fluff

Dean’s Doughy Delights

the happy baker dean gets an unsuspected customer. fluff, tiny bit of angst, chubby!baker!dean, homeless!cas, possible series


dean and castiel study outside in the garden. high school au, fluff, there’s art by crxstalcas


dean and castiel have a date on the fair. high school au, fluff

“I remember kissing you, why do I remember kissing you?”

last night, dean drunkenly kissed castiel and cas kissed back, sober. angst, fluff 

“I thought you’d never hurt me, but I was wrong. You hurt me the most.”

dean doesn’t like losing. established, fluff, high school au

I confessed to you riding shotgun underneath the purple skies

set in season 13, dean and cas finally talk about cas being human. canon!verse, angst

“Kiss me.” 

dean brings cas as his fake boyfriend to his hometown reunion. fake relationship, fluff, dancing


cas will do anything for dean, but being left behind every night eventually hurts too much. end!verse, a lot of angst

“If we get caught I’m blaming you.”

this is what happens when dean and cas tease each other on t he baseball field. high school au, short and a little smutty 

12x19 Coda

alternative ending to 12x19. angst, smut, bottom!dean, top!cas

12x23 Coda

dean and sam’s right after castiel’s death (aka how i want 13x01 to go), angst, could be tfw idk

“Is that a threat?”

the baseball team wants their captain, dean, to remove an unwanted visitor from the field. short fluff, established, high school au

two miserable people meeting at a wedding

dean is forced to go to a wedding, but he meets someone who seems as unlucky as him. cop!dean, writer!cas, minor angst

The Jealousy’s Evening

castiel can’t stand that his best friend dean has a girlfriend, especially when she ruins their movie night. angst, minor dean/lisa

“The blood’s just from a nosebleed. Don’t worry about it.”

cas is worried when his husband doesn’t come home on time. teacher!cas, firefighter!dean, fluff, married!au

“Don’t touch him!”

when castiel gets bullied by alistair, dean will make sure cas is okay. punk!cas, bullying, high school au

Patience And Faith

dean hears his roommate crying in the shower and wants to know what’s wrong. angst, fluff, roommates!au

The Piano Man

every time dean gets off the train, a handsome man is playing the piano and simply mesmerizes him. winter!fic, strangers, pianist!cas

“You’re warm.”

cas isn’t used to the cold, and dean has to keep him warm. fluff, winter!fic, bed sharing, canon!verse with human!cas


when a guy starts hitting on cas, dean gets a little too jealous. canon!verse, jealous!dean.

“Please, don’t leave.”

dean doesn’t want his boyfriend to leave on a trip with his family. high school au, established, fluff and a bit of angst.

“I can’t watch you with someone else. It’s tearing me apart.”

castiel knows he and dean are just friends with benefits, but he can’t stand it when dean goes out with lisa. angst, fwb


dean and cas are a little drunk. short, drunk fluff.

A Hard Day’s Night

cas makes an appointment with an escort, but things don’t go as planned. escort!dean, student!cas, chapter fic 

Possibility Days

as a single father, castiel has a hard time, but he keeps getting saved by the same stranger. chapter fic, single!father cas, mechanic!dean, i probably won’t continue this


Jibcon 2017

quick drabble i wrote when we all thought jensen wasn’t wearing underwear (a girl can dream)


“Stop biting that fucking lip!”

sam has a few reasons for cas to stop biting his lip. high school au, fluff

Sam’s favorite student

there is one person in sam’s yoga class that he likes most. dirty and smutty, i lost my shame somewhere

A Summer Photo Essay

(Written by Sam Cox - November 8, 2014)

During the summer months, most skiers invest significant time and energy ensuring they’re setup with maximum free time and ample funds for the upcoming winter.  In order to accomplish this, strategies vary across a broad spectrum of employment opportunities: commercial fishing, construction, wildland firefighting, guiding and landscaping to name a few.  For the last 16 years, the Forest Service has been my chosen path during the off season.  Spending time outside, having the opportunity to travel and working with quality individuals keeps me coming back each summer.  Fire season is a fickle thing though, it’s highly influenced by the weather and you never know exactly what you’re going to get.  I stopped and snapped a few iPhone pics along the way this season, and put together a short photo essay of my personal take on how to spend the summer setting myself up for success this winter. 

2016-17 Ski Jumping Season - Summary! (very long post)

World Cup

Winner: Stefan Kraft

Most first places: Stefan Kraft (8)

Most second places: Andreas Wellinger (8)

Most third places: Stefan Kraft (6)

All jumpers: 140

Jumpers with points: 73

The best jumper without a single podium: Vincent Descombes Sevoie (16 place)

The worst player with at least one podium: Andreas Kofler (23 place)

All leaders:

1. Domen Prevc (25.11.2016, Kuusamo - 26.11.2016, Kuusamo) - 1 competition

2. Severin Freund (26.11.2016, Kuusamo - 4.12.2016, Klingenthal) - 1

3. Domen Prevc (4.12.2016, Klingenthal - 4.01.2017, Innsbruck) - 7

4. Daniel Andre Tande (4.01.2017, Innsbruck - 6.01.2017, Bischofshofen) - 1

5. Domen Prevc (6.01.2017, Bischofshofen - 14.01.2017, Wisła) - 1

6. Kamil Stoch (14.01.2017, Wisła - 12.03.2017, Oslo) - 10

7. Stefan Kraft (12.03.2017, Oslo - World Cup winner) - 5

Podium classification (1st-2nd-3rd):

1. Stefan Kraft (8-3-6)
2. Kamil Stoch (7-3-2)
3. Domen Prevc (4-1-1)
4. Daniel Andre Tande (2-4-0)
5. Maciej Kot (2-1-0)
6. Andreas Wellinger (1-8-3)
7. Michael Hayböck (1-1-2)
8. Severin Freund (1-1-0)
9. Peter Prevc (1-0-1)
10. Noriaki Kasai (0-1-1)
11. Robert Johansson (0-1-0)
11. Andreas Stjernen (0-1-0)
13. Markus Eisenbichler (0-0-3)
14. Manuel Fettner (0-0-2)
15. Richard Freitag (0-0-1)
15. Evgeniy Klimov (0-0-1)
15. Andreas Kofler (0-0-1)
15. Jurij Tepes (0-0-1)
15. Piotr Żyła (0-0-1)

Best competitions for nations without any individual podiums:

Bulgaria: Wladimir Zografski - 47 place in Sapporo
Czech Republic: Roman Koudelka - 5 place in Sapporo
Estonia: Kaarel Nurmsalu - 30 place in Obertsdorf and PyeongChang
Finland: Jarko Määttä - 14 place in Innsbruck
France: Vincent Descombes Sevoie - 5 place in Kuusamo
Canada: MacKenzie Boyd-Clowes - 12 place in Klingenthal
Kazakhstan: Marat Zhaparov - 44 place in Wisla
South Korea: Kim Hyun-ki - 44 place in PyeongChang
United States: Kevin Bickner - 15 place in Vikersund
Switzerland: Simon Ammann - 11 place in Sapporo
Italy: Sebastian Colloredo - 9 place in Innsbruck

Nations Cup

1. Poland - 5833 points (3733 individual + 2100 in teams)

2. Austria - 5586 points (3736 individual + 1850 in teams)

3. Germany - 5513 points (3563 individual + 1950 in teams)

Team competitions podiums:

3.12.2016, Klingenthal:

1. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Kamil Stoch, 3. Dawid Kubacki, 4. Maciej Kot)

2. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Richard Freitag, 4. Severin Freund)

3. Austria (1. Michael Hayböck, 2. Stefan Kraft, 3. Andreas Kofler, 4. Manuel Fettner)

21.01.2017, Zakopane:

1. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, .2 Stephan Leyhe, 3. Andreas Wellinger, 4. Richard Freitag)

2. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Maciej Kot, 3. Dawid Kubacki, 4 Kamil Stoch)

3. Slovenia (1. Jurij Tepes, 2. Peter Prevc, 3. Jernej Damjan, 4. Domen Prevc)

28.01.2017, Willingen:

1. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Maciej Kot, 3. Dawid Kubacki, 4 Kamil Stoch)

2. Austria (1. Michael Hayböck, 2. Manuel Fettner, 3. Gregor Schlierenzauer, 4. Stefan Kraft)

3. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, .2 Stephan Leyhe, 3. Andreas Wellinger, 4. Richard Freitag)

11.03.2017, Oslo

1. Austria (1. Michael Hayböck, 2. Manuel Fettner, 3. Markus Schiffner, 4. Stefan Kraft)

2. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, .2 Stephan Leyhe, 3. Richard Freitag , 4. Andreas Wellinger )

3. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Kamil Stoch, 3. Dawid Kubacki, 4. Maciej Kot)

18.03.2017, Vikersund

1. Norway (1. Daniel Andre Tande, 2. Robert Johansson, 3. Johann Andre Forfang, 4. Andreas Stjernen)

2. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Dawid Kubacki, 3. Maciej Kot, 4. Kamil Stoch)

3. Austria (1. Michael Hayböck, 2. Manuel Fettner, 3. Gregor Schlierenzauer, 4. Stefan Kraft)

25.03.2017, Planica:

1. Norway (1. Robert Johansson, 2. Johann Andre Forfang, 3. Anders Fannemel, 4. Andreas Stjernen)

2. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, 2. Richard Freitag, 3. Karl Geiger, 4. Andreas Wellinger)

3. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Dawid Kubacki, 3. Maciej Kot, 4. Kamil Stoch)

65. Four Hills Tournament

30.12.2016, Oberstdorf: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Kamil Stoch 3. Michael Hayböck

1.01.2017, Garmisch-Partenkirchen: 1. Daniel Andre Tande, 2. Kamil Stoch, 3. Stefan Kraft

4.01.2017, Innsbruck: 1. Daniel Andre Tande, 2. Robert Johannson 3. Evgeniy Klimov

6.01.2017, Bischofshofen: 1. Kamil Stoch, Michael Hayböck, 3. Piotr Żyła

Final classification: 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Piotr Żyła 3. Daniel Andre Tande

Jumpers with 4/4 competitions: 34

Ski Flying World Cup

4.02.2017, Oberstdorf: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger 3. Kamil Stoch

5.02.2017, Oberstdorf: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Jurij Tepes

19.03.2017, Vikersund: 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Noriaki Kasai, 3. Michael Hayböck

24.03.2017, Planica: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Markus Eisenbichler

26.03.2017, Planica: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Noriaki Kasai

Final classification: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Kamil Stoch

Jumpers with 5/5 competitions: 21

Lahti 2017

25.02.2017, individual normal hill: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Markus Eisenbichler

2.03.2017, individual large hill: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Piotr Żyła

4.03.2017, team large hill: 1. Poland, 2. Norway, 3. Austria

Raw Air

10.03.2017, Oslo, prolog - 1. Andreas Wellinger, 2. Peter Prevc 3. Richard Freitag

11.03.2017, Oslo, team competition - 1. Austria, 2. Germany 3. Poland

12.03.2017, Oslo, competition - 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Markus Eisenbichler

13.03.2017, Lillehammer, prolog - 1 Markus Eisenbichler, 2. Richard Freitag, 3. Stefan Kraft

14.03.2017, Lillehammer, competition - cancelled

15.03.2017, Trondheim, prolog - 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Andreas Stjernen, 3. Andreas Wellinger

16.03.2017, Trondheim, competition - 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Stjernen, 3. Andreas Wellinger

17.03.2017, Vikersund, competition (An additional competition in place of Lillehammer) - cancelled

17.03.2017, Vikersund, prolog - 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Domen Prevc

18.03.2017, Vikersund, team competition - 1. Norway, 2. Poland 3. Austria

19.03.2017, Vikersund, competition - 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Noriaki Kasai 3. Michael Hayböck

Final classification: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Kamil Stoch, 3. Andreas Wellinger

Jumpers with full number on jumps: 11

Interesting/Fun facts:

  • Daniel Andre Tande was never 4th when Maciej Kot was 5th and vice versa.
  • Andreas Wellinger gained more second places (8) than Daniel Andre Tande fourths (7) and Maciej Kot fifths (5).
  • Poland is the only team, which had used only four players in all six team competitions.
  • Slovenia had used a total of 10 players in team competitions.
  • Poland is the only team, which had stood on the podium in all team competitions (2 wins, 2 second places, 2 third places).
  • Austria had the most used jumpers (17) and the most pointers (11)
  • Fatih Arda Ipcioglu didn’t qualified for the Lillehammer’s contest in Raw Air tournament, but that competition was cancelled later. That means Turk formally didn’t made debut in World Cup, but he was on 81 place in the RA tournament.
  • The organizers disqualified jumpers 28 times.
  • Four players gained points in every World Cup competition - Manuel Fettner, Kamil Stoch, Maciej Kot and Piotr Żyła.
  • Vincent Descombes Sevoie gained more points than Switzerland (including team competition).
  • Robert Johansson beat ski flying hill record twice (in Vikersund and Planica), but Stefan Kraft jumped further same days.
  • A total of 15 players were in the TOP10 of World Cup’s classification. Without final TOP10, were there: Severin Freund, Vincent Descombes Sevoie, Karl Geiger, Andreas Kofler, Piotr Żyła.

2016-17 in screens

(last picture was made by me :3)

2016-17 Awards (imo only)

Jumper of the season: Stefan Kraft

Revelation of the season: Robert Johansson

Disappointment of the season: Simon Ammann

Surprise of the season: Vincent Descombes Sevoie

Team of the season: Poland

Coach of the season: Stefan Horngacher (Poland)

Jump of the season: Stefan Kraft (253,5 metres in Vikersund)

Competition of the season: 18,03,2017, Vikersund, team competition

Fail of the season: Andreas Wellinger (19.03.2017, Vikersund, final RA competition)

Character of the season: Domen Prevc

SEE YOU IN 2017-18!!!