Dream catcher

I’ve been running my glitter polished fingers over the way you used to say “I love you”
Bong rips and casting white light
I drunkenly ate raw honeycomb slices while pretending it was your heart
Walking through the suburbs in the dark while hallucinating
We were in a romance with a UFO that night
Still waiting to get abducted
Light cigarettes and adderall feeling like high school
I want to be in the kind of love where it feels like the stars are moving backwards
Opal skies breaking against my wrists like splashes of sea water
I still long for motel beds but you won’t be there next to me
I swallowed you whole and you’ve just stayed there-marinating
I’m going to plant roses in my womb
And watch the sun glisten between crystal shards
I want to ooze love
Dear god don’t let this hate consume me


All Hail The King by Armando Mesias in London, UK

From the artist: “This is an experimental project; a biographic narrative of Walter White and his multiple personas. Each piece reveals a different side of his personality; a different story for every important person in his life.”

These are amazing paintings Armando. Incredible work.

Links: Web site / Tumblr / Facebook / InstagramSociety6

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