Sagittarius & Libra
  • Libra, cuddling with Sagittarius @ his place: This is nice
  • Sagittarius, enjoying being the the little spoon: Yeah, but you know what would be even better?
  • Libra, already knows what he is going to say: N-
  • Sagittarius, smiles evilly: Tell me one thing that is wrong with dressing up as reindeer with ski masks and breaking into Cancer's place to surprise them with gifts?
  • Libra, pulls a face: It's illegal...?
Why do you look at me like I’m a star, and then go home at night and thank the gods that your ceiling prevents you from gazing at the skies?
—  Ashes
I need to pretend that you were never here
I need to forgot the 2am conversations 
that still echo through my ears
as we sat under starry skies
that are forever burned into my eyes
I need to let you go the way you did
when you left me to save the world
because I can’t handle knowing
which side of the gun you’re on