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Skies in Ghibli’s Movies. Can you guess all of them?

From left to right, top to bottom:

Whisper of the Heart

The Wind Rises

Grave of the Fireflies

Tale of the Earthsea

Spirited Away

On Your Mark

Howl’s Moving Castle

The Borrowers


Porco Rosso

paramore album aesthetics
  • all we know is falling: empty afternoon highways, walking through a field, feelings of empty nostalgia, crying in bed at 2am, amateur guitar playing, not caring about what you wear, aloof glances, beat-up cars, watching the stars shine bright, not being able to move on, wallowing in sorrow for a while.
  • riot!: childlike optimism, headbanging, screaming the lyrics at your favorite band's concert, trying to get past high school dress codes, bold makeup, striped leggings and studded belts, laughing boisterously, a first kiss with your significant other, visiting amusement parks in the summer, feeling like you can conquer the world.
  • brand new eyes: standing up for yourself, old town districts, growing up, riding horses in the fall, staying strong, taking long walks before the sunrise, eating a tub of cookie dough ice cream, confronting toxic people, browsing through family photo albums, end of summer parties, knowing that everything will be alright someday.
  • paramore: leaving everything behind, seeing the world, bright hair and neon clothes, fireworks, blasting loud music while driving with friends, being in charge of your future, dyeing your hair again and again, denim jackets with pins, dancing by yourself, bursts of inspiration in the middle of the night, finally knowing how to let go.
  • after laughter: hiding sadness with humor, splashes of color, murals on the sidewalk, pink skies, 80s teen movies, eating sweet fruits, wacky sunglasses, vinyl records, floating on a swimming pool, dusty old video game consoles that still work perfectly, confused by conflicting emotions.

Moana; Yet another amazing animated film filled with beautiful cinematography, great great visuals, very good plot, characters and everything else it is filled with PLUS the skies in this movie are breathtaking I actually teared up over it. Another work of art by Disney really, I am yet again truly and completely heartfelt and in love. 

Freaks (angst, fluff, what the hell is it)

Title: Freaks (Vernon/Hansol)
Genre: Fluff, angst
Words: 1.9k
A/N: This is the first and original fic for the Call It What You Want request/fic so you’d find some similar parts or lines because both were based from one song. I thought this wasn’t good so I stopped writing it at effing one in the morning and wrote another again. But I am a really bad critique to my works so it’s all up to you to decide whether it’s good or bad. Enjoy!

p.s The closest thing I’ve been to a relationship is fake dating (haha, why is my life like this?). I had this absurd crush on someone but then I had to transfer schools, it’s what I often do before. One day, he asked me to pretend to be his girlfriend. He did it through chat. We don’t do anything intimate, he’ll just use my name to present as his girlfriend to his friends. People would gasp thinking he’s dating the girl who currently goes to this fancy school. It sucked so much, I felt like I was just hurting myself so I broke it off after a week. There was nothing to break anyway.

Originally posted by soniathearmycarat

Heavy smoke and different hues of light filled the house, reeking heavily of alcohol and cigarettes. EDM blared throughout the house. In the middle of the room, amongst the bodies of dancing people, were a group huddled together. They were slightly drunk too, red cups in  hand and cigar stuck between lips or some type of drug in their tongues.

A bottle was spinning in the center. Everyone stared at it with anticipation. It’s mouth stopped in front of a handsome, light-brown haired boy. Everyone erupted in howls of cheers and mock support.

“Hansol,” the hostess, Mina, said, his name rolling off her tongue. “Truth or Dare?”

The rash boy slurred, “Dare, duh.” He enjoyed the cries of satisfaction from his friends. It was just a game, he’d get over it. That’s the tip: Don’t take it seriously.

She grinned like a Cheshire cat, silently laughing, “I dare you to date the school freak for…hmm, three months and you’ve got yourself five bucks.”

The whole group oohed at the dare, looking at Hansol with anticipation. Was he a quitter or a winner?

Hansol hid his hesitancy with a smug smile, spreading his arms, “That’s it? Done.”

“Crush her heart real good, okay?” Mina laughed. Hansol didn’t say anything as he downed in his red cup.

You were in the library when someone sat in front of you. You didn’t see who it was because you had your book open in front of you and you weren’t interested in putting it down just yet. But what made your eyebrows knit together was the fact that someone sat in front of you. Nobody ever goes near you. You were the school’s universal cooties. The booger from The Wimpy Kid. Why though? All because you weren’t Mina’s friend anymore. It didn’t matter though, you liked being alone. Besides, school was almost over. You were finally graduating from this hell and moving to Seoul where you’ll finish up college to appease your parents until you find yourself a job and earn enough to disappear from everyone’s worlds. It was simple. Just put on a mask.

“Go away.” You gripped the hardcover tightly. Didn’t he know who you were?

“Why?” A familiar voice says. Hansol. You knew his voice, he was Mina’s on and off boyfriend, he was the school’s most popular boy. He was trouble.

“Because you’d get the cooties,” you finally said, shutting the book close and looking at his brown orbs.

“Doesn’t matter, it’s not like you own the place,” he said, smirking. Hansol was, you had to admit, very attractive. He made your heart flutter and deep scarlet tinted your cheeks.

“It’s not like you’re going to read, anyway,” you raised an eyebrow, gesturing at his empty hands. Hansol looked surprised but then his lips returned to his signature smile.

“Okay, you got me,” Hansol raised his hands in defeat, earning a smile from you. Bingo, a voice said inside him.

“What do you want?” you accused.

“Hey, slow down, I’m not like that.”

“Shut up, you are. Everyone knows that. So what do you want? My humiliation? My homework? My report card? My money? What?” Every sentence made Hansol wince, making him remember the reason you were Mina’s choice of girl for the dare. You were stone-hard and she hated you.

Hansol didn’t really know about you. All he knew was that if he ever got close to you, he won’t be everyone’s boy. He’d be reduced to nothing. It was survival instincts making him swerve to the opposite direction when you were walking his way or something.

“I just…” he looked at her sheepishly. “I wanted to ask you out on a date?”

You were stupefied, blinking at him. You and Hansol? On a date? It was absurd and ridiculous, “What kind of sick prank is this?”

“No, it’s not like that,” Hansol quickly said. He looked into your eyes and slowly took your hands. “It’s just that…I think you’re going to be fun to be with. And you seem like you have a whole other world inside you. I mean, when I look at you, I see your eyes wandering around, every single thing interesting you. And I think I’d like to know you better.”

Hansol knew he had said the truth. He did have his eyes traveling to your daydreaming face, wondering what you were thinking about. He didn’t have an explanation for that, it just happened. He just got bored from the lecture.

Your expression softened as you took your hands away from his, “Okay, just one date. But after I finish what I’m doing.”

Hansol eagerly nodded and you chuckled and you put the book in front you again, hiding the big smile in your face and the relieved one in his.

“This is amazing.” You say as you finished your blue cotton candy and moved into the line with Hansol. He, too, was giddy as he looked up to the enormous roller coaster. After being in almost all the rides in the amusement park, you and him were ready to take on the feared roller coaster.

“I know,” he agreed. The line moved and they were in front the two boys who run the monstrous ride. They stamped matching smiley faces on your wrists and led the two of you to your seats, strapping you and him. The vehicle started to move and both your heart rates went up.

Hansol and you were staggering as soon as you stepped out of your seats, hair disheveled but laughing. “That was fun, Hansol,” you laugh and Hansol was about to agree when you lost balance making him instinctively wrap his arms around you. Each others’ eyes interlocking.

“Sorry.” You push yourself away from him but Hansol still held your arms.

“Huh? Why? You’re warm,” he smiled and you smiled back. Maybe, he wasn’t what everyone said about him. Maybe he’s just Hansol, the sweet and charming guy in front of you.

You and Hansol tried to hide the excited heartbeats, slightly blushing when your eyes met. It was unbelievable.

That night, Hansol tossed and turned, your smile stuck in his mind. He knew, for the first time, everything didn’t feel like a game anymore. And that he didn’t want it to be a game, he wanted it to be real. He wanted to take it seriously.

He turned over and took his phone to send a text to you.

Today was fun. Are you up for another date?

You replied only a few minutes later. One word that filled Hansol’s brain with fireworks: Sure.

The preceding dates were different from the former ones. Water skiing, movies, Italian restaurant, pizza parlor, sky diving…so many different dates filled with conversations. Ever since, he’d been walking you to school and home. It didn’t stop there.

He would walk with his head down across the halls and you’d be caught in a trance. But then he would look up to catch your gaze, winking at you. You were the only girl he saw among the hordes of open-mouthed girls. And you’ve never felt so loved like this. It was absolutely a beautiful feeling.

Time went fast. As the weeks slowly ripened into months, love and warmth replaced the chill inside your heart. Your hypothalamus betraying every denials of love. But as the time went by, so was three months. Hansol felt his heart slowly sinking and breaking every time he saw Mina’s smug face around the corner.

“Time’s up, Hansol. When are you going to break up with her?” Mina said as soon as Hansol opened the door. His eyes widened as he looked back at you who was lounging at the couch, snacking on the popcorn he had prepared for the date. Swiftly, he closed the door behind him, stepping forward, and finally looked at Mina.

“I…can’t…” he looked down.

Mina scoffed, “Come on, it’s not that difficult. Just tell her you want to call it quits. You do that all the time, Hansol. Forgot it?”

Hansol’s mouth stayed shut.

Mina exasperatedly raised her arms and let it fall, “You’re not seriously in love with her, are you? She’s just a dare! Come on, Hansol, don’t be foolish! Just break up with her. It was just a dare, right?”

Hansol’s mouth opened but a different voice came instead, “I don’t think he has to.”

Hansol swiveled to you, what he saw broke his heart even more. Your eyes were red, tears pooling your face. Your name left his lips, “Y/N.”

“So tell me…what did she offer in return?” You said and Hansol winced, anger for Mina, for his stupidity, for himself simmered. He felt really really stupid. He was such a jerk.
“Y/N, let me–”

“No, let me guess. It’s probably money, right?” You bitterly laugh, crossing your arms over your chest as you leaned against the doorframe. Hansol was once again silent, unable to say anything. “Well, I guess I should go. Better spend your money wisely. I hope it was worth spending time with the freak.”

You tore away from them and ran away, hastily wiping the endless tears with the back of palms. You nearly stumbled so you stopped in the middle of nowhere. You didn’t care. It didn’t really matter, as long as you were away from those liars.

Hopelessness washed over you no matter how strong and firm you tried to be. You give up and sat on the ground, not minding if you looked like a hobo. You strike your chest, it was just difficult to comprehend the different shades of pain and betrayal inside you.

“Y/N…” the voice makes you stiffen, trying to look regal but your sniffles deny it. You look away instead, not wanting to look at the eyes that used to spark up your nights. The boy who made you believe in love. He was such a cruel person. “Y/N…listen to me. I shouldn’t ask that of you but I want you to hear me out. I don’t want this to end, okay? (To which you scoffed when internally you wanted to turn and press a frustrated kiss on his lips.) When I first met you, I didn’t think I’d fall for you. I mean, everyone talked badly of you. By everyone, I meant my social circle. But when you put that book down to look at me in the eye, I guess they all vanished. All their lies gone. I’ve forgotten about my ‘friends’ opinions. I don’t know…when I’m with you. I feel like a better version of me. You’re just everything to me. You light up my world with your smiles, your poor jokes, your books. Y/N…you’re just too good for me yet here I am asking you to not leave me…to forgive me.”

You slowly turned around to see him reduced to tears like you. Your heart clenched, you’ve never seen him cry, you wanted to wrap your arms around him, “Even if people will start judging you? You’ll stay with me?”

“Yes, I’ll stay with you. Who gives a damn about them, anyway?” Hansol knew one right he did these past three months. It was sitting in front of you in the library. It was being in love with you.

“So…what are we now?” you softly smiled. You really wondered what. Your relationship with Hansol was something so different. It felt unique. Far from every other relationships. The freak in the school of relationships.

“I don’t know,” Hansol smiled, inching closer to close the gap. “Call it what you want but I know there’s something real between the two of us.”

Hansol left a lingering kiss on your lips before clasping his hand to yours, both of you running away from the world.

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Highlight ~ Valentine’s Day | Gym | At the Club | Wedding Day | High School | Prom Night | Amusement Park | Beach Day | High School Freshman-Senior Year | 

History ~ Thriller Movie | Kdrama | Ski Trip | University Life | Love Connection| Sleep Over | Future Family | Zombie Apocalypse | Retail Job | High School | Valentine’s Day |

  1. Worth It All - Meredith Andrews
  2. Like An Avalanche [The White Album Remix] - Hillsong United
  3. Only Your Love - Kari Jobe
  4. Thrive - Casting Crowns
  5. Dream For You - Casting Crowns
  6. Glorious Ruins - Hillsong United
  7. Keeper of My Heart - Kari Jobe
  8. Strong God - Meredith Andrews

These are the songs I always listen to, especially during long car rides with my family. I think that God is so amazing that He can still speak to me through songs, the skies, and, sometimes, movies. I feel so many things these days, but He still is with me. Holy Spirit never fails to teach me and speak to me more about this relationship we have.

Anyway, I hope that you’re having a very blessed day, beloved! Jesus is with you right now, whatever it is you are doing. He loves you so much and He cares for you. :) You’re all greatly blessed!

anonymous asked:

I noticed the Rilucas scene in goodbye parallels Riley's Ski Lodge movie happening in the courtyard, but it's opposite because instead of "I can't live without you" they let go. The writers did that on purpose right?

I think so. I mean, Riley fantasizes that if they separated, they’d come back to each other immediately, avow their love, and (try to) kiss…but that’s just plain not what happens when they’re faced with separation in real life—right down to them kinda glaringly NOT having a “that was the worst two minutes of my life!” moment when it turns out she’s not moving. It’s the exact reverse opposite of what Riley envisioned (and presumably wanted for herself), pretty much.

They could’ve set that break-up scene anywhere, but they went with the same place where Riley had her fantasy about what would happen if she and Lucas separated.

Sooooo yeah, it hadn’t really occurred to me before (I noticed the parallel to First Date, mostly) but now that you mention it I’m inclined to think the break-up scene being set outside Topanga’s was an intentional choice in light of SL1.

anonymous asked:

am i the only one that didn't enjoy "the gang hits the slopes" in the slightest

no you are not; it’s one of my most detested episodes too. i think it catered to a very niche audience population (i.e., people who like 80s ski movies) and the whole point of it was to poke fun at that movie genre but everything was terrible except for everyone’s outfits and dennis’s ankles surely breaking