Bye bye.

I am surrounded by demons, darkness, hatred and neglect. No love will ever remain. The way I feel is driving me insane, someone take my hand. Help me feel worthy of this life, take the demons away, or I shall decide pick up my knife.

The demons still remain, making me suffer and complain. The voices will never leave, so now I no longer believe. Will this pain ever leave, within this life is this all I shall recieve? A knife finally meets my eye, soon enough I will be surrounded by the angels in the beauty of the skies.

Bye bye.

-Sarah Elia


“Women are made for making babies and housekeeping, not for hard dangerous sports like ski jumping”, said the coach of the Russian male ski jumping team Aleksandr Arefiev in a recent interview. And you easily can imagine me clenching fists in anger. 

There’s still an enormous quantity of men in this sport who think like this. Some try to cover it with sugary hypocricy, some don’t even try, like Arefiev and, to be honest, most of Russian Ski Jumping Federation. What’s the point even if Gian Franco Casper, FIS president, takes liberties to comment on this topic in a nasty chauvinist way every now and then? 

Yet our girls, beautiful, strong, brave girls achieved so much through all these years of battles with chauvinism and plain stupidity that surrounds ladies ski jumping. 

In three weeks ladies ski jumping is making its debut at the Olympic Games after long, exhausting years of debates, arguments and discussions.

This is a great victory. For all of us. Thank you, girls, for winning an important battle. 

            I have a general post-apoc fc list, but this list goes mores specifically into dividing between Sky People/Mountain Men and Grounder face claims. This face claim list can help both The 100 indie roleplayers in a sense of where to look for aesthetic post as well as face claims for original characters for the 100. This list is aided by my previous list and the dear indies list as well. The  list bellow are seperated by category and each face claim is listed by Name ( Show/Movie where they’re claim could be used from ) [ Age ] just so you know. The list also includes actors and actresses in the 100. Just in case. Mostly because I’ve seen some very non gounder face claims being used for grounders and like…

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                                                    MAKE  ME  CHOOSE.
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                                                   Karen  or  Maggie?


                               ❝Sometimes you just have to trust that fate will
                                   throw you a favor every once in a while.❞