Make! Ski jumping! More! Equal!

Look, I am not here to shade ski jumping but it’s absolutely unacceptable that girls

• have only one olympic event while men have three

• only have individual competitions, even though several countries could put forward teams

• throughout the world cup season only jump on normal hills.. They are more than capable of handling large hills just as well as men do

don’t have flying competitions… Ski flying is so special and it’s not okay these amazing athletes won’t get to experience it just because of their gender

• just don’t get the same coverage, financial support, attention as men do… I mean, I could probably count the occasions eurosport has broadcasted female ski jumping this season on one hand

• have almost half as many competitions as men do, and are paid much less in prize money which leads to Kamil Stoch earning almost 4.5 times more than Maren Lundby this season, although we know she dominated female ski jumping as much as he dominated male ski jumping (even more shockingly, Markus, who finished 10th in the world cup still made twice as much money as Maren did)

The list goes on, I just got extremely bitter out of nowhere and hope FIS will do something to fix this because it’s fucking 2018 and such blatant discrimination of women should already be a thing of the past. And let me point out: I am not attacking male jumpers, or think they should have less opportunities than they do now. Just please, please give the amazing girls the same opportunities the guys have, because they have proven so many times that they deserve them.