ski to the max

Stressed Out

(Taking place in @skiretehfox‘s Twenty One Pirates LIS AU.  If you want to see more of my work, check it out at @philwritesstuff)


Max barely felt the vibration of her phone in her shaking hands, and it took a few seconds for her to register that it had buzzed at all.  The dressing room was empty save her and Chloe, and she wondered through an anxiety-clouded mind if she should bother checking it or just leave it for after the show.  What if it was an emergency?  What if they had to cancel the show?  What would Lost Hope think of losing their headliners on the last night?

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Sometimes El will sit in the clearing by Hopper’s place for hours on end; reading books and drawing as the sun shines down on her back and bees buzz around her. It’s her favourite place. She loves the smell and the quiet. The winter after she discovers it is dreadful, because there is no more tall grass or blue skies above. But she, Max, and the boys make the most of it and have frequent snowball fights there. 

In the spring, the field is full of flowers and it is the greatest thing she has ever seen. El gathers a bunch and makes everyone flower crowns. 

“What was the start of all this?
When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?
Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now,
From deep within the flow of time.

But for a certainty, back then
We loved so many yet hated so much
We hurt others and were hurt ourselves.

Yet even then we ran like the wind
Whilst our laughter echoed
Under cerulean skies…." 

~ Chrono Cross

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The demon awakens from her long slumber among the melancholy and ominous lights. Her soul climbs from the darkened but light room. The beacon of the world illuminated by the cold darkness of evanescence. Pre-verberating echos mock the chimes of the present and future world(s). Balance is struck amiss in the chaotic undertone of the calm before the storm.

a kingdom in decline: an emotional instrumental fanmix for the dwarves of orzammar. “A more fascinating culture I have never visited, and my time there was bittersweet. For while I was blessed to be among a people so dedicated and stout-hearted, I could not shake the feeling that I was witnessing the last days of a proud people that, despite their best efforts, were destined to be overrun by evil.” [listen]

i. safe now - henry jackman ii. pact sworn in blood - marc streitenfeld iii. elysium - ryan amon iv. all gone - gustavo santaolalla v. mercy of the living - bear mccreary vi. beyond dark skies - jamie christopherson vii. the sixth station - joe hisaishi viii. winterreise - max richter ix. alpha - marc streitenfeld x. first night, first day - mychael danna xi. lost soul - garry schyman xii. present time - carter burwell


My  friend, Loren, literally i-messaged me a shot of this place on his recent snowboarding trip to Japan, and 電子ほら (et voilà), here it is for rent!  It’s a massive ski lodge to the modern max, yet has the perfect warm balance of wood, against concrete, against powder.

Sleeps up to 8, from $180/night.  素晴らしい (Awesome)

kristinox  asked:

Prompt where max and victoria get paired up for a school project.

So, by sheer luck, I had started writing another fic that involved Max and Victoria being paired up, so I was able to hit two birds with one stone. The other prompt was this one, submitted by anonymous:

Max and Victoria awkwardly holdinghands while going on an equally awkward date as a LiS prompt? Thanks :3

Without further ado, here’s my contribution to the Life is Strange fandom! I don’t have a title for it, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. Depending on how many people like it, I might make it into a separate text post, just for organizational purposes.

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