ski maske


Source: Izumi Mitsuki | Unit [rabbit chats]

once, mitsuki and nagi launched an assault on yamato’s hotel room to spook him together, and since they thought that they might be able to use it for the web programme, they got a camera to record the act.

they put on ski masks, went to his hotel room and launched the assault. yamato got freaked out, to the point where he cried and started begging the two to at least spare his life.

mitsuki and nagi started feeling bad, so with pale faces, they immediately revealed ourselves and apologized.

unfortunately, all of that was just yamato acting, and so mitsuki and nagi were the ones filmed instead. ever since that day, yamato has made that video called “Mitsuki and Nagi Awkwardly Removing Ski Masks” into blackmail material.

anonymous asked:

pink thug coming home late absolutely cashed and so you gotta get his half asleep ass up enough to get that ski mask off, his jeans, boots, socks, 18 layers of shirts, and all those heavy chains n rings,, smhh

He maybe gets the mask off, pulls it up so it’s more of a hat than a mask but other than that, nope, he just falls face first ontot he bed and passes out. He maybe grumbles as you strip him, get the clothes off, get the jewelry off. He maybe says something as you wipe him down with a wet cloth to get the blood off becuase some of it is seeped through his clothes and you know how nasty dried blood is.

Other than those few sounds though, he’s dead to the world and you take your time getting him cleaned up. He forgot to take his gloves tonight so his knuckles are split and bruised. He got hit by something in the face so his lips are cracked and he has a cut over his cheekbone, maybe a black eye. You take your time disinfecting everything, wrapping everything properly and making sure nothing’s broken. 

You’re not a doctor but google is a good friend to have when you know someone like PT. Plus he knows some shit that he tells you about when he remembers too of course. By the time you’re done he isn’t even grumbling anymore and you curl up in bed with him, pull the covers over both of you and wrap an arm around his waist.