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sunnyyyyyyy! How was your day? :3

I’m on a skiing trip and my legs are dEAD

(it’s snowing a lot too, it’s really pretty)

what about you? c: anyone doing something fun?

BTS when you save their life part Maknae line


This fancy party you were at was probably the most boring thing in existence. Who knew that rich did not mean exciting? You were here because you love your best friend who runs a catering business and the best server? Deciding to break a leg while skiing. Okay so the poor person did not actually decide to break their leg. But it was very inconvenient. So after being begged, bribed, and threatened you donned the classic white and black outfit with that annoying long waist apron that was to long for you. You tried to walk smoothly between the patrons but that damn apron made it hard. Not to mention it is hard to pay attention to where your feet are when you are busy staring at the breathtaking view of a fallen angel. Or possibly an angel risen from hell because holy mother of all that is chocolate the look you got from the man went from angel to incubus in .25 seconds. You swallowed hard and tried to focus on the other people offering champagne. But alas you finally tripped and down went the tray that had unfortunately been just refilled with fresh glasses of the sparkly. You were absolutely soaked and your best friend was almost peeing their pants from laughing so hard. You on the other hand were mortified. The gorgeous man was of course watching when it happened. You stood up shakily because your knee was not happy with the abrupt meeting of the floor. A couple other staff come running with a broom and towel quickly cleaning up the mess. You limp towards the kitchen where you can mope in peace and away from the prying eyes. Your friend went from laughing to sympathetic at the sight of you limping and followed quickly grabbed some ice for your knee and a chair to sit on. You hadn’t been this embarrassed since kindergarten when there was a fire drill and you had to much juice during lunch. The ice with a couple of anti-inflammatory tablets did wonders for your knee. As did the flask of whiskey your friend had pressed into your hand. The combination of whiskey and the thought of it couldn’t worse emboldened you to actually leave the sanctuary of the kitchen. Albeit you left through a side door that meant you didn’t have to go through the giant entertainment room. The side door led you outside and followed the path around the pool and the gate. You had the full intentions of catching a cab and going home to nurse your wounded pride and wounded knee. But instead you caught sight of the fallen angel ahead of you. You froze your whiskey altered mind trying to find an escape. Your mind wasn’t entirely helpful as it just kept repeating ESSSACAPE in your best Dory voice. Damn it why did you watch Finding Nemo before going to the party? You weren’t drunk necessarily, you were kind enough to leave some left in flask, but you were also slightly impared. So when Angel spots you and starts walking towards you, you do the only thing you can think of. You turn and run. Well you limp as fast you can in the opposite direction of Angel. You hear a melodic voice that you could only deduce was his but before he could finish calling out for you, you hear yelp then a thud then a… splash?! You jerk around eyes wide at the sight of Angel and a woman in the pool. It was clear Angel was at least able to float but the woman was in full blown panic as she clung to Angel her legs splashing and her voice screaming for help. Knee pain forgotten you move as fast as you can to the pool at the same time another bystander does. You meet the bystanders eyes and somehow it was clear to you she would grab the woman and you would help Angel. By the time you drove into the pool the woman in her panic had pushed Angel underwater and he flailed his arms trying to get her off. The female bystander grabbed a hold of the woman by the neck in a life guard move and swims backwards to the edge of the pool. Without the woman holding onto Angel he floats to the top of the water but he is face down and you could see the water around his head turning pink. The woman must have struck his head when she was flailing. You grab him dragging him to the edge of the pool where others were waiting and they pulled him up onto the ground. You hoist yourself up and watch him carefully and with a jolt you realize he is not breathing. You immediately lay your head on his chest and confirm that he is indeed not breathing. You point at the woman who had jumped in with you and told her to call for an ambulance. You start CPR praying and for him to wake up. You didn’t realize you were saying it out loud. Angel come on… Come on wake up… Come on Angel!!! With a mighty jerk he starts spitting out water his chest heaving. You move him into recovery position and rub his back gently. The emergency services arrives and start helping him onto a stretch but just as they were about to pull away he grabs your hand tightly.

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“You’re not going to let your Angel go alone… are you?”


Hiking… is not your thing. Where in the inner rings of hell did you EVER think it would be a good hobby to pick up?! You collapse onto the ground your breathing slightly labored as you lean against a large rock. This is not your idea of fun, but if there is one thing about you it is that you are not a quitter. The scenery was beautiful though. You pull off your backpack and pull out your water bottle and a granola bar looking at the breath taking view of mountains and giant trees. Granted you weren’t very high on this particular hike but you were high enough you could see other mountains in the distance through the trees. Once you have had your small break you put the water bottle and the granola wrapper in your backpack and stood up with a groan. You start back up the path which is thankfully not to steep. You hear the crack of a branch behind you. Mind racing with images of tigers, lions, and bears OH MY! you whirl around ready to face whatever it is with a mighty yell… Which only served to scare the living daylights out of the poor hiker who was making his way to the small clearing you had just come from. He stared at you eyes wide with shock. Embarrassment flushed your cheeks and you stutter out an apology. You take a step closer towards him and bow introducing yourself. He gives a loud laugh and waves his hands around trying to put you at ease. I understand, he said. I thought I was the only on this trail otherwise I would of  made noise farther on down to warn you. Embarrassment slowly receding, but not all the way gone, you were able to take in his tanned skin and brightly colored hair. He was hauntingly handsome and when he spoke his voice was surprisingly deep. You suddenly feel the rest of your desire to finish your hike leave like smoke in the wind. He motions you for to join in him the clearing and you sit beside him with a smile. Hiking is amazing and should be a national sport. You two talk for a small while when you hear a rustling in some bushes a few feet from you. He jumps to his feet and stand in front of you protectively. You give a growl of annoyance. You can take care of yourself! You certainly did not hike up this mountain meet the man of your dreams just for you to loose him to whatever is in the bushes. As you get to your feet you the bushes are pushed aside and reveals… a baby bear. Your heart speeds up and glance around frantically. But evidently the adorable Kim Taehyung does not realize the danger he is in as he moves to try and pet the baby bear. Oh dear lord in heaven. What. Is. He. Doing?! You grab his arm and literally drag him away from the baby bear as he protests loudly. You walk the both of you backwards away from the bear just as mamma bear comes crashing through the brush behind baby bear. Oh. Shit. Taehyung freezes but luckily your instincts kick in. You push him behind you and reach into the out pocket of your back bag and pulls out the pepper spray. You hoped you wouldn’t have to use it but you certainly were not going to let mamma bear hurt the man of your dreams. You may or may not just said that out loud. But going by the surprised gasp and light chuckle your luck doesn’t seem to be with you. With a deep breath you spread your arms out slightly to make yourself look bigger and give a loud yell. The bear replies back on of her own and it was quite possible that you just pissed your pants a little. You give another yell and take a step forward. The bear replies but backs up pushing the cub behind her. The bear gives one final roar  that made your knees quake and then disappears back into the brush. Your knees give out in shock and you quickly fall to the ground but surprisingly you never reach it. Strong arms are wrapped around you and you can feel Taehyung’s breath against your ear. 

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“If I am the man of your dreams, that must mean you are the one haunting my dreams…”


This. Can. NOT. Be. Happening. This is not some kdrama airing on T.V. Things like this do not happen. They just do not. You refuse to accept the possibility that the first date you are having in three years has just be interrupted by a hold up. Lets back track a bit. The day had dawned bright and hopeful when you realized today was the day. Your blind date your mother had set up. Normally you would NEVER let your mother set up a blind date for you. However you overheard her talking Jungkook’s mother and your mom mentioned a potential date between you two. So when she pitched the idea of possibly setting up date for you, you bitched and moaned about how you don’t need you mom to meddle with your love life you grudgingly agree. But the moment you leave your childhood home you were almost jumping for joy. You couldn’t let you mother know that she was actually fulfilling your childhood dream of dating the cute neighbor. Jungkook had moved into the house next to yours many years ago when you were just wee child. Now in most stories the two children living next to each other we close friends and inseparable growing up and falling in love. But that is not your story with him. No you watched him from afar as you went through school but never actually interacted with him much. There were times you when you two ran into each other and he would politely greet you and make conversation and you fell in love even more. There was no real reason for why you didn’t seek him out and befriend him. You just felt.. like it wasn’t the right time. But today. Today is the day for you to admit your childhood crush on him and hopefully not creep him out to much by it. You are actually surprised by how excited you are about this date. It has been years since you saw him and you should of been over that silly crush. But life is funny that way. Your mother had set up the date at an adorable little Italian restaurant that was a little fancy but not to uncomfortable and very reasonably priced. It was a popular place for dates and it was almost to the point that you had to make reservations to just to get a table. Luckily your mother has the connections and got you and your date a nice little corner table with a beautiful scenery outside the window. You arrived first purely out of nerves. You were tempted to bribe the waiter to bring you a shot of whatever alcohol on hand other than wine but you refrained. Barely. You had dressed simply but nice enough to draw the eyes of others when you walked through the restaurant. It was a nice change. Jungkook arrived right on time looking amazing. You smile as he walked up to your table and introduced himself with a small bow. Your smile faltered when you realize that he didn’t recognize you. Of course not… it had been years. He wouldn’t remember you the neighbor he barely saw or even talked too. You bow back and introduce yourself resettling the smile on your face. He didn’t react to your name either but that is okay. You can work with this. You decide to also play dumb and started the small talk exchanging your occupations and hobbies. When he mentioned bowling you excitedly tell him that you two should go to the local bowling alley on the next date, not even realizing that you just presented the idea of another date. He smirked and looked ready to give a comment that would either destroy you or make your life. But he wasn’t able to finish his sentence because right as he said Well I didn’t rea- a loud scream irrupted a few tables down. You jerk spilling the glass of red wine you had been sipping from. You look around and see a man pulling another man up from a table with a gun at his head. Oh. My. God. This has to be the worst day to have happen. The man with the gun dragged the other man to the register and started screaming at the person there demanding them to give him the money. Your eyes widen in shock and look at Jungkook who looked just as scared as you. Once the man with the gun had the money from the safe he tossed his hostage to ground and demanded his wallet and watch and any other valuables. Once he had that man’s valuables he moved onto the tables demanding them to empty their pockets and put them in the bag. You were shaking knowing that he was going to reach your table soon but you were hopeful because yours was the last table. That means he will leave after that… right? Wrong. When he reached your table sirens wailed and you could see that out the window several police cars were outside and officers were starting to gather around the building. The man began cussing furiously and grabbed you by the arm yanking you out of your chair. You looked at Jungkook, he was pale.. so pale. He was scared you realized. But not for himself, he was scared for you. You give him a weak smile but it falls from your face when you feel the cold press of cool metal against your temple. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Is this it? Is this how you die?! No. No this is not going to be the day. You have plans damn it! You are going to get married. You are going to raise beautiful babies. You are going to have a wonderful husband and damn it all to hell you be shitter if you don’t take this chance to make that person Jungkook! A police officer entered the restaurant careful with his hands up and with a calm voice tried to talk the man down. But it didn’t seem to work because he started backing up dragging you with him. He must of forgotten about Jungkook because there was a loud shattering sound and suddenly glass and wine was falling over your head and down your body. The man’s arm around your waist loosened. As soon as you felt the gun move away from your head you jerked away and turned around. The man staggered a little his stance not steady at all. The police officer rushed over to try grab the man but before he could reach him the man with the gun brought it up and aimed right at Jungkook. Oh no you don’t asshole! I am not letting you kill my Kookie! You yell and with a might kick you nailed him right between the legs. The man gave a scream of utter pain he dropped the gun cradled his crotch screaming again. The officer grabs him and wrestles him to the ground and suddenly the restaurant was crawling with police officers. You loose Jungkook in the commotion and you start to slightly panic as you realized you almost died multiple times. You push your way outside your breathing uneven and almost hyperventilating. Then as if he had some sort of GPS on you, Jungkook appeared in front of you with a look of relief. He pulls you into his arms holding you tight against him.

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“I remember you. I remember now. I am never going to let you go now that I have you..”

So err… Um… I realize now that I should of just made these individual dabbles. Because I could go on with each and every one of these and make them series. So here is the deal. If you liked these and want to know what happens next? Let me know. Because I could totally continue these insanely long posts… 

- Starfish

Hyung Line Version!

Winter Love- Bucky Barnes

This is a new series guys!!! It’s inspired by the movie “Chalet Girl”, which I absolutely and completely love! I hope you enjoy it babes! ily


Word count: 1.8K

Warnings: language

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You look at the clock and sigh. Fifteen minutes and you will be free to leave and finally go to your house. You start putting the chairs over the desks while you listen to the news on the TV. When the clock strikes seven, you go to the back of the local and enter your boss’ office. He is sitting in his big chair, the light from his computer screen illuminating his face.

“Hi, Mr. Fury.” You give him a small smile and when you see he doesn’t even glance at you, you continue. “So… I was just wondering when are you planning on giving me my salary? I don’t intend to put pressure on you, but it’s been a week and I still have nothing.” You smile again, trying to be polite.

This time, he looks at you straight into your eyes. You shiver under his stare, his serious expression making you nervous.

“(Y/N), you know that the restaurant is having some economical problems. The first thing on my list is not to give you your salary. I’m sorry. I’ll try to give it to you the next week.”

You give him a small nod and get out of his office. When you arrive to the locker room, you quickly change into more comfortable clothes, throwing your uniform angrily into your locker.

“Hey, (Y/N)! What’s the matter?” You turn your head when you hear a strong, sokovian accent behind you.

“Hi, Piet. Has Fury paid you yet?”

“No, I was going to talk to him just now.”

“Don’t waste your time. I just came back from his office, the little shit told me that he will try and give it to me next week, but that right now it’s not on his priorities to pay me. Can you believe that he actually said that? I work my ass off in this stupid and outrageous restaurant and he tells me that. I hate him.”

“Quit the job.”

“Ha-ha. You are really funny, Pietro.”

“I am being serious, (Y/N).”

“So am I. You know I need the money. I’m alone on this one.”

“Have you heard something from your mom?”

“Nope. She married that Spanish man and left with him before I could even process what was going on. She’s probably tanning in some beach of Marbella. She’ll never be back. And I don’t want her to come back.”

“Well, it’s her lost. But, about what I was saying before, I have an offer for you, (Y/N). A job offer.”

“Okay Pietro, the last time you offered me a job was this one and, let me tell you, it sucks.”

“I know, I know. But trust me on this one. It’s a really good offer, a chalet girl job.”

“Chalet what?”

“Chalet girl, dumbass.” You glance at him and he laughs at your expression. “You know those rich people who spend their winter holidays on big houses on the Alps? Well, it’s like being their maid.”

“A maid? No way.”

“Listen to me. You’ll go there for four months, from November to February, the ski season. When they are there, you’ll have to make them food, clean the house and all that shit. But, and this is a really great part of the job, normally the family just goes to the chalet during the weekends, so you’ll have the whole house by yourself.” Pietro gives you a big smile and you roll your eyes at his excitement.

“Pietro this is absolutely not happening. I will most definitely not waste four months of my life being a slave of some stupid, rich family!”

“You haven’t heard the best part, yet. The family you will be working for are the Barnes and, let me tell you, they are the family that every chalet girl aspires to work for. They’ll pay you 300$ a week.” Your mouth opens and you look astonished at Pietro.

“300$ a week? Are you kidding me? Pietro that’s like 4800$ when I finish the four months! That’s more money that what I make in a whole year working here!”

“I know, right? It doesn’t seem like such a bad option now, huh?”

“No it doesn’t! How did you know about this job?”

“Well, Wanda, my sister, she’s working as a ski monitor there and she has a friend that is one of the chalet girls that works for the Barnes. The thing is that they had two girls, but one of them broke her leg while skiing, so they need another one.”

“And you thought about me?”

“Of course! You know how to cook, you are sweet and you love snowboarding! Now, you can go there and do it for free.”

“I don’t know, Piet…”

“At least go the interview, (Y/N). C’mon, I know how bad you want to go to University and this is one way to make a lot of money really quick. It’ll be fine, just give it a shot, please?”

You look into his pleading, blue eyes and give him a small smile.

“Okay! I’ll go to the interview!” He gives you a wide smile and hugs you. “But I don’t think they will take me, they probably want a posh girl.”

“Well, just try it.”

“I will.”

You straight your skirt with your hands and look at your image on the mirror. You look good and professional. Putting on your high heels, you leave your little apartment and go to the direction that Pietro sent you this morning. You can’t avoid but being nervous about the interview. If they decide you are not good for the job, you will go back to your horrible place at the restaurant. But, if they think that you could be their perfect chalet girl, then you will probably live the best winter of your whole life. You smile to yourself as you step inside of the big building.

When you enter, you are sent to a big salon where you see five more girls waiting patiently. You give them a smile and sit down in a red, velvet chair. Every girl is called in and you calculate that they are there for about ten minutes, then they leave. You play with your fingers and decide to take your phone out, seeing a message from Pietro.

Good luck today! Don’t be nervous, you are going to nail that interview!

You smile at the message, but the smile is quickly replaced by a nervous frown when the girl next to you gets called in. In ten minutes, you are going to enter that office and decide what’s going to be your life for the next four months.

I don’t know if I can do this, Piet…

You click the send button and wait for his answer. Your foot is bumping against the soft carpet and you bit your bottom lip, trying to control your nerves. Your phone vibrates against your lap and you quickly grab it.

I know you can do this! You are the best at everything you do, I’m sure they will fall completely in love with you!

You roll your eyes and let out a short laugh at his message. Pietro is always so exaggerated…

I hope so! I’m about to go in, I’ll call you when I get out! Love you.

You send the message and, right after, the office’s door opens revealing the girl that was seated next to you wearing a proud grin on her face that makes you feel even more nervous. A blonde lady calls your name and you get up quickly, walking to her until you are inside.

“Take a seat, darling.” You obey her and seat in the chair that’s in front of you. “So, (Y/N), why do you want this job?” You gulp and look into her green eyes.

“Well… I need the money.” Her eyebrows furrow and you laugh, trying to ease the tension. “I mean, that’s one of the thousand reasons, of course, and not the most important. I have always wanted to be a chalet girl, I think it’s a really interesting job.”

The lady writes something down in a paper and looks at you again.

“So, you have never worked as a chalet girl before, right?”

“No, but I have worked as a waitress for multiple years.” She nods at you and then writes something on her paper again.

“Do you know how to cook?”

“Yes, of course.”

“And will you be able to take care of a chalet?”

“I’m sure I will handle it okay. I’ve been living alone for two years.”

“Really? You are really young, what about your parents?”

“My mom lives in another country and my dad died when I was little.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s okay.” You smile at her and look around the room.

The walls are make of wood and various paintings are hanged on them. There’s also a big shelf full of books. You look back at the lady and see her staring at you.

“What do you know about protocol?”

“Protocol? Uhm… Well…” You look down, playing with your fingers.

“I’m assuming you know nothing about it?”

“No, but I can learn!” She smiles sweetly at you.

“Okay, (Y/N). Now, I want you to answer me honestly, I don’t want that crap about how your dream is to become a chalet girl, I want the truth. Why do you want the job and why do you think you are the best option?”

You take a deep breath and look at her a little taken aback by her words.

“Honestly, I want the job because I really need the money. My dream is not to become a chalet girl, in fact I don’t think that’s anybody’s dream at all. I want to go to University, I want to get a degree and to work as something that I truly love and enjoy. But I don’t have any money, and I certainly don’t have my parents to pay for it. Becoming a chalet girl is my only way to make a lot of money really quick and that’s what I need. I’ve been working as a waitress since I was sixteen and I get paid a misery, if I get paid because there’s months that I don’t even see one dollar. I am a fast learner and when I work, I give the best of me, always. I want to change my life and this is the first step to do it.”

The lady looks at you, her mouth slightly opened. You can see that she is impressed by your words and you can’t avoid but feel proud of it. She writes something down onto her notebook and you look at the ceiling, silently asking the gods for some kind of help. You look back at her, but she is still with her eyes fixated on the paper. Finally, her green eyes meet yours and you hold your breath, your hands grabbing tightly the arms rests of the chair.

“I’m glad to tell you that you are the new chalet girl for the Barnes’ family. Pack your things, you are leaving in two days.”

The Signs As Vacations!

because fuck it.
Aries: A family trip to the beach, a rainbow of umbrellas and towels all the way down, the smell of sunscreen, burying your dad in the sand, shrieking and running from the waves

Taurus: A resort vacation in Mexico, packed with young honeymooners and energetic families. Overpriced drinks and half-understood conversations in Spanish, the awe of a sunrise over the water.

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ATWFL: 16th-19th January, 2015. Part Five. (Robin/Regina, Rated PG13, OQ AU 5/5)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five:

Robin wakes to the smell of bacon and coffee.

Their cabin has a kitchen, not a full one, but a stove and small oven, a working coffee pot, and a few pots and pans. The essentials. So during their trip into town on Saturday, they’d purchased a half dozen eggs and a pack of bacon, a bit of juice and a pound of ground coffee.

It seems Regina wasn’t as keen to the idea of an extended lie-in as he was, because she’s up already, preparing them breakfast, at… half ten. Alright. He can’t complain about the early hour, then, can he?

For a few minutes, Robin stays where he is, blinking the sleep from his eyes, staring up at the ceiling and breathing in the delicious scents, listening to the quiet sounds of Regina moving about in the other room.

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The Signs As Vacations
  • because fuck it.
  • Aries: A family trip to the beach, a rainbow of umbrellas and towels all the way down, the smell of sunscreen, burying your dad in the sand, shrieking and running from the waves
  • Taurus: A resort vacation in Mexico, packed with young honeymooners and energetic families. Overpriced drinks and half-understood conversations in Spanish, the awe of a sunrise over the water.
  • Gemini: A budget motel stay with your parents, playing Pokémon on your Gameboy in the backseat, jumping on the squeaky beds, breakfast at Denny's, laying down in the backseat of the car
  • Cancer: A fishing trip in the open ocean, long lazy afternoons spent in comfortable silence, your arms tanning in the sun as the boat rocks in the water.
  • Leo: A rafting trip with your best friends, lazily drifting downstream, cracking open a cold can from the cooler, laughter echoing over the water
  • Virgo: A tough hiking trip, warm water tipped from the canteen, feeling your leg muscles burn as you force yourself up the steep path, sweat and panting and the triumph of standing at the top.
  • Libra: A skiing trip with your family, cupping your hands over your cold nose, feeling the ski lift sweep your legs out from under you, that first sip of hot cocoa after a long, cold day in the snow
  • Scorpio: A long summer road trip through the American Northwest, cruising through dark green forests and mysterious mountain passes, bare feet on the dashboard, sharing secrets and favorite songs
  • Sagittarius: A fast-paced backpacking trip across Europe, only a few dollars in your pocket, sleeping in hostels, grinning though the dust on your face
  • Capricorn: A Mediterranean cruise, licking olive juice off your fingers, dancing with a different stranger every night, white buildings shimmering on a hill
  • Aquarius: A summer camping trip, eating cereal out of little boxes, wading in the river, crawling into your tent, telling ghost stories while you make s'mores
  • Pisces: Joyfully driving your car off the Grand Coulee Dam
Merry not Christmas - [1/5]

Time for some Christmas fic, my lovelies! This was originally supposed to be a one-shot. [ “I’ll just write a short little holiday fic,” she said. “It won’t be long,” she said. “I’ll keep it under 10,000 words,” she said… ] Lies: all of them! Things snowballed and long story short; I ended up breaking it into five chapters. I’m sure no one is complaining, right? Will be posting a chapter a day for the next several days!

A big thank you to @lifeinahole27 for typing this up for me when I didn’t feel like staring at a computer screen, and another to @nothandlingit for the proof-reading. You’re the best, ladies! <3

Killian Jones has spent the last five years avoiding anything and everything to do with Christmas; a veritable Grinch. Though perhaps Ebenezer Scrooge is more fitting; he’s not out to ruin Christmas, he simply prefers to pretend that it doesn’t exist. So what happens when he takes a tumble on the mountainside and winds up spending the holiday cooped up in a small cabin with his saviour, Emma Swan? My spin on the “snowed in” trope. Rated M. 

Also available at FF.NET

Rotating blades whir loudly, the mechanical—thwump thwump thwump —beating in time with his heart as Killian sits on the metal bench of the tilting helicopter, bending to tighten the bindings on his skis with his right hand, double-checking that they’re secure before looping the straps of his pack over his shoulders and pulling down his tinted goggles. 

Standing and shuffling toward the open door of the aircraft, he straps a ski pole into the grip of his prosthetic left hand. It had been a challenge at first, picking up skiing again without the physical grasp of a pole in each hand, but he’d been nothing if not determined. 

He’s lost a lot. No way in hell was he going to lose this too. 

Picking up the other pole, he steadies himself and looks out over the untouched back country of the breathtaking mountain range, breathing in the sharp scent of pine and frigid winter air as the helicopter circles closer to his drop-off point.

 The sky is clear, a bright robin’s egg blue, almost dark in contrast to the blinding white of the glittering snow below.

He turns and nods at the pilot, and the helicopter drops closer to the mountain top. The floor pitches beneath his feet, and with a whoop of joy, he bends his knees and drops from the aircraft to the powdery snow below.

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