ski division

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please describe your feelings about some other colors too (ie 'orange is the most comforting')?

orange: most comforting - mangoes, nectarines, and clementines. the underpinnings of black tea.

poppy red: perfection and control. 

maraschino cherry red: cough syrup. weakness. wants to be poppy but isn’t poppy. settles for the life of an imitation, takes pleasure & glee in violence.

gold: holy. image laid to waste on monetary pursuits. bright, unforgiving, angels & aliens.

cyan: skies and computer screens, divisions, distance, the occupation of bodies both digital and flesh.

hunter green: die here.

yellow: PRIDE.

indigo: infinite and malleable and soothing and terrifying.

pomegranate: is a colour. don’t argue with me. creature comforts. decadence. VANITY, your stained red and purple mouth.

chartreuse: the screeching fuckawful throes of anxiety. if a scream was a colour it would be chartreuse. if u found yourself in the unenviable position of pants-shitting terror in the wake of your worst fear and u wanted to know the exact colour turning in your stomach in that moment it would be chartreuse. fuck chartreuse.

Paratroopers with Chaos Troop, 1st Squadron, 40th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, move to their assembly area after parachuting into Deadhorse, Alaska, Feb. 25, 2014, as part of the Spartan Brigade’s training for rapid insertion into any environment in the Pacific. This is the first time the Spartan Brigade has conducted operations north of the Arctic Circle.