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David Bowie and Dana Gillespie photographed by Michael Stroud on May 17, 1971.  

Gillespie performed backing vocals for the song ‘It Ain’t Easy’, from Bowie’s album 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’. She was also a British water skiing champion. Both singers were managed by Tony DeFries’s Mainman management company.


My life - all around kestrels

Catch some feathers! There’s some of my kestrels’ rectrices, their beutiful colour and pattern depends from age and sex of birb. Then, another infertile egg, this one broke in my b a r e h a n d s. Then, pour itself on my desk. Still better than indor macertaion. Now I have an empty shell - I think I’m gonna give it to someone who can keep it. (No MBTA in Europe)

And another banding! Look at my beautiful children :’) Please look for them in the skies soon.

Colored photo of Russian peasants out in a field.

Need some blogs to follow

So, after remaking my tumblr, I have like no blogs to follow so reblog if you post this stuff and I’ll check out your blog and probably follow:

  • aesthetic
  • anime
  • cute stuff
  • pale/pastel stuff
  • kawaii/asian fashion
  • Legend of Zelda/general game stuff
  • grunge
  • asian culture
  • pretty skies/scenery
  • art

certain things i, someone from the west coast, hate about the east coast

  • it takes 8 hours to get from upstate new york to new york city. do you udnerstand how fucked up this is???new york is about ¼th the size of the entirety of california and yet i can get from san diego to yosemite, which is the driving equivalent of 2 new yorks, in the same amount of time. 
  • the people ive met here are scared of 6 lane freeways and yet theyre not scared of driving in the middle of blizzards
  • the snot in my nose freezes when i walk outside and it’s -10 degrees
  • this whole bean boots vs anti bean boots thing??? theres some kind of feud between people who think bean boots are the epitome of the northeast and people who think theyre tacky and mainstream
  • the fact that people in the northeast go to the fucking bean boot factory and take a picture with the big bean boot and call it a daycation
  • dunkin donuts serves iced hot chocolate. why do they have iced everything here. if its iced hot chocolate then its not even HOT anymore
  • i hate every boy that wears salmon pants (and theyll SPECIFY that theyre salmon. they wont let you say pink. it’s fucking SALMON), a pastel polo, and sperrys. i hate them all. they always look the same in pictures, too - the backwards hat, the sunglasses, hands in their pockets. they somehow take the frat bro style from zero to megadouche 
  • ski culture is so crazy. people will be like hey lets go cross-country ski on the golf course!!! and its like? negative twenty out? 
  • surf culture in general is much better
  • people care so much about what kind of jacket you have. is it ll bean? canada goose? northface? they will hold entire discussions about different types of winter gear and i dont fucking care
  • poutine is disgusting. like. this list is now extending to canadians because they are the assholes who thought combining fries, gravy, and massive globs of cheese was some kind of good idea. i feel like a type 2 every time i see someone eating poutine
  • there’s no in-n-out and no souplantation
  • guys will pay hundreds of dollars for a whale embroidered on their shirts

florida jet ski culture is a middle aged white mom and her boyfriend dragging her kids to the disappearing islands with the jet ski club which is comprised of creepy 40+ year old men that hit on underage girls and the mom previously emptied out every water bottle you had and fills it with straight vodka without telling her kids