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early mornings and wishful demands

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Bill and you had a rough night last night. Let’s just say “he showed you things that you have never done before.” The thoughts of last night events came back to memory the moment that you opened your eyes. You could barely walk without the flashbacks of what Bill did to your body.

“You ok babe” Bill asks you, smirking while still laying in bed watching your every move as you waddle and try to make your way steadily across your shared bedroom. Releasing a sound out of your mouth with each step that you would take.

“No, can barely move” you say, stopping in your tracks and scowling your eyes over in his direction giving him a dirty look. Seeing him lay there in perfect health with no injuries angered you, was mornings realizations giving you thoughts if “last nights events really worth the pain?”

“Oh you know you liked it, I mean you surely didn’t want me to stop last night” he says and chuckles at his sarcasm. Knowing damn well that she will stand here once again like every time and tell him that this will be the last time it gets that wild. But soon as she returns she will be begging on her knees for more.

“Stop it Bill” you say, trying to hide your smile, turning away from him. You even know yourself how this show will play out between you two. You complain about the pain say you are done but come crawling back for some kind of relief that night. You just can’t keep your mind and hands off of him.

“I know you’ll always be back for me, and I’ll be here waiting” he says laying his head back down, looking at you, smiling at himself knowing how his girlfriend will never go through will her own demands. But never truly fights back with her because she will always give in.

“This is for real this time” You smile leaning down to give him a kiss on the lips before you head out for work, you run your fingers through the back of his hair. Feeling Bill’s hands start to rub over your right skirt. You soon realize what is happening and you pull apart from him. “That’s enough” you say straightening up your clothes, smiling down at Bill.

“Have a great day” Bill says giving me a genuine smile but I can already see the darkness in his eyes that he means more. You turn and walk away, but turn your head back around to catch his eyes once more. Him smirking, licking his lips and staring at what you assumed was your ass. You look back exiting the room, feeling already defeated knowing damn well that you will be right back in the same position tomorrow.

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“Oh, you scared me!” and “Is that my shirt?”

Bill was returning home, he was coming home after a long few months of being on set. He wanted to surprise you and tell you that he would be coming home tomorrow but was really coming home any minute now.

Bill enters their shared home after a long plane ride home to the sound of music but no sight of you. He drops his bags down on the living room floor and slides his boots off of his feet. He smiles to himself knowing that you are somewhere upstairs, either having in no mind that someone just walked their way into your home. Knowing that you are probably in your own little world right know.

You walk up the stairs and when you reach up to your shared bedroom he takes a sharp breath in. You are just in some right cheek hugging panties and one of his silk button ups, dancing around to the music but haven’t noticed his presence.

Bill decides to walk his way to you, sneaking up on you and wrapping his arms around you.

“AHHH” y/n yells, grabbing onto his arms and looking up to your face. You look scared first but your face instantly softens when you realize who it is.

“Oh, you scared me Bill” you tell him, turning around to face him. Putting your arms around his neck, pulling him down to you hugging his body closer. “You’re here”

“I wanted to surprise you, but seems like you gave me a little surprise too” bill says, smirking at you. Putting his hands on your back and sliding his hands down to your bum and giving it a squeeze.

“Bill!” Y/n says pulling up and away from him. Taunting him, but not wanting his touch off of you. You instantly following back into his arms, loving the feeling of his warmth.

“Is that my shirt?” Bill questions, looking down at the button up pulling up at the buttons of it. He’s slowly polling open each button working his way down. “Bill baby what are you doing?”

“Just wanna show you how much I missed you” Bill says sliding the shirt down your arms, dropping it down on to the floor and doing what he just told you, showing you how much he really missed you.

The Sleeping Prince

Summary: Roman feels guilty for causing chaos and confusion during the Nostalgia video. He realizes that he gave Thomas unrealistic fantasies that may have hurt him more than helped him. So Roman decides to take a break and he kinda becomes trapped, causing the other sides to venture into his room. (Sorry, a bit of a cliffhanger).

“Breakfast time!” Patton yelled from the kitchen.

Roman drowsily opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling. I can’t make an appearance today. I can’t pretend everything’s okay. He thought.

After venturing into Patton’s room, Roman had learned that Thomas didn’t really want to get back together with his ex. All the fantasies and ideas Roman had been sending him, had only hurt Thomas. Not just Thomas, but all the other sides. It had confused Patton. It had made Logan angry enough to leave. It had made Virgil more panicky than usual.

If it wasn’t for Virgil taking control, Roman’s influence would have made Thomas do something he would have really regretted. And even after Patton explained that Thomas’ feelings were conflicted, Roman still ran away with his fantasies again when the phone began to ring.

The prince sighed, I think they’d be better off without me for awhile. Maybe I should take a break. He turned over on his side and slowly shut his eyes. A much needed break.

In a moment, Roman was asleep again. Unbeknownst to the sleeping prince, thorns were beginning to grow rapidly within his kingdom.

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LSD Dream Emulator, Playstation 1, 1998

Under many acronyms “In the Life Sensuous Dream” “In Limbo the Silent Dream” LSD Dream Emulator never actually directly nods its head to the drug it is popularly associated with. Created in 1998 by Japanese digital artist Osamu Sato under the publisher Asmik Ace entertainment, LSD gained a surprisingly cult following due to the game’s eccentric nature of content and gameplay.

Being an adventure game created in a time of early 3d polygonal graphics, LSD’s “gameplay” consists of walking and and exploring dreamscapes designed and created by Sato based heavily on the dreams he and his friends would have.

 Where this game is most interesting isn’t necessarily through its visual presentation (as fascinating as it may be) but through the gameplay loops provided to the player. The game is set up as a cycle of ‘days’, each finished dream completes the day. Dreams tend to consist of you waking up in the same spot and transporting to different worlds (all of which have thousands of variants in textures and soundtrack) by walking into walls and objects, after around 10 transportation or events that cause the dreamer to “die” the dream ends. At the end of each dream the player is ranked in a graph, the Y axis being “upper” or “downer” and the X axis being “static” or “dynamic”. There inn’t a designated point of preference in the graph or even an explanation directly in game as to how to achieve each and what even each of the points in the graph mean. The general consensus is amongst its online cult following that upper tends to be more cliche “dream like” events with pink skies and castles, whereas downer dreams tend to be gloomy and scarier. Static dreams tend to be plain and repetitive whereas Dynamic are varied and filled with multiple events and interactions.

So the goal (or for me seemed to be the goal) was to achieve the most dynamic dream possible which amounted to tremendous failure. Upon further research online I found out something truly fascinating and rather postmodern for its time about this adventure game. It truly tracks your subconcous and rewards those most willing to “feel” the game and “experience” it as opposed to just “playing the game given”. If one walks around looking for bright interactive elements, walking into them in hope of finding an exciting dream you are met with mixed results. Sometimes just ambling into the nearest wall because it “feels right” leads you to the greatest success.

The game encourages this by being filled with an array of subliminal messages. Be it through small arrows, shaped textures and contrasts in colour, the game wants you to truly experience the dreams in the way a dreamer would, subconsciously urging you to do how you feel not not discover the basic challenge to reward gameplay loop that every other video game provides one with.

To me this vastly postmodern approach to videogame development is truly inspirational. Although unsure as to how interactive I intend my media to be, I can certainly see that playing with expectations that previous contributions to the media prior has created causes your media to have head turning effects.

f(x)[Amber]- Marriage Profile
  • Proposal:

Really cute. She’d give you a back hug then show you the ring. “Marry me jagi?” She’d attack you with kisses after you say yes.

  • Wedding:



Little over medium. f(x), her family, her close friends, your family, and your close friends


She would have to be kissing you in at least one photo. And don’t expect her to wear a dress cause she’s said before that she will not wear one on her wedding day.

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  • Honeymoon:

Bavaria, Germany. Neuschwanstein Castle(inspiration of Sleeping Beauty’s castle), Oberstdorf(ski resort, hiking, sledding, and skiing), Ingolstadt(museums, shopping, and zoos)

  • Honeymoon Period:

3 ½ Years

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  • Married Life:

Where you live-

Staying Seoul for awhile but then eventually moving closer to family.



She’d keep the romance up forever. Always giving you back hugs, cute gifts, kiss attacks, and tells you every chance she has that she loves you.


Would deal with dusting, cleaning the kitchen and living room, and will vacuum.

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  • Family:

How long until you have kids-

1 ½ Years


Jackjack and probably getting another dog

How many-



2 boys with a 3 year age gap

Teenage Kids-

Sometimes is the cool mom other times is the embarrassing mom. Will support her children till the end and gives them enough space for them to learn on their own. And in public her kids will try to get as far away from her as they can cause she will purposely embarrass them.

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The Night Writer

the night writer writes

upon wings of darkness

poet of earliest hours

dreams unwind, sleep is a state of mind

fantasies unravel

he goes to his gallery of passion

stands by his bedroom window

staring at stars, gathering planets

from mercury to infinity

he consults midnight’s museum of words

the night writer writes

about candles and castles…crimson skies

he inks pages with explosive fingertips

beside his bed, he shifts, he sips

drinks universes on the rocks

he enjoys a twist beyond a slice of lemon

gets serious about his lyrics…

he writes poems, sames way he breathes

the night writer…

same way he dreams, when he sleeps

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