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ever since i was a wee egg i’ve been in love with the “Shattered World” type of fantasy worlds like theres floating islands in the huge blue sky and the people have adapted thru use of sweet lookin “probably shouldn’t be flying” flying ships and there’s settlements/old ruins/forgotten civilizations among the islands 

and usually there’s fucking sky pirates


LSD Dream Emulator, Playstation 1, 1998

Under many acronyms “In the Life Sensuous Dream” “In Limbo the Silent Dream” LSD Dream Emulator never actually directly nods its head to the drug it is popularly assosiated with. Created in 1998 by Japanese digital artist Osamu Sato under the publisher Asmik Ace entertainment, LSD gained a surprisingly cult following due to the game’s eccentric nature of content and gameplay.

Being an adventure game created in a time of early 3d polygonal graphics, LSD’s “gameplay” consists of walking and and exploring dreamscapes designed and created by Sato based heavily on the dreams he and his friends would have.

 Where this game is most interesting isnt necessarily through its visual presentation (as facinating as it may be) but through the gameplay loops provided to the player. The game is set up as a cycle of ‘days’, each finished dream completes the day. Dreams tend to consist of you waking up in the same spot and transporting to different worlds (all of which have thousands of variants in textures and soundtrack) by walking into walls and objects, after around 10 transportations or events that cause the dreamer to “die” the dream ends. At the end of each dream the player is ranked in a graph, the Y axis being “upper” or “downer” and the X axis being “static” or “dynamic”. There isnt a designated point of preference in the graph or even an explanation directly in game as to how to achieve each and what even each of the points in the graph mean. The general consensus is amongst its online cult following that upper tends to be more cliche “dream like” events with pink skies and castles, wheras downer dreams tend to be gloomy and scarier. Static dreams tend to be plain and repetitive wheras Dynamic are varied and filled with multiple events and interactions.

So the goal (or for me seemed to be the goal) was to achieve the most dynamic dream possible which ammounted to tremendous failure. Upon further research online I found out something truly facinating and rather postmodern for its time about this adventure game. It truly tracks your subconcous and rewards those most willing to “feel” the game and “experience” it as opposed to just “playing the game given”. If one walks around looking for bright interactive elements, walking into them in hope of finding an exciting dream you are met with mixed results. Sometimes just ambling into the nearest wall because it “feels right” leads you to the greatest success.

The game encourages this by being filled with an array of subliminal messages. Be it through small arrows, shaped textures and contrasts in colour, the game wants you to truly experience the dreams in the way a dreamer would, subconciously urging you to do how you feel not not discover the basic challenge to reward gameplay loop that every other video game provides one with.

To me this vastly postmodern approach to videogame development is truly inspirational. Although unsure as to how interactive I intend my media to be, I can certainly see that playing with expectations that previous contributions to the media prior has created causes your media to have head turning effects.

Das Allgäu is a region in the German South. It covers the south of Bavarian Swabia and southeastern Baden-Württemberg (plus parts of Austria). The region stretches from the pre-alpine lands up to the Alps. The main rivers flowing through are the Lech and Iller. The region is sub-divided into:

Das Oberallgäu (in Bavarian Swabia, in the state of Bavaria)
Das Unterallgäu (in Bavarian Swabia, in the state of Bavaria)
Das Ostallgäu (in Bavarian Swabia, in the state of Bavaria)
Das Westallgäu (mainly in Upper Swabia in the state of Baden-Württemberg, but also a very small part in Bavaria)

The western Austrian part is the Kleinwalsertal in Vorarlberg, accessible from Germany only. The region is noted for its beautiful landscapes and is popular for vacations and therapeutic stays. It’s well known for its farm products, esp. dairy including Hirtenkäse (“herdsman’s cheese”) and Bergkäse (“hill cheese”). Besides tourism and dairy, another important economic sector is the building of industrial equipment and machinery, such as Fendt tractors. The alpine regions of the Allgäu rise to 2,000 m in altitude and are popular for winter skiing. The famous Neuschwanstein castle is located here. Famous people from the region include Ludwig Ganghofer (writer of Bavarian homeland novels), Max Ritter von Mulzer (WW1 pilot), Ernst Walter Mayr (leading evolutionary biologists of the 20th century), Klaus Nomi (countertenor & one of the first prominent German victims of HIV/AIDS), and Mario Götze (football player & scorer of the goal that made Germany the 2014 FIFA World Champions).

f(x)[Amber]- Marriage Profile
  • Proposal:

Really cute. She’d give you a back hug then show you the ring. “Marry me jagi?” She’d attack you with kisses after you say yes.

  • Wedding:



Little over medium. f(x), her family, her close friends, your family, and your close friends


She would have to be kissing you in at least one photo. And don’t expect her to wear a dress cause she’s said before that she will not wear one on her wedding day.

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  • Honeymoon:

Bavaria, Germany. Neuschwanstein Castle(inspiration of Sleeping Beauty’s castle), Oberstdorf(ski resort, hiking, sledding, and skiing), Ingolstadt(museums, shopping, and zoos)

  • Honeymoon Period:

3 ½ Years

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  • Married Life:

Where you live-

Staying Seoul for awhile but then eventually moving closer to family.



She’d keep the romance up forever. Always giving you back hugs, cute gifts, kiss attacks, and tells you every chance she has that she loves you.


Would deal with dusting, cleaning the kitchen and living room, and will vacuum.

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  • Family:

How long until you have kids-

1 ½ Years


Jackjack and probably getting another dog

How many-



2 boys with a 3 year age gap

Teenage Kids-

Sometimes is the cool mom other times is the embarrassing mom. Will support her children till the end and gives them enough space for them to learn on their own. And in public her kids will try to get as far away from her as they can cause she will purposely embarrass them.

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Burg Hohenzollern

Walking up to Burg Hohenzollern made me feel like I was going to die. And we didn’t even start from the bottom of the mountain. You’ll notice there aren’t any pictures of the blooming hillside, and that would be because I didn’t have the energy to lift my camera and hold it straight. B made it without much complaint or heavy breathing, but I was very much not in shape during this trip. It was also July. If you want a gently sloping walkway, try elsewhere, because this climb is all super steep stairs.

Hohenzollern was our first real castle, and the relatively modern look of it belies the fact that castles and fortified structures have existed on top of this mountain since the 11th century. The current walls were built in the 1800s during the German Romantic period, but if you go down into the lower levels of the castle, you can still see portions of the old walls and ruins. The current structure is believed to be the third castle built on the location.

Once you make it up to the castle, and through the twisting walkways and tunnels that lead up to the main level and walls, you can get a pretty spectacular view in any direction. We walked all the way around and came across several statues of Prussian rulers. It’s not really hard to imagine why a noble family would want to build on top of this mountain (or any mountain, I’m sure) – everything seems small in comparison. And for those rulers who relied on the divine right of kings, it’s harder to connect yourself more with God than living on the highest point around while your subjects look on from below.

To get into the main castle courtyard, you have to pass under this tower [below]. But you can also climb to the top of it. The stairs were…interesting, and the rooms were small and hot, which was made even worse because the tower has informational videos that people stop to see in huge, heat-trapping clusters. The one advantage of the heat was that many of the windows at the top were open, giving me a chance to get a broad shot of the castle without glass warp.

[Statue of Jobst Nikolaus von Zollern]

We were able to spend time in a few different parts of the castle, including the tower, the cellars, the chapel and some of the rooms which have been filled with Prussian historical artifacts. And then we made our way back down the mountain which, for the record, was pretty much just as bad as the climb up.


Changing Skies around Edinburgh Castle 

All these pics are in the order I took them, the first looking out to Arthur’s Seat at 3.09 pm till the bottom one looking back at Princes Street was 4.07pm. I could see when I was walking around beforehand that the sky was beginning to change, it had been a dull grey day beforehand, these are the best skies I have witnessed while visiting the castle and I have been up there once or twice!