ski building

@xofemeraldstars requested: it’s the first snow since simon became a vampire and is back at the hotel. and he can’t wait to get out and play, build a snowman but doing it alone aint fun. how is he gonna convince raphael to join him?

Simon knew it was a snow day, not just because he checked the weather app that was now useless on his phone, or the distant buzzing of the news constantly playing the weather forecast on the televisions on the other vampires on his floor. 

It was the howl of the wind as it whipped along, he could picture it, the snow falling peacefully before being picked up off the ground by a gust of wind, spiraling and swirling before settling to the ground again, it was the occasional cheer that was loud enough to carry through the barren streets. 

He laid in bed and remembered the days where he’d hold tightly to his fathers hand as they shoveled the drive way. The hot chocolate he’d drink with his sister, stealing her mini marshmallows when she wasnt looking. He remembered he the day he sneaked out with Clary because she wanted to paint Central Park while it snowed. 

Simon had long come to terms that he had a new life now, new family. And though his new life was restricted he swore to make the best of it. 

As the sunset early that after, Simon found himself dressed in coats and hats he didn’t need but had to wear for appearance sake. 

He didn’t ask any of the night children to join him as he left the hotel, though he got along with most of them, he was a baby to them, someone naive that held on too much of their mundane life. 

His trek to Central Park was quicker now, with empty streets and his vampire speed to aide. It was much lonelier as well, no giggling Clary spilling her cocoa in the snow and sliding on ice. 

He sat on the bench and watched, people skiing, building snowman and having snow ball fights. Simon begrudgingly returned to the hotel in search of the one person he knew he’d be able to convince to go out in the snow with him. 

Raphael sat with his back to the door, facing the window, the curtains drawn back, the full moon and flurries on full display “what can I do for you fledgling?” He asked without turning around.

I’m another time Simon would demand Raphael explain how he knew who it was, demand to be taught how to do it himself but right he had more important matters at hand. 

“Hey Rapha” he began, chuckling nervously. Raphael always made him nervous, though he didn’t know why, now that Simon had came back to the hotel, the two have developed a friendship, Raphael laughed when Simon called it that -which caused Simon chest to feel tingly-but Simon knew they were friends. 

“No” Raphael turned around to face

Simon “it’s stupid and I won’t do it” Raphael had grown accustomed to Simon’s silly and sometime outrageous request. And though he eventually gives in, he loves the defeated pout the fledgling wore and his persistence.

“I haven’t even told you what I wanted"  Simon countered and Raphael smirked.

"Tell me then” Raphael gestured for Simon to continue.

“I want someone to go to the park with me so I can build a snowman?” The words sounded unsure to Simon as they left his lips, he was pouting before he’d even finish, knowing that Raphael’s answer would remain unchanged.

“It’s stupid and I won’t do it, don’t you have something better to do?” Raphael sighed. It’s been ages since he’d played out in the snow, maybe since his own turning, if he didn’t count that one drunken night with Ragnor and Magnus, stumbling and slipping on ice. A fond smile pulled on his lips at the memory. 

“Please Raph, it’ll be fun and we won’t need gloves or anything, I’ve always wanted to touch snow without gloves, I did it once but I got frost bites, Dot had to hide me and Clary in her apartment for an half a day until it wasn’t blue anymore, I might actually be able to make a proper snowman, I’ve ne-”

Raphael watched Simon rant on and on about the things he’d never gotten to do and Clary and blah blah, Raphael was too caught up with how cute Simon looked, pacing the floor, his hand tugging at his roots of his hair and then gesturing wildly to actual listen to whatever it was the fledgling asked for.

“Okay, dios just shut up” Raphael groaned. 

“W-wait what?” Simon gaped.

“I’ll go, for half an hour, don’t expect me to part take in your nonsense either, just shut up” Raphael glared because he wouldn’t be Raphael Santiago if he didn’t. 

Simon quickly agreed, he’ll see to the stipulations later. His stomach did that thing again when Raphael put on a soft wool beanie on to cover his hair.

Simon talked a mile a minute as they walked more slower than usual to Central Park. Raphael nodded along and added his bits and pieces as they went. 

They trekked there the park until Simon found the perfect spot of untouched snow to lay down on. 

“I won’t die of hypothermia now” he cheered as he moved his arms and legs in motion to make a snow angel. 

Raphael watched him, slightly amused by Simon’s antics. A fond smile forming on his face. 

“You’re really just going to stand there?” Simon questioned and Raphael nodded. “You’re not fun” he mumbled and moved on from making a snow angel to building a tiny snowman. 

“I am fun” Raphael countered. 

“Sure Rapha, keep telling yourself that” Simon smirked and turned his back on Raphael to make other tiny snow man to match the first. 

Raphael frowned his eyes and grapes at Simon, he’ll show that damn fledgling who he can have fun, Raphael silently bent down and scooped up a hand full of snow, rounded in off into a nice ball before tossing it at Simon.

“Still no fun huh?” He called as Simon shirked.

“Raphael Santiago did you just throw a snowball?” Simon looked at him with wide

Raphael responded by tossing another snowball, this one hitting Simon in the face.

“Oh, you’re on, Santiago” Simon yell and began to scoop up snow. Raphael broke out in a run and gathered snow ball as he sprinted around the park.

Central Park became their playing field and Simon was happy for his vampire speed and the darkness of the night. Raphael’s company was reassuring and comfortable and Simon was himself and he was happy. He paused for a quick second to gaze at Raphael, laughing and making snowballs.

Simon wonders if they will be like this again, or if when they return to the hotel, Raphael’s mask will be on again, static and unreadable, cold and distant.

“I didn’t think you were the type to give up easily, baby” Raphael called from where he was hunched over, his hair hanging in front of his eyes, snowflakes stuck to it.

Simon didn’t know if he believed in angels but goddamnit Raphael Santiago came close to being one. “I’ll let you catch your breath, Santiago” he yelled.

“We’re vampires idiota” Raphael said while he flung a snowball at an unexpected Simon “we don’t need to breathe”

“That’s dirty play Santiago” Simon ran after Raphael.

Raphael dropped the balls that he was carry and began to run from Simon “I trained you better than that Simon” Raphael turned to yell at Simon, ignoring the stomp of ice. “Whoa, oh” he yelled as he slipped.

“Raphael” Simon raced over to see Raphael sprawled out of the floor laughing “are you okay?”

“Damn that was fun, tomorrow night we’re going ice skating”


Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Milena Petrovic
Via Flickr:
“The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that man may become robots.”

dream supergirl ep pt. 3

int. shot - alien bar

kara is sitting at the bar with a cup in front of her. maggie enters the bar, spots kara & makes her way over. she nods to familiar aliens as she approaches.

maggie: “a little early for drinks.”

she lifts her hand & smiles at the bartender, who pours her something clear & pushes it over.

bartender: “same as kara. on the house.”

maggie looks a little warily at the drink but sips at it & she grins when she tastes it.

maggie: “water?”

kara: “you thought i was cool for a second there, admit it.”

maggie: “actually i thought something must be seriously wrong.”

kara: “oh no alex is fine”

maggie: “this again? kara, i mean with you.”

kara: “oh”

maggie: “but alex is okay, right? she hasn’t messaged me. i thought she might need some space but then you mentioned quarantine so, she’s sick?”

kara fiddles with her cup. she looks thoughtful & angry.

kara: “sort of. that thing i asked you to look at? that’s involved. it’s…well it’s a prototype of myriad.”

maggie, grinning: “im the new kid remember? you’re going to have to explain some of this stuff to me.”

kara: “myriad…is the device that brainwashed national city last year. it was a kryptonian device meant to,”

she crumples the cup in her hand & the bartender replaces it but gives kara a warning look.

maggie: “hey, it’s cool. brainwashing, you don’t need to explain it all.”

kara looks relieved & nods. she pulls a copy of the photo from her pocket & sketches some unfamiliar symbols at the base of the machine, which cannot be seen.

kara: “this was a predecessor. it didn’t have the capability of influencing enough people and it wasn’t subtle enough. people could tell that they were being coerced and throw off the effect. sometimes.”

maggie nods.

kara: “when i was very young, some envoys brought me a gift. one of these. i didn’t know what it was except that it made nice sounds & glowed. it was a trinket really.”

maggie: “what happened?”

kara: “nothing horrible. i wasn’t the target except to place it somewhere it could affect my mother. i barely noticed. but the envoys were trying to get my mother to agree to an alliance.”

maggie nods: “and you think mon el is involved.”

kara looks surprised.

maggie: “come on, im not just a pretty face. detective, remember?”

maggie stands & hands kara her jacket, helps her into it.

kara: “where are we going?”

maggie: “to visit a few friends. heard some weird stories about him, mon el? so i’ve been doing some digging.”

kara jogs to catch up. she holds the door open for maggie & waves goodbye to the bartender.


int. shot - DEO cells

mon el is seated very dejectedly in the cell. the doors hiss open & he looks around. just outside the doors is a DEO agent. their face is slack & they don’t look at mon el when he leaves.


ext. shot - apartment building. grey skies, slight rain.

maggie: “okay, last one. reckon they’ll confirm the other stories?”

kara huddles down to escape the rain. she looks grim & upset. she nods.

kara: “its the same as alex and winn and james. j'onn was safe because he has his martian mind power thing.”

she shakes her head when maggie looks curious.

kara: “i don’t know anything about it. except that the martian mind merge is a complete opening of minds and there’s no lies or secrets or agenda.”

maggie, suddenly glum: “sounds nice. i can think of a few times i’ve needed that.”

maggie knocks on the door. kara looks curious.

maggie: “alex told you, right? my parents kicked me out when i turned out to be gay.”

kara, solemn: “she didn’t. that’s awful.”

maggie, shrugs: “would’ve been nice to know that’s what would happen. plan ahead, yknow? now the other times are with these dirtbag - actually,”

maggie knocks again.

maggie, cont.: “now that i think about it, they can see into my mind too. i take it back, i don’t want anyone tacking a peek. stand back.”

kara is surprised. maggie sounds very calm & not suspicious at all. she kicks down the door, gun drawn.

kara: “you know im bulletproof, right?”

maggie rolls her eyes & waves kara to go in first.

continued shot- ext to int. shot - apartment

the room is neat but totally cleared out. kara sweeps the room with her xray vision & finds nothing. maggie begins to search the drawers & possible hides holes.

maggie pulls kara into the next room & taps her ear. she has heard something. there is someone approaching the apartment door.

male voice, surprised: “what the-”

maggie steps out, gun raised. kara steps out with her & her cool awesome laser eyes power up.

kara: “mon el. what a surprise. you didn’t like your accomodations?”

mon el: “honestly? no. a bit cramped. not that this place is much better but i thought it wouldn’t reek of kryptonian purity at least.”

kara: “sorry to disappoint.”

mon el looks disturbingly relaxed & confident. kara doesn’t like it.

kara: “how did you get out?”

mon el: “charm, innocence. did you know it’s illegal to detain innocent people?”

kara: “i did. did you? last i checked, daxam was the planet with slaves.”

mon el: “okay but that’s different”

kara: “SLAVES, mon el.”

mon el, still disturbingly obtuse & smug: “earth has debt, we had slaves. they’re not so different. they share the same endless servitude to a higher power. governments and such.”

he looks pleased with his diagnosis of debt. kara looks like she wants to punch his smug face into space.

kara: “they’re not the same.”

mon el, patronising in his joking dismissal like she’s cute to try to argue but let’s be honest he’s right & she should stop because it’s getting annoying: “they’re kinda the same.”

maggie: “does he have it?”

kara: “no. the guardian said it was too big to carry.”

mon el: “what’s too big to carry?”

kara: “the machine you’re using to convince everyone we are perfect for each other and who knows what other awful reasons”

mon el, laughing: “kara im flattered your friends think so highly of me. but trust me, i don’t have that machine.”

kara nods. it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t.

she punches him out cold anyway though & kneels down next to him. her touch to his forehead is almost tender. maggie looks confused. kara runs her hand over mon el’s hair gently. when she stands, she is holding something that cannot be seen. she twists her hands & a circlet becomes visible.

kara: “its connected to the machine. this is what he’s been using to coerce people.”

she snaps the circlet in two & picks up mon el by his shirt.


int. shot - DEO cell

kara fuckin FLINGS mon el back into his cell. he’s still unconscious.


int. shot - police building.

maggie pours a big mug of coffee. the police building is busy & clean if a little run down. it’s not obvious but small things like a squeaking chair & one light in the hallway that flickers. there are a lot of officers & detectives at their desks. they look up as maggie walks by & she smiles at some of them but mostly ignores them. she makes it to her desk.

supergirl is sitting beside her desk & maggie glares at a detective who is staring too obviously.

maggie: “ignore them, they’ve never met a superhero before. sorry we couldn’t go somewhere else, captain said the files had to stay in house.”

kara nods. she’s more confident as supergirl & she ignores the stares & pours over the files with maggie.

kara: “we can’t trust everything james said because he admits he doesn’t remember why he was checking out the warehouse at all and he really doesn’t remember where. but it has to be close enough that mon el could reconnect the circlet to the machine without being suspicious and it affected all those aliens we spoke to.”

maggie, shudders: “creepy. so hope what we have pans out, right?”

kara: “exactly”

DHR Faves pt. 3

 January 4th: Favorite One Shots

The Mind Trap (T) by LainellaFay 

  • Man, this oneshot killed me. If you are looking for some angst, this one-shot will leave an impression on you. I can’t even read this one over again, it’s ughh. Amazing, but heartwrenching. Post-War. 

Gentrify (T) by MikazukiDreams

  • This one-shot gives me hope and also the feels. Hermione is defending Draco in this fic. Post-War, Ministry Workers. 

The Interview (T) by anondracomalfoy

  • This one-shot is from the POV of Draco and Hermione’s son, Scorpius. Scorpius is trying to clear his parents’ name. I’m a sucker for stories with  Dramione children so this definitely is great insight of Scorpius’s feelings and his parents’.

Building Sapphire Skies (T) by anondracomalfoy 

  • Cute (and bittersweet) one-shot of Draco and Hermione’s relationship with a focus on Van Gogh, and the color blue. Post-Hogwarts

Because of the Chestnuts and Cherry Stains (T) by Bex-chan

  • Post-Hogwarts and during the war. Draco is part of the Order and it’s Christmas! 

Bite Marks (M) by provocative-envy

  • Okay, so technically this is a two-shot, but it’s too great to ignore. This is a modern AU, which I never thought I would like with Dramione. It’s incredibly funny, there is enough angst to balance the story perfectly. Since this is from Draco’s POV, there is a lot of insight on the Slytherins, Also, Draco texting Blaise is freaking hilarious.