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Mackerel sky, Houston, Jan. 26, 2017

*Not the typical images I share on this blog, but I was pleased with the results.

After the arrival of a cold front late Wednesday (we hit 80 degrees earlier in the week – in January!) Houston’s skies were blanketed with altocumulus clouds. My 93-year-old grandmother described them as “buttermilk clouds,” otherwise known as a mackerel sky. 

I photographed the view with an old Hasselblad 500c/m on Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros that I processed with Ilfosol 3.

Flak bursts blanket the skies above USS Enterprise (CV-6) during the Battle of Santa Cruz, October 26th, 1942. In the distant background the battleship USS South Dakota (BB-57) can be seen, as well as two destroyers. Enterprise is credited with downing 46 Japanese aircraft by AA fire, and South Dakota is credited with 26. This outstanding success is often attributed to the recent installation of the new 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun.


day 2/8 | tomarry christmas special 🎄

“…Harry takes the seat Tom gestures to and snatches up a piece of toast, ravenous.  As he butters it, he glances outside at the blue skies and the world blanketed in white…”

so i changed my brush for the lineart on doing the second one for this, you can tell! the first brush i used is just too tiring to be worth it, so i decided i’ll be switching into something more comfortable for the rest.

also, there’s been some complication’s with the original schedule for this, so i had to mix it up a lot to make it fit to my personal plans. here’s the link for that.

btw, click on the pics to view the hd version!

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strong willed, eyebrows furrowing and clenched teeth. desperate for some sort of release but never willing to let go. long, hard runs that leave you gasping for breath and covered in sweat. tight, french braids. whipped cream vodka. staring contests.

ripped, loose jeans. boiling water at midnight and quick, affectionate hugs. long fingers and twitching muscles. speeding tickets. going bird watching, counting to infinity.

setting boundaries and breaking promises, but meaning no harm. night skies blanketed with clouds and high winds that kick up leaves against your legs. tickle fights, shrill screams.

a strong grip. taking care of people. pounding nails into the side of a house. beehives…sweet, sweet honey. laziness with a purpose. long camping trips where your hair gets dirty and your skin becomes oily but your head is finally clear.

brightest smiles, terrible jokes. the stray hair you find on your clothes. sitting down after a long day. strong muscles that pull hard. hot espresso that boils blisters on your tongue and leaves you jittery and wild.

the smell of cotton sheets, a clean room. chocolate cake with pink frosting. a firecracker that explodes in your hands. trips to the hospital. swimming two miles, exhausting yourself.

history classes. triple A batteries, frayed string. the smell of nail polish remover. the nights that you toss and turn for hours before finally falling asleep. soft edges, sharp angles. older boys.

raven black hair. the feeling of coming home after buying new things. exploring a new place. riding in a convertible and feeling your hair curl and twist behind you. pursed lips and red cheeks.

opening presents on christmas morning. the smell of pancakes. the feeling of falling when you first begin to fall asleep. relapsing. huge clothes that make you seem small. sheer black tights and small knuckles. loud music.

the week between winter and spring when the leaves are budding but there’s still snow on the ground. eating out at fancy restaurants. deep bass notes. buildings with high ceilings and beautiful architecture. 2 a.m. talks with your friends.

aromatherapy…the smell of patchouli. huge tapestries that cover your whole wall. visiting art museums. snowball fights. the crunch of celery between your teeth. sliding over a wood floor with socks on. outfits that show a lot of skin.


holding your breath. button down shirts. pulling your hair out. bright screens. black pen ink that stains your favorite shirt. bright silver jewelry. breaking into buildings. kisses.


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 11.19.15

theme thursday: get-cozy knits

winter accessories by peppermintpine

not only do i heart this etsy shop’s name, i heart their hats and scarves. they have cozy knits (today’s theme) but i couldn’t let this post pass without showing off their hella trendy blanket scarves, too. want.

anonymous asked:

{When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼}

ahhh this is so sweet and nice!!!

  1. my pUP
  2. good music
  3. good art lke wooooooowwwww,
  4. nice skies
  5. blankets

Jamaar walked briskly along the empty English road, going to the home of a friend. He was not only fully armed, but on his waist was a rare sight. A sword, a metal sword and it’s scabbard were on his waist. His wooden sword that he would carry around was still on his back, but he was in position of a steel katana as well.

He knew that he may need it. There were dark clouds forming, both literally and figuratively.  The skies were permanently blanketed with back clouds, but they were not accompanied with rain. The entirety of England also had a marked increase in disappearances and ‘animal attacks’, some smaller cities seemed to be impossible to contact, and the people of the country either sensed the dread in the air or remained unnaturally calm. Jamaar knew what was going on, a shadow was coming, and he would need help if he was going to stop it.

He eventually reached his friend’s home. He knew that she would be busy trying to investigate the disappearances, being involved with the cops, but she was someone he could turn to. That is, if she was not taken by the encroaching shadow. Using some of the skills that his friend had taught her he climb up to her window.

“Riff? You home?” He asked out as he entered the flat.


The signs on a ski trip ❄️

Aries: Shredding down mountains and making everyone feel bad for their lack of skill

Taurus: Goes inside the ski lodge with Cancer to stock up on snacks as “energy” for the “skiing”

Gemini: Keeps going on the ski lifts just to talk to people and to “feel like they’re flying”

Cancer: Hiding in the ski lodge under a blanket with hot chocolate because it’s too cold outside

Leo: Keeps complaining about how “bad” they are and instagrams the whole time

Virgo: Acting like a ski instructor because they went down a small hill and didn’t fall

Libra: Falls down a bunch but is still having a great time

Scorpio: Trying to pick up the actual ski instructor

Sagittarius: Exploring around the ski lodge and never actual ends up skating because they’re making friends

Capricorn: starts to get the hang of it until they fall down and give up because they refuse to look “stupid”

Aquarius: Gets stoned before it all starts and ends up having a blast

Pisces: Went exploring into the woods and ends up making snow angels with the woodland creatures