ski and destroy

three songs of the marrow.

soft arrangements in colors of your eyes
the brush of Picasso’s heart there lies
single strokes like signs off our breath
beauty in art painted the skies we possess

you destroy me breathless, my naked I bare for you
your eyes dance upon my skin vulnerable to dare through
love me kindly and sweetly my dear
caress me softly and gently with no fear

dream of me my love, flesh to find
a brink of ecstasy, softly wrap your legs in mine
recapture and caress my spine
dance me to our hearts entwined

the wafflehouse reprise

@akireyta are at it again, and here’s a shout out to @fr0st6yte ;)

Tornadoes are hellish and terrifying and one of the most destructive forces possible in nature. Annually, in the United States at least, they do billions of dollars worth of damage. They stretch like long, cruel fingers, down from dark, otherworldly skies, and destroy homes and crops and lives.

But there’s nothing personal in a tornado. For all their rage and terror and raw, destructive force, there’s nothing like purpose. There are patterns, and the storms that produce them can be predicted and prepared for, but the storms themselves are impersonal, empty of anything like intent.

So while it seems like a mercy that the massive EF3 tornado that’s torn its way across thirty-six miles of southern Kansas hasn’t taken any lives, and done surprisingly few injuries, equally it seems like a very particular cruelty that it’s completely leveled a small farm, on the outskirts of a small town, that once belonged to a small family. But at the end of the day, it was neither mercy nor malice, and instead just a matter of luck. After a hundred years and dozens of similar storms, in the midst of tornado alley, the Tracy family’s farm has finally exhausted whatever luck it might once have had.

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ladies make everything better; post-apocalyptic sci-fi

In which the Earth is invaded by a race of blue-scaled, sentient beings and their mechs. Though the planet is lost, the humans keep fighting. A human girl, along with several of her resistance friends, is kidnapped and taken aboard their ship to be dissected and reprogrammed into obedience. However, one of the aliens in charge of her group imprints on her, and saves her from a terrible fate. Together they escape the ship and return to Earth, resolving to help the resistance take it back.

aka i really don’t know what i’m doing anymore but this idea is stuck in my head and i can’t get rid of it and therefore must make something.

When I was play the stick of truth, Kyle said that…..“By the moon and the stars in the skies, I swear we will destroy you” Hey is this a part of “I Swear”? Cartman have sang this song for him!!“By the moon and the stars in the skies, I swear I will be there." 

It is ?


For those of you who would like some background information on the upcoming dungeon ‘The Keeper of the Lake’, the 1.0 introductory video shows the Battle of Silvertear Skies, the encounter which destroyed the Garlean flagship the Agrius and killed the Keeper of Silvertear Lake, Midgardsormr. 

It’s also very cool.