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It makes me so sad that people are actually buying into the media manipulation that pewdiepie is anti-Semitic. It’s clickbate. If you actually look into it, the media skewed his image and what actually happened and removed all context to the joke he was making, and the social commentary in seeing what you can get people to do for 5 dollars. The media cuts out the end of the joke, that says “subscribe to keemstar”. Pewdiepie is calling keemstar anti-semitic. The media does this all the time. Pewdiepie, being the most popular YouTube, is an easy target. Websites like WSJ are ruining the reputation of the biggest YouTuber for no other reason than making money. They are hopping into the nazi witch hunt as a means to make money. Watching people eat up this garbage is absolutely obscene. You are trivializing real racists and anti-semites in favor of fake news about a kind person who creates harmless entertainment. Shame on YouTube and Disney for caving in and dropping him, and shame on the sheep who automatically believe the false accusations about him.

Why was Emma so weak and OOC in the wish world??

Because the woman who made the wish was the same who said this:

Up until wish!Emma stopped wish!Henry from killing Regina, she was pretty much exactly what the EQ thinks of her outside of her savior qualities: pointless.

As @whimsicallyenchantedrose​ eloquently said in her episode analysis:

“The characters in this verse are influenced by what the Evil Queen thinks of them, and what she wants their experiences to be.  Why was Princess Emma so weak and ineffective? Because the Evil Queen sees her that way outside of her savior status.  If it wasn’t for the Evil Queen turning her into a savior by casting the curse, the EQ sees her as having no drive or fire at all.  In a way, the EQ sees her act of casting the curse as making Emma what she is. Are we really surprised that the EQ—the unquestionable villain—has such a terrible and skewed image of Emma? Wouldn’t it have really been more OOC if the version of Emma the EQ helped concoct via her wish was just as strong and passionate as real Emma is?” 

Quick psa: I’ve seen some people developing characters with more muscle and wide hips, and that’s really cool! But as someone who holds muscle and weight around my hips, I’d like to offer a quick reminder that when calculating weight vs. height, to try not to make them underweight for their body type. For an average-height femme character who holds a good amount of muscle/fat in their hips, their waist might be saying “120 lbs,” but realistically it might come out closer to 130-160lb

Just something to consider in a society where weight can strongly affect real-world self-image–standards set by fictional characters can either relieve doubts or create them

Lovestruck Yomi. Posting right before bed cuz I got work at 6 tomorrow.

Started out as a loose sketch from last week while hangin’ with Penken and da bois. The urge to draw Yomi all zonked out sparked from how we were complimenting how we both draw euphoric expressions. I found my old tablet downstairs, and uninstalled the driver… which apparently seemed to fix it somehow. So now I can actually use my tablet at long last, and I figured I’d use it to finish this thang up.

You know how when you flip over a drawing, be it from when you’re 13 or a full-blown pro having let your guard down, and it comes out all lopsided and skewed? Well this image had it even worse before I fixed the lines. I kinda drew it too loosely at first, and didn’t fully realize it until I already finished coloring it the first time. See for yourself!

on the “dangerous teenage girls” trope going wrong

This post is prompted by having read this post by Maddie mythaelogy, which I recommend reading. You rock, Maddie.

[warning for a passing mention of eating disorders]

In fact, as I have discussed privately with a couple of friends in the past, I feel quite uncomfortable with the over-sexualization of teenage (which also means underage, obviously) girls in many, many edits you see going around. Like Maddie said, these edits tend to make the image of the “ideal” “dangerous teenage girl” a blur of short skirts, underwear, bruises, and lipgloss. It creates a glamour around a skewed image of girls and I feel like there’s more than one problem with that.

First of all, real teenage girls who see those edits. Many of them will see those and not see a reflection of themselves, and possibly grow to think that they should be like that — so they would try to force it upon themselves, or perhaps create hateful thoughts towards themselves for not conforming to that ideal.

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Bone Study

At my internship, I am working on a illustration for an IO (Intraosseous infusion) device. I was struggling a lot with the spongy bone (trabeculae are HARD!) in the illustration, so I took a break and found a sheared humerus to paint a study from. The upper left is the original painting, but I felt the perspective was off (you are looking downwards, into the shaft of the humerus), so I went ahead and skewed the image a bit to see if I could fix it. 

Ultimately, both feel pretty good, but the bottom right altered one gives a better interpretation of the length and size of the bone. 

LESSONS LEARNED: To draw spongey bone remotely correctly, remember that bone growth patterns develop in response to physical stress. It has an architecture to it, and it’s not random. And, sometimes it’s easier to paint in the spaces between the trabecular bone rather than paint the trabecular bone on top of the spaces (i.e., it’s easier to paint the spots on a cheetah than the cheetah around the spots…?) 

it just occurred to me - Fitz has a completely skewed and idealized image of Will. To him, he’s this perfect, strong, hot, heroic (?), intelligent astrophysicist (?) who did everything right (?) and gave Jemma hope. But for five months, it was Fitz who gave her hope. The moment she let herself go with Will, she had lost hope. The poor bloke thinks that Jemma couldn’t love anybody that is anything less than extraordinary, and that’s why he doesn’t think she could love him, who’s been damaged, who wasn’t brave enough, who did everything wrong :(

I don’t want to bash on Will, who’s neither great nor awful. In fact, he’s the most basic human being on this show since Fake Good Ward. I wouldn’t marry the guy, but if he were the last man on Earth I wouldn’t kick him out of bed either. But this morning I kept thinking: I’m such a bitter, old hag - I would probably get annoyed by him (or mostly anybody) on a desert planet. Ugh, what do you talk about with this dude? He even said he wasn’t sciency, and he’s so much older than (me and Jemma) and has missed the past 14 years on Earth and was irritatingly bossy and well-meaning-sexist and I’d just spend my time watching videos on my smartphone and being very depressed. Then I would’ve probably thrown myself in that canyon the moment my battery ran out. ‘YOU CAN’T GO OUT BECAUSE I SAID SO’ fuck u will who are u, my father? I do what I want, I say, as I die a horrible death. And this is why I could never join SHIELD.

Anyway, Jemma was bored by every guy she tried to date at the Academy, the only interesting person there being Fitz. The Academy. Where the most brilliant minds on the planet are training to become spies and work on alien technology, biology and artifacts. Would he even understand her half of the time (Astrophysicist Will could probably keep up, but this fake Gun Man Will I’m not sure???). How weird must it be to talk to someone who’s stuck in 2001? A man out of time. IDK. I know this all sounds shallow and that she was in a very stressful situation and that rules and reality change when you’re in that sort of traumatic environment. Like people hooking up on the Big Brother or Survivors and such. But still. I feel like passion and intelligence are to Jemma Simmons what ten thousands a year are to Mrs. Bennet.