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Pro's and Con's of a Winter Wedding

Thought it may be appropriate to share some helpful tips I learned during the Winter Wedding Season!


  1. Cost: You’ll find your dream venues at a cheaper price
  2. Beautiful natural scenery with a snowy backdrop
  3. Christmas decor for your benefit to use for your wedding
  4. Most guests have off days betw een Christmas and New Years
  5. More vendors are available in the winter season and easier to negotiate costs
  6. Makeup won’t sweat off through out the night and it will stay looking flush and fresh
  7. It’s unique and people will always remember a winter wedding
  8. Easier to choose a theme revolving around Winter. Think romance with roses and candles or blue hues for a beautiful winter wonderland theme
  9. Great way to think of unique accessories for your wedding. Think how cool a hot chocolate station would be! 
  10. Great natural lighting with a winter sun opposed to the bright, brutal summer sun to ensure beautiful photoshoot pictures! 


  1. Flowers- It is difficult to find all the flowers you want in the winter months
  2. Burr- It will be COLD. Which may make vendor shopping a drag
  3. Risk of bad weather- If in the northeast, you will have a high chance of a blizzard and be forced to postpone the wedding
  4. Outdoor photoshoots will be difficult if you don’t want purple lips
  5. Some people make other winter plans or choose not to travel during the winter months
  6. Budget: People tend to have a little less to spend on traveling and gifts after they splurge on Holiday gifts in the winter
  7. Majority of your pictures will be taken indoors, which isn’t too bad if you have a beautiful venue, but it does limit your options
  8. Limitations on hotel accommodations- you’ll want to make sure most of your guests will be staying close to the venue in case of any inclement weather chances, at least your guests will be able to still make it to your wedding!
  9. Timing- Less time to get ready because winter weddings usually start earlier, around 6:30/7 opposed to 7:30/8 during the summer and guests tend to go home earlier in winter
  10. Winter vacations are short compared to summer break so it may become difficult for guests to attend the wedding on a tight schedule. 

In my opinion, a winter wedding can be absolutely beautiful, but if you’re an outdoorsy type of couple, then you’ll definitely want to keep in mind that you’ll need to spend the extra money and book vendors in advance in order to have your summer wedding! 

-SK Events


The complete Feature Film of one of my favorite and gorgeous bride’s recent wedding in Chicago, Farha Quadri with Raza Yunus is finally released! 

Check out the post on SouthAsian Bride Magazine to get the full vendor list of this beautiful wedding!

Planning a Wedding with your parents and your in-laws

The bride has dreamt of her wedding day since she was a little girl, but little did she know about having to consider not only the dreams that her parents had of their daughters big day, but also the parents of the groom, who have also been dreaming of plans for their son’s big day! 

Now it comes down to the bride, the groom, parents of the bride, and parents of the groom. Most commonly, thats about 6 people with 6 different visions and ideas for one big day. And then you wonder why there’s so much family drama during wedding planning!

This is a hot topic in all my meetings for wedding planning and I think its about time I give my two cents on the issue. 

The over-spenders

The brides that have these type of parents which they didn’t, and the one’s that don’t, wish they do. The over-spender parents are the ones that believe Money is Love. They want to shower their child with so much money for the wedding to show their love and support for the big day. This means, the over-the-top venue, the over-the-top catering package, the over-the-top decor, [I think you get my point]. This is great if you’ve grown up always wanting a big wedding, and your husband and his parents have the budget to go over-the-top with the wedding as well, but most commonly, one side of the family wants to spend more/less than the other. Now comes the pressure on you. Communication is key. Be sure to have a sit-down with both sides of the families to determine a budget both sides are comfortable with! 

The Controllers

These parents are the most difficult to deal with. The ones that think Money is Power. They feel that since they are helping out financially with the wedding, then the wedding should be the way they want it to be. This may mean, controlling the program of the day, or the layout of the hall, or even worse, what outfit you should wear! You can’t dare to disagree with them, because they may just take back their money and you’ll feel as if you’ve disappointed them. No one wants upset parents during wedding season. 

The Never Changers

So old mom is jealous that you are about to gain a new mom. She needs to mark her territory and make sure you listen to all her decisions, and most of them will be against the grooms mom’s decisions. No one likes change. All you have to do is assure your parents that even if you are calling someone else ‘Mom’ now too, doesn’t make her less of the amazing mom she’s always been for you! 

The Non-Communicators

This one is by far the most common. These parents are the ones that go shopping for vendors without you and pick and choose venues and menus and music all on their own as if your opinion doesn’t matter. They always assure you that you’ll love what they choose but how can they be so sure? Don’t worry. Even if a deposit has been given, the details aren’t concrete until you finalize them. A little compromise on choosing the vendor can be minor, long as you get your choice at the end. Make sure to communicate with both sets of parents about your choices and come to a healthy compromise before finalizing details! Most vendors can deliver what you want for your dream wedding! 

So Don’t Stress! You’re not alone! Just remember that wedding planning is just another test you have to go through to make sure your bond with your future husband is strong enough to make everyone around you happy! 

Happy Planning!

The bigger the carat, the bigger the love?

Ladies - I know we all want a big fancy ring to show off to our friends and secretly make people jealous of that stunningly huge rock on your finger, however, keep in mind that not everyone requires a 20 carat diamond, unless you’re a Kardashian, of course!  

If you are anything like me, I prefer the symbolism behind the ring, not the ring itself. It all comes down to your happiness and your fiance’s wallet’s happiness. Don’t go in debt trying to pay for a ring you simply cannot afford just because your friend has a big ring. The number of carats does not calculate the love he has for you! 

Remember, budgeting for a wedding begins the moment you choose a ring.