Jhene Aiko has told us everything in Live @ Bercy before the concert Drake

“Yesterday was a little panic skeud because we had not planned to interview Jhené Aiko too busy also, among others, in M6 .

But the singer is too mysterious for we do not look at it a little more and the opportunity to see live Live Bercy was too good.

First, because the tone of his pieces is dark, far from joyful image of R & B of the past, we had to discover the reason for this writing darkness and whether, in the life Jhené Aiko was also sad and as dark as these pieces.

We were not disappointed with the trip.

Indeed, because it is a person full of life, full of laughter and smiles and really nice that we had the chance to meet yesterday afternoon in the bowels of Paris Bercy .

Before the interview, we met there The Weeknd and even visit the canteen staff of Would You Like a Tour? .

A beautiful journey that we now share with you skeud .

And contrary to what some media, his next album will not be released next spring but at least this summer. Word Jhené Aiko !!

Enjoy Jhene Aiko on and Skeuds Live @ Bercy.”


Skeud - Let’s talk about Drake, since you’re in Paris with him. You recently said it was your musical soul mate. You seem to be, in your turn, musical soulmate many rappers with whom you worked. Where does this alchemy that binds you to Rap, and how could you describe it? 

Jhené Aiko - I think my style, singer and author mainly compliment many rappers. Because I am very careful with my words, and devotes much time to what I say. Poet I feel the bottom, and the rappers are. I think it says that I fit their styles. This is also because I am very honest about what I write, I think they appreciate it, and how I do it. 

Skeud - Concerning what you write and the process of this writing, you recently stated that the facts were sad your greatest source of inspiration ..Some even describe your music depressive … 

Jhené Aiko - I think I have a wide range of topics that I discuss in my songs. Perhaps the best were melancholy. But it is easier for me to write about something that hurt me, because writing is my therapy. When I go through a test, writing is my most effective way to get out, I only speak and tell honestly whereby I pass. This is real life, no one is happy all the time. And if the music that people listen is only happy when they lie, they lie on life. I also have songs about happiness, love, life, and Souled Out, people can get a better idea of ​​my person. Only because it will contain more than me, my stories, not just about sad things. 

Skeud -Souled Out, your new album, will be released this summer. Can we say that this is a result of Sailing Soul (s) and Sail Out, your two previous projects? 

Jhené Aiko Somewhere, yes. Souled Out is my soul, literally, in the deepest sense of the word. I think my songs contain a part of my soul. With Sailing Soul (s) and Sail Out, I have not dug into my thoughts, experiences and philosophies on life. But in Souled Out, each songs and themes are discussed in-depth. I dig deeper. This is an evolution after these two projects, with more maturity.

Skeud - You seem to insist on these terms Sail, Sell and Soul. On Sailing Soul (s), you have even a song titled Sailing not Selling (with Kanye West). 

Jhené Aiko - This is a permanent message of freedom, and to follow his instincts, rather than seeing what people can you say or think. We are talking about the freedom to be yourself. There will always be souls traveling and wandering rather than sell (Sailing, not selling). It is important to recognize that you are a soul with a body, and not the reverse. Must be connected to his soul to be free. 

Skeud - Selling So not only refers to the act of sale, for cash or from a financial perspective? 

Jhené Aiko - When you do things from a feeling that you are guided by love, then your intentions are always better! And you make better decisions. You let go, without thinking what you are doing because you are led by your soul, and love. 

Skeud - You threw several songs on the web between the outputs of your two EP. 3:16 AM, Mirrors … Do you plan to reuse some for your future project? 

Jhené Aiko Some could be included on my next album. But I recorded a lot of songs, (…) I have when I want to get something for free, and launches here, a there. A title like Mirrors, my favorite one, in my view deserves a little more exposure. This is something that I would put on Souled Out, adding a verse or more melody to renew it. 

Skeud - Currently you “ROLLED” with the song The Worst. You have performed last night at Bercy, and before that on several U.S. TV trays. Is this the song that best fits you, or glue does more to your mood? 

Jhené Aiko - I think The Worst was the most easily understood by a majority of people. The beat, song, lyrics … I felt that the girls could identify with, and the boys would listen to the instrumental. It is simple enough to be understood by all. This is one of my traits, I like things simple for everyone to understand. The Worst reflects a part of me, like all my songs, but I’m not in the set. My sound can be something like The Worst, but as the title Everything Must Go. This is the direction I take, to titles with more substance, lessons learned. But I want them to stay, and not give the impression of preaching in my songs. Sometimes I just want to talk about my frustrations. This is the case in The Worst.

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