iloveyouyesyou22 asked:

Hi! Looking at your blog has taught me A LOT about tats. Do you have any fave artists?? Also, do you know of any good artists in maryland or dc?

I’m glad this blog has helped you! I usually won’t do the artist search for asks but I live in that area so I can tell you two off the top of my head. Scott Sketo of Tattoo Paradise is great and is doing some work for me right now. And Anya Gladun who is moving back to the area and will be working at Marlowe Ink and will definitely be getting work feom ASAP. If any of my followers know good artists in the area, feel free to add to the list!

nirvanafoodandrandomness asked:

otidhpote metrio pros sketo me mia adunamia ston espresso. em... agaphmeno alkoolouxo?

Βότκα καραμέλα 👌👌 αδυναμία μεγάλη. Και τα σφηνάκια μαρεσουν πολύ. Εσένα?


Well, marina days are coming to an end. GOOD! Skipper is back from his outing to Turkey and today we move to the Pythagoreio bay for one night and tomorrow head for a small island south from here. I enjoyed my solitude days on the Peregrina. This cat has nice energy. Cleaned her from dust inside and out yesterday. With all that heat it’s cooling fun to do! Playing around with the water hose … ;) It seemed to amuse the other marina guests as well… Unlike on the pic which was taken after arrival in the marina, yesterday I was in my bikini. LOL
Anyway, cat is dusted off, now enjoying last wifi with a frape sketo at Marin Cafe.. Sitting cool inside next to the router to have the best of not so good, but at least it works.. most of the time. The wallpaper here should bring good luck… haha! Let new adventures begin. How does it get even much more better?