Thank you everyone with helping me reach 150+  followers.

I’ve only been productive for a bit over a month and I’ve already reached 150+ followers, that’s all thanks to you guys who’s been helping me with keeping my motivation at it’s highest. -Gosh- I wish I could do more for each and every one of you, but as you probably noticed, I’m kinda bad at drawing extremely many ponies in one picture… But if I could I would’ve drawn each and every one of you and there’s a lot of ponies that I didn’t include in this picture that I regret not drawing. But the ones included is some very friendly ponies, that I’m either good friends with or really admire. You’ve probably noticed that Costume isn’t in it, and there’s a very good reason for that she looked extremely silly  And that would be that I wanted to picture all my friends and not just myself. So thank you everypony and I hope I’ll get to know even more of you in 2013. 

The ponies featured









Fallen Heart

Thank you everyone and I hope you’ll continue to support me!